05-14-2015 Update

May 14th, 2015

First, let me say I hope it was a Happy Mother’s Day for all who’ve earned the title. I hope you were pampered by any special people in your life. My Mother’s Day was low key and pleasant. In days of yore, it was observed by my son taking my wife and I out for dinner, where he’d give us cards and flowers. It tickles my wife to no end that he still considers her his step-Mom, which entitles her to all the honors and benefits that come with Momdom. Now that he’s relocated for his job, we’re pretty much on our own for Mother’s Day.

Work on Chapter 16 has been slowed by important family demands. Even so, all things considered, I’m pleased with where I’m at – about 2/3 roughed out. The whole chapter is complete in my head, which doesn’t do any of you much good. For me though, knowing where a chapter is going and how it is going to get there is the biggest challenge I face when writing. Translating what I see in my head into words so I can share it with you isn’t easy, but it’s not as difficult as finding the correct path. Once life settles back into its accustomed routine after next weekend, it should move fairly quickly.

I got some nice news this week. My old friend-mentor-editor Jetboy, has finally broken down and gotten his own website to post his stories. I’ve been a fan of his for a very long time. The website is a joint effort between Jetboy and fellow Leslita authors Cheryl Taggert and Naughtymom. All three are outstanding writers of erotic fiction. Between them, they have a substantial library to choose from. I highly recommend dropping by and taking a look around. The link is http://juicysecrets.kinky-blogging.com/

I’ll try to add another update in two weeks. Until then, thanks so much for your patience.