8-23-2014 Update

August 23rd, 2014

There’s not much more to report as far as progress goes – slow but steady. However, as of Sunday the 24th, I’ll be away on vacation for a week.

It will start with a Sunday drive to Tanglewood in western Massachusetts to take in a performance of Beethoven’s 9thSymphony by the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Unlike Karen and Laci’s concert experience, only the 9th Symphony is on the playbill, not the 5th. Believe me, I’m not complaining.

After a few hours’ sleep at home, we’re hitting the road for an off-the-grid trip to the place that is the setting for the as yet incomplete work, “Island Girls.” I don’t intend to bring my laptop along – just my tablet for its Kindle app – so no writing will get done. Once Labor Day has come and gone, I’ll get back to work.

I do have some hope that returning to the scene of the crime might inspire me to find the missing “something” needed to complete “Island Girls.” Other than that it’ll be no computers, emergency-only cellphone use, and no cable TV for an entire week. Plus lots of rehearsing the juicy scenes yet to come.

So, if anyone is moved to write to me for the first time, I won’t answer immediately as I always try to do. It’s not that I’ll be ignoring you, but rather that I’m trying to ignore the wider world for a time.

I hope everyone has a lovely Labor Day weekend.