May 28, 2015 Update

May 28th, 2015

Good news!

The month of May has been a tumultuous one, with a lot going on in my real life to keep me jumping. May was a month of graduations and parties, hours in the garden planting, and just shaking off winter and enjoying the absolutely stunning spring weather. 

When the spring evenings warm up, I like to go for walks after dinner. Not ordinary, work-off-calories walks, but strolls down the myriad snowmobile trails, and old tote roads fading into little more than suggestions. This time of year, the woods are alive with beautiful flowers and ferns, the trees are in full leaf, and the swamps are still home to the peeper frogs, though the occasional croak of a bullfrog might be heard. 

I’ve spooked deer and partridge (that’s a sound you just cannot prepare for – they sound like a machine gun firing), seen an owl capture something in its talons, watched red squirrels argue, and little birds darting about with great energy. The trail I like to walk snakes through the woods for about a mile, then comes to a clearing with a swampy area on one side (my son always called it Shit Pond, a name you can’t argue with), and a small sea of swale grass on the other. One late summer day a few years back, I came to the clearing only to find a moose wading in shit pond. Normally, seeing a moose wouldn’t alarm me. This time however, it was a bull moose with a full rack – it was the rut, mating season, and a bull moose can be quite ornery. Given that he’s likely over half a ton, it’s best not to argue with him. I let him have Shit Pond and I turned around and went home. 

But I digress. That’s actually a good thing. When I get tangential, it means my brain is humming along, and that’s my most creative time. Things snap inside my head, images are clear, ideas for this, that, or the other thing duke it out, and I get some productive writing done.

I’ve reached the point where there are only two scenes left to finish – both are underway; they just need finishing, and then I’ll knit everything together. Both are lovemaking scenes, which are the hardest to write. I intend to dive back into one of those scenes as soon as I send this off to my webmaster, Invid Fan.

Regular visitors will notice there’s a change to the website. I’ve eliminated the “Friends” page altogether since it’s basically stagnant. (I’m not getting rid of any of the material on that page – I have everything stored in an archive.) In its stead, I’ve overhauled the “Links” page. I’ve removed the dead links, and added many new ones. I’ll have links to the sites of writers of erotic I enjoy or admire – or both. I’ll have writing resources links, and my own eclectic odds ‘n’ ends links page.

I hope it’ll make the site easier to peruse.

I can see the destination on the horizon. I appreciate your continued patience.