New Look

November 26th, 2013

Welcome to the New And Improved World of Letoria website! Those who know me know there is no chance I did anything substantial in the construction of the site. All the credit goes to my dear friend, fellow author, and patient mentor, Invid Fan. My input was limited to choosing the layout and packaging the files for him to upload. He did everything else, and he did it with great care and patience – I can be a little on the high strung side at times. I would love feedback on the new look. I would also encourage visitors here to check out Invid Fan’s site. He’s an awesome writer, the only writer of alternate world stories I read (it’s not a genre that’s high on my “like to read” list, soit’s quite a feat to get me as a fan).

I recently posted Chapter 12 of “Karen and Laci”. It took a long time and a lot of false starts before the Muses stopped frigging around and told me which path to take. In addition, at Invid Fan’s urging, I tried walking without one of my crutches. It took me awhile to get the hang of it, but it’s technique that should improve the quality of my storytelling, and make reading it easier for you, the reader.

I’m now at work on Chapter 13. Anyone who has followed “Karen and Laci” for any length of time knows it takes a while for me to write, edit, and post new installments. It’s very important to me that what I put out for you to read and (hopefully) enjoy is the best I am capable of doing. Various real-world issues are likely to slow me down even more than usual. I ask for your patience.

Finally, I want to wish all of my readers a Happy Thanksgiving. I personally am thankful to have (My apologies to The Bard) you few, you happy few, you band of fans.