Nobody Misses Comic Sans :-(

December 3rd, 2013

The new and improved Letoria website has been up a week now, and the feedback I’ve received has been all positive. Much to my chagrin, it seems no one was sad to see the font I used on the old site go away. My wife doesn’t trust my style tastes either, apparently for good reason. I would appreciate it if readers contacted me if any problems are found, or to offer suggestions on anything that might be done to improve it.

I’ve started work on Chapter 13, but given the time of year, progress is apt to be slow. However, I’m at least underway. It’s not very often that I have a crystal clear image of where a chapter needs to go. I may think I know, but I’m rarely correct in my initial assumption. Four or five false starts are hardly uncommon. There have been times when I’ve written 15 pages or more, only to discover I’ve been on the wrong path all along.

One of the things that inevitably slows me down is research. I try to be as close as possible to the way things work in the real world. For example, I spent a goodly amount of time researching how the issue of custody of a minor in emergency circumstances is determined. As a follow up to that, I’ve researched the process whereby parental rights are terminated, and a guardian assumes permanent custody. I can’t simply get in touch with an attorney to ask how the process works, so I have to dig around on my own and try to make sense of how the system functions. Obviously, I can’t be 100% true-to-life, but I try to get as close as possible, relying on creative license to fill in the gaps as realistically as I can.

I will try to do weekly updates of one sort or another to keep you, my loyal and faithful readers, apprised of my progress. Comments are always welcome, especially if you find problems on the website, or have suggestions on how it might be improved. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday season.