Update 02-02-2016

February 2nd, 2016

I’m back with my first update of the new year. I know I promised to be more consistent about posting updates, yet here it is going on three months since any of you have heard a peep from me. All I can say in my defense is that this time, the lack of updates has nothing to do with me.

Everything you see or read here on the World of Letoria is a two-person operation. I write whatever it is that I want posted, then I email it to my friend/mentor/webmaster Invid Fan. He in turn runs it through some sophisticated machinery, sprinkles a little magic dust, et voila! Uploads it here. I do not know how to do it; I tried once before and the results were disastrous.

Normally this isn’t a problem. I’m not so prolific that I overwhelm him with stuff, and it certainly has facilitated the growth of a wonderful friendship. Problems arise when life doesn’t proceed “normally”.

Back before Christmas, Invid Fan took sick. Very sick. Spending Christmas in the hospital was the least of his concerns. All told, he spent about a month in the hospital. As bad as that must have been, what’s worse is that his illness left him with disabilities. Needless to say, posting updates here on WOL went waaayyyyy down the list of his (and my) priorities – like near the bottom.

I’m not sure how ready he is to get back to doing his thing for me, but he’s hinted he’s willing to give it a try. I hope he is ready, but not for my own selfish reasons. If he feels up to posting for me, perhaps it’s a sign that he’s truly feeling better and making progress in his recovery.

Invid Fan doesn’t share my spiritual beliefs (he calls himself an atheist, I say he’s agnostic, but it’s all quibbling over semantics), but he doesn’t begrudge me my faith in something larger. Therefore, I feel OK in asking those of you who are of a spiritual bent, whatever form it may take, to please offer up a prayer, or simply positive thoughts for his continued recovery. 

I haven’t been idle during my friend’s absence – far from it. I’ve managed to buckle down and get some writing done. I’ve finished roughing out the opening half of the latest K&L installment. It still needs a lot of work, but at least I have something to work with. The second, erotic half is up next, and it promises to be a doozie. 

Besides that, I’ve been picking away at a little “coming-of-age” short story about two high school girls whose friendship is in reality much more than a simple friendship, even as it distresses and elates them at the same time. No writing comes “easy” to me, but short stories are an especially challenging form. They require a succinctness that doesn’t come naturally. However, part of the fun of writing are the challenges.

Invid Fan has been after me for a long time to channel some of my creative energies into projects other than Karen and Laci. I’ve always been reluctant simply because I lack self-confidence. He’s always rejected that as a cop-out of sorts, and as in so many other things, he’s right. If I’m serious about my writing, I need to step out of the safe confines of my playpen and start challenging myself. While it’s true that I have only a limited amount of time to devote to writing, and I struggle with my own health (mental) issues, they become excuses to take the lazy way out. Years ago, I stayed in a job I grew to dislike to the point of loathing simply because it was a known quantity. I could do it, and do it extremely well, so it was safe. When I finally reached the breaking point, I started over in a new and totally different field of nursing. It was scary as hell, but you know what? Turns out I’m pretty damned good at it.

It’s time to remember that lesson when it comes to writing.