At Last!

October 16th, 2016

Hi everyone. I have great news to report! I finally – finally – finished the first draft of Chapter 1/Book 2!

This was by far the hardest one to finish. There’s been a lot going on.

I challenged myself to try some new writing and storytelling techniques that may or may not be obvious as you read. If I’ve done it properly, they won’t jump out at you; they’ll segue smoothly and seamlessly into my more typical style. That said, incorporating them so they aren’t obvious has been a genuine challenge, and one I hope I’ve successfully handled. Only you can be the judge of whether or not I accomplished that.

That technical challenge was only a relatively small impediment. Along the way, I’ve had significant computer problems as I mentioned at length in my last update. I can’t say they’ve fully resolved, but things have stabilized. I have a computer that functions… most of the time. Compared to the last four or five months, that’s a positive outcome. At least I can write, and most important, access the internet regularly enough to do everything I need to do. I also had to deal with a death in the family and the loss of my friend and mentor Invid Fan/Chris. Losing him hurt on so many levels. I’m not completely over it yet – grieving doesn’t have a timetable. I deal with the process all the time in my professional life, but it’s an entirely different perspective seen from the inside looking out.

Nevertheless, I overcame all the roadblocks and obstacles, and I’ve gotten our heroines where they need to be. I still need to address and develop a lot of things as their journey unfolds, so I need to be on my game.

I’d like to toss out a request to those of you who’ve followed the entire story. What do you think of Gail? Do you like her? What role do you think she should have? Where should I go with her? I have some ideas about what’s going to happen with her. However, I would really love to hear your thoughts on Gail’s role while it’s still nebulous enough in my head that I still have control over how things take shape. Send me a comment, let me know your thoughts and opinions, and not necessarily just about Gail. Here’s your chance to influence where things go.

One more thing before I close. I sometimes worry that I’ve made Laci “too” – too beautiful, too mature, too talented – and I’ve created someone who is too “too” to be realistic. Surely, I worry, such girls don’t exist in real life. I came across something this week that makes me say, “Stop worrying so damned much. Of course they exist.” A dear friend and reader introduced me via YouTube to a young lady who is very Laci-esque. They’re the same age, and they’re both artistically gifted. They’re both beautiful, they even look somewhat similar, yet they’re both recognizable as ordinary young teen girls. If you want a glimpse into how I view Laci, both in the abstract and existentially, then check out this and this (it helps if you like, or are at least familiar with the Classic Rock genre).

Now it’s back to the grindstone. There’s a lot of work still to do.