Update 11/7/2015

November 7th, 2015

This update should coincide with the posting of Chapter 17. Should you read this first, I want to forewarn you this chapter is different. While it’s hardly unprecedented in this story, it is a No Sex chapter – mostly.

That’s not what makes it different. You’ll find out soon enough what that is. Go into it with no preconceived expectations. There’s also a little something extra at the end — sort of like that post-production “bonus material” on DVD sets — I hope everyone will take a minute to read.

A few of you have taken advantage of my invitation to offer me ideas on what you’d like to see happen. I’m nicely surprised at how closely many of those suggestions mirror my own initial impressions of where it wants to go. Some ideas have made me pause and say, “Hmmmm, interesting.” Keep sending them to me.

I have actually started work on Book 2 – mostly notes, but it’s a start. I also want to update the music page before I get too deeply into Book 2, Chapter 1 (mostly outlined in my head). 

Other than that, all I can say is I hope Chapter 17 doesn’t disappoint.