Update 12-8-14

December 8th, 2014

More good news to report! My editor had been under the weather, and so not able to work at his normal speed. However, when I logged on tonight there it was, waiting for me. I opened it expecting the worst. I was very pleasantly surprised to see there were only a few spelling errors, and a few editorial suggestions.

So what does that mean in a useful way?

It means we’re almost there. Besides the editor’s suggested changes, I have a few of my own to work in. After that, I’ll submit it for its final review – reading aloud to my wife. After she gives the thumbs up, it’s tout finis. I’ll send it in to be posted.

At the risk of setting myself up to be bitten in the butt, it’ll be up by the weekend at the latest. It’s been a loooonnnng row to hoe. If Real Life cooperates, Chapter 16 will be done in a reasonable amount of time.

As always, feedback is welcome.