Update 2-20-2016

February 20th, 2016

Greetings everyone. I hope everyone had a relaxing and romantic Valentine’s Day. It was a frigid morning here, so there was absolutely no interest on either my wife’s or my part to roll out of bed before noon, so we celebrated beneath the covers with breakfast in bed.

I haven’t gotten a lot of writing done, either with our lovely heroines, or my email – which is quite backlogged. Let me apologize to everyone patiently waiting for me to say something indicating I’m still firmly anchored to this spinning rock. Life demands got in the way.

It’s been a winter with no snow or cold snaps long enough to make good ice on the lakes and ponds. Somewhat paradoxically, without these winter elements one gets trapped in the house. Snow offers skiing (if you’re so inclined, which I’m definitely not), sledding, snowmobiling (my thing), and if you’re one of the local, old-school Quebecois, snowshoeing. Ice offers outdoor skating, pond hockey, and for fooles, mostly from the male half of the species, there is ice fishing.

Without these diversions, I try to do other things that get me out and about, like offering to help teach a new class of volunteers for my employer, going out to dinner with friends, and of all things, I entered a local Scrabble tournament, which has both in-person and online versions, and I’m doing both (top 5 in points after one round of four games in the in-person, top 10 in the on-line). Just another mid-winter diversion to stave off madness.

I was finally nudged to do something I should have done a loooonnnnnggggg time ago. I did not have a single copy of “Karen and Laci” as it appears on-line. I tend to be disorganized, which gives my OCD wife fits, so my files are… a mess. There are as many as 10 versions of each chapter in its file. There are HTML, text, and Docx version, and even some RTFs. There are roughs I keep for their notes (which I rarely consult), and different versions for different sites. For instance, the admin at Storiesonline are squeamish about characters under the age of 14. I had to revise drafts where her age is mentioned and make her 14 – even though in part 1, she was really 13. These revised versions are close enough that they get mixed up, leading to inconsistent ages within the story. Some sites like stories submitted as text files, others are OK with HTML, and some take Word .docx files.

At any rate, a reader friend finally nudged me into copying and pasting the story, all 300 pages and 100,000 words, as it appears on the WOL web site into a single all-inclusive Word document. Now I can read what you read, but in an editable form.

The proximate cause of this decision was a poignant letter from a very dear reader-friend (and the most passionate fan) who missed a reference to a song that’s very special to him – a reference that came just below my chapter dedication to him. At the time of the dedication, I didn’t yet know the song had meaning for him. He missed it because a technical mistake, and my forgetting to give attribution, overshadowed. When he was finally able to make that odd little connection, which had been there all along but buried within a mistake, it gave it a whole new dimension of personal meaning to him.

That was enough to break down the barriers of my inertia.

Now that that’s done, the whole thing is organized in a dedicated place, I’ve decided to do some repairs and repost each revised chapter – one or two every week or so. The repairs will be strictly limited to technical errors such as missing paragraph breaks, clearing up Laci’s age conflicts, fixing any formatting errors, etc. I WILL NOT make any changes in the actual writing. As much as some of it makes me cringe (things that don’t seem to bother you readers), I’m leaving it alone. I like the way the story as it progresses shows my growth as a writer and storyteller. There may come a day when I go back and do a revision, but that’s years away. For now, fixing those annoying mistakes is enough.

As a final thing, I’d like to ask all of you a small favor. You’ll notice that on the WOL home page, there’s a little link box on the left side which brings you to the site for voting in the Clitorides Award. This is an award for the best erotic story in a number of categories given each year. Voting is almost done. Sadly, none of my offerings are eligible because they had to be completed in 2015. But if you have any other favorite gay or lesbian stories by other authors, please follow the link and nominate/vote for it. That category is woefully barren of entries. Your help correcting that, and giving this genre more exposure, is appreciated.

Just for the record, nominated stories must have been completed and posted in 2015, so I have nothing eligible. If you want to pat me on the back, I think there’s still time to vote for Author of the Year – hint, hint ;-)

OK everyone, have a great week. Here’s Chapter 1.