Update 3-11-2014

March 11th, 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update. I had high hopes I could go from the shortened Chapter 13 right into the 80% completed Chapter 14, but life conspired against me.

Almost as soon as Chapter 13 was posted, I had a significant mental crash. That’s hardly unusual. It’s fairly typical for me to have a period of utter mental and emotional exhaustion after completing an installment. Writing an chapter is mentally taxing, even spread out over a period of weeks. I often feel drained and in need of a break when I’ve posted my latest effort. I hoped it might be different this time where most of the next chapter was already complete. Alas, it was not to be. I needed to step away for a few days while my creative batteries recharged.

Just when I started feeling ready to jump back in the saddle, life intruded yet again. My wife injured herself at work – nothing major, but enough to leave her lame and in need of a lot of time and TLC from me. Marriages, or any long term relationships are like that, as I’m sure many of you know only too well. That’s doubly true in our case since we’re both nurses. That means we’re supposed to know what to do, even when we don’t. I can’t plead ignorance when she wants me to do X, Y, or Z, even if I’ve never attempted X, Y is out of my area of knowledge, and Z can’t be done in the home. I’m OK with this, as long as she’s aware of my limitations – just as she expects me to be aware of her limitations when the tables are turned, even though I don’t do evil things like moving toilet paper rolls out of reach (it’s a long story, just trust me that she’s guilty as charged, while I’m innocent of similar accusations).

Now that she’s almost back to normal and can fend for herself again, I’m ready, even anxious to get back to work writing. If I’ve learned nothing else these last couple of years, I’ve learned I truly love the whole process of writing. The only other avocation that I’ve enjoyed anywhere near as much is flower gardening. The similarities between the two are many, but I’ll save that topic for another time. 

I haven’t gotten much feedback on Chapter 13 – I’m not sure of the significance of that – but several readers have written to point out errors they’ve discovered, whether typos, improper usage or grammar, or errors of fact. All I can say is I try very hard to ferret out all mistakes, but it’s inevitable that some will slip through the cracks no matter how much editorial or proofreading help I have. When errors are brought to my attention, I fix them in my master copy, but they likely won’t show up on the web posting for a while. I will, in time, get around to posting an updated version. In the meantime I hope the mistakes aren’t so intrusive that they irritate you. 

So, back to the salt mines. I hope spring is putting in an appearance in your neck of the woods. It’s still only a rumor in mine. Stay warm!