Update 4-24-2016

April 24th, 2016

It’s been a sad time for the music world the last few months. This week, we lost one of the few true geniuses of the second half of the 20th Century, Prince. Coming so soon after the death of one of the other true geniuses, David Bowie, we are left reeling. Is this the end of the Rock genre?

If it isn’t, it’s still the loss of someone who should not only be admired, but revered. He burst onto the scene when I was in high school. It took the wisdom that sometimes comes from maturity for me to appreciate him. I appreciated Bowie more in those days, but I tended to fixate on Dylan and Pink Floyd, thus depriving myself of the pleasure of recognizing and enjoying the work of geniuses.

I offer this beautiful poem my precious friend and poet Jaehla Harty wrote in tribute. As with all of the poems she shares with me, there is a haunting beauty to her vision. I’m sure Prince would approve.

When Silence Makes Way

        some carry with them a message
        while some are their own
        can we dance
        can we hear the notes
        just over
        our heads

        them go, they are traveling
        to other places...

        should we move aside, now?
        fall quiet
        and simply

        there are times when silence makes way
        for something more
        than silence
        someone painted the world in pastel
        left echoes for us to muse
        note after note after note
        is there silence, now?

        would that be needed
        to make way for one more soul?
        after note after note...

        so this is what it sounds like

        when doves cry

        for Prince Rogers Nelson

        Jaehla Harty