Happy Easter

April 5th, 2018

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. This was my granddaughter’s first, so an Easter egg hunt was not in the cards. However, she sure gave a chocolate bunny a respectable working over. It was an excuse, too, for me and my wife to go shopping for spring and summer outfits for her. I think we went a little overboard, but`that’s a grandparents’ prerogative

All winter long I have been dealing with a couple of related but separate injuries, both of which were/are significant. Either one alone had the potential to wreak havoc on pretty much everything I do, but two? I started to get nervous.

Naturally, being a nurse the first thing I did was research the condition. There’s a good reason why that’s not always a great idea unless you’ve seen the physician first. What you read even on reputable websites is not always valid to your circumstances. A large website such as the Mayo Clinic of necessity deals with generalizations, therefore anything they offer regarding the post-op rehabilitation process can’t be relied on. Or on some sites, the rehab regimen is specific to a given facility. Or it simply does not reflect the clinical judgment of the surgeon doing the surgery. He has his own process, and it’s probably a good idea to see what that is before jumping to conclusions.

At any rate, after waiting three long months I had surgery number one done. Much to my relief, my restrictions are not nearly as drastic as I initially expected. I thought I wouldn’t be able to use my hand in any meaningful way i.e. typing, but that’s not the reality. I’m actually encouraged to use that hand. Considering the extreme limitations of the voice-to-text program I tried using to get around any potential inability to type, it’s a relief to know I can keep going as I always have.

But I mustn’t get cocky. I mustn’t forget that this is only the very beginning of a long process, which at some point needs to be repeated for the other side. It could be worse, a lot worse, so I try to count my blessing while continuing to do the things I enjoy doing as best I can.

I had hopes that with all the free time I was facing prior to the surgery, I’d be able to get in a little bit more writing than I did. Unfortunately, there were a lot of days where about all I could do was sit in my recliner and hope I could catch an hour’s sleep here and there (I couldn’t lay flat in bed). And of course, with all that time to overthink things, I began to second-guess myself, which led to me deleting several pages that were actually perfectly okay. That’s an occupational hazard with me, but luckily, whatever I end up replacing it with is usually at least as good, if not better.

I got seriously behind keeping up with my email for the same reasons I didn’t get as much writing done as I’d hoped. I’ll probably spend the rest of the week and weekend getting caught up with that — to all of my loyal and patient cyber friends, rest assured, I haven’t disappeared.

I hope you live in a part of the world where spring is on the doorstep and you’re able to get outside and experience the business of life getting on with itself. For me in my part of the world? Decent weather is still a good month away, and even then that’s probably overly optimistic. But when it gets here…