Update August 11

August 11th, 2014

It’s time to let everyone know I’m still alive and kicking. Progress has been very slow this summer. I have any number of personal demands on my time, and of course these always take precedence over any other demand on my time.

In addition, we’re at a crossroads in the story. Changes are in the offing, so I need to move with care. I never had a grand design. I long ago realized that I simply went where the logic of the story told me to go. In a sense, I’m making it up as I go along – seeing where it’s supposed to go, and getting it there. I’ve said it many times before, and it bears repeating – I’m only a few steps ahead of you there readers. I’m every bit as much a spectator as you, except for me it’s unfolding in my mind.

have finished a future installment, which does none of us any good if this one doesn’t get finished first. But it’s a crucial installment, one which will likely be a big surprise. It was to me when it came to me, but it made (and makes) perfect sense, so I went with it. The old adage says strike while the iron is hot, and that’s what I did. It was an incredibly draining thing to write, and that emotional spending of energy in writing it is likely one of the culprits in my slow progress of Chapter 15.

One of the problems is that Chapter 15 needs to convey a lot of information, plus it’s going to be the most erotic chapter I’ve written in some time. We ended Chapter 14 with Laci staring out over the night skyline, still shaken from her incredible epiphany at the symphony, and saying, “I’m not a little kid anymore.” Well, she sets out to prove it in Chapter 15, in more ways than one. Those erotic scenes are without question the hardest to write.

In the end, it’s complete in my mind. Now I have to translate what I see in my head into words that convey what I see to you, so you can experience it. I need to do that in a way that’s interesting and compelling. I have to write it, polish it, decide what stays and what goes, polish it again, cut and snip again, give a final polish and…

I’ve written about a third of it. I’ll keep plugging away as time allows. Please bear with me. Real life always takes precedence. I’m getting there, I promise.