Update August 21, 2015

August 21st, 2015

First, I want to let everyone know my wife and I will be on vacation for the next week. For all practical purposes, we’ll be completely off the grid while we’re away. I make it a point of pride that I answer every comment sent to me within 24 hours. Obviously, that isn’t going to happen if any of you are moved to write to me for the next week.

I do have good news to report. I’ve finished the very rough first draft of Chapter 16. There is a lot of work still to do, but at least the framing and walls have been put up; now comes the finish work, arguably the most taxing part for me. There’s an old saying editor’s use when giving advice to wannabe authors: “Kill your babies.” It’s a kind of shorthand for, “OK Girlie, time to hone the ol’ razor blade and start cutting all those purty little phrases and bon mots you think make you look so clever, but which have no other purpose. Cut ruthlessly.”

I have much cutting and suturing to do. That said, it’ll have to wait until I get back from a week of living by the time of the tides, with fully recharged batteries.

Now, I ask your indulgence while I go off on a very personal tangent.

I’ve made a lot of friends while writing K&L. Some of those friendships have endured, some haven’t, but all have left a special mark on my heart. One of the longest and dearest friendships has been with a wonderful older gentleman who has become, in effect, a cyber-big brother. I sometimes wonder how I can have such deep affection and warmth for a friend I never have and never will meet in person, but then almost nothing about this long sojourn with Karen and Laci has been predictable or wholly explicable.

I recently found out the gentleman in question, to whom I dedicated Chapter 7, is quite sick. Sick enough to be in the hospital, never a good place for any but the sickest of the sick (trust me, hospitals are cesspools of the nastiest, most drug-resistant germs known to medicine). Now I feel… lost.

I’ve been a nurse for a very long time, so I know a lot. A lot. Too much for my own good. And I have a very vivid imagination to give life to my boogie men. My first inclination is to see all the things that can go wrong. Most of the time, my initial fears are just a form of a mental girding of my loins for battle with Bad News. Sometimes, sad to say, the first/worst fears are spot on, such as the time my mother had me feel the “lump” in her abdomen – all that remained was official confirmation. Those are the ones you remember.

So I know enough about all the possibilities my friend might be facing to feel a little frightened. Those who know me best know I am a spiritual person. What form that takes is irrelevant. All that matters is I do believe there is more to this world than our pathetic five senses can detect, or our imperfect intellect can quantify. I humbly ask my readers who are so inclined to please send my friend warm thoughts and wishes for a full recovery via the Ether surrounding us. I’m sure they’ll get through.

Being off the grid for a week will do me a world of good. I promise to get to work reworking and polishing Chapter 16 when I get back.

Get well Big Bro… xoxo <3 Little Sis