Update September 2017

September 7th, 2017

Hello everyone, it’s good to be back. It’s not that I ever went anywhere. ASSTR disappeared, not me.

For those of you who aren’t aware, a while back ASSTR’s main server overheated and went belly-up. An old back-up kicked in, and everything reverted to an earlier version. Whatever was posted after the original switch in servers was essentially gone. I got one mass mail update from the site’s administration shortly after everything crashed, but nothing since. It took an email from a reader to clue me in to the fact that the site seems to be back up and running. My webmaster still isn’t able, as of his last email, to upload anything, so it seems I’m still in a limbo of sorts.

My personal life has been tumultuous of late. There’s a lot going on, most of it profoundly life altering, including the impending arrival of my first grandchild. My wife has never been intimate with a man, so obviously she’s never experienced the agony and the ecstasy of raising a child. She came into my life when my son was a teenager and most of the hard work was already done. Our new grandchild will be her first real experience with having a baby in her life. It tickles me how she’s all into her impending Nanna-hood. And me? I have every intention of being a hands-on Memere, and my grandchild Spoil-o-Meter is cranked up to its highest level.

The rest of my personal issues forced me to slow my writing way down. The key to that sentence is “slow down,” not “stop.” Finding the four to six-hour blocks of time needed to make real progress is often a challenge of late. Instead, I can only write in dribs and drabs, an hour here, two hours there. Nonetheless, the steady drip-drip-drip of a leaky faucet will fill a bucket as surely as opening the tap will. It just takes longer.

What does this mean to our journey through the lives of our beloved Karen and Laci? Only that the trip will be slower – a stroll more than a dash. I hope that doesn’t unduly try anyone’s patience. Try to remember, the tortoise won the race, not the hare.

Your steadfast patience warms my heart, as it helps me to keep my life priorities straight. I only hope your perseverance will be properly rewarded.