Wunderkind Lily Renee

October 21st, 2018

I hope all of you had a good summer. I spent considerable time dealing with life and health issues. I couldn’t write as much as I would have liked, but I did what I could.

Over the years, I’ve had several readers ask me to help them write stories of their own. At first, I was happy to do what I could. In each case, however, when they realized how much hard work is involved in writing good erotica, they’d beg off. They, like so many folks, don’t realize how much time and effort is involved in the process. I think they hoped I had a secret formula I’d share. The only secret I’m aware of is… hard work.

In time, I started gently refusing the occasional request absent a commitment to do the necessary work. No one took my terms.

Until now.

It started out simply enough. Lily stumbled across Karen and Laci, and she eventually wrote me an email telling me how much she enjoyed the story. I don’t get a lot of feedback from readers, but when I do it’s usually something like Lily’s comments: brief, kind, and supportive. I always respond to reader feedback, and sometimes it starts a back-and-forth that leads to a friendship. That’s what happened with Lily.

It didn’t take long for me to see that Lily is an uncommonly good writer. Her letters are always made up of clean, grammatically correct sentences, which are in turn used as the building blocks of well-constructed paragraphs. Those paragraphs are the basis of a superb finished product.

In time, Lily asked if she could share a personal experience with me, and, already impressed with her grasp of the basics, I told her I’d love to have a look. I wasn’t disappointed.

It’s rare for me to get truly, wetly aroused from reading a story. (95% of what’s out there is - how shall I put it? - unmitigated, cringe-inducing garbage.) Lily’s reminiscence not only got me soaking wet, the story it told, which embraced and gave meaning to the sexy parts, was engaging. She had me from the first two sentences.

Duly impressed, I enthusiastically agreed to critique a fantasy of hers which she wanted to turn into a story. When I read it, I was bowled over with both the quality of her writing, and her instinctive story-telling ability.

I was so impressed by her inherent talent that I told her I wanted to post her story on the World of Letoria site under the Stories tab. I think all of you will be impressed by her skill. Her area of erotic interest is the same as mine, pubescent/teen girls and older women.

Lily has an idea for a longer story, a serial like Karen and Laci, plus more short stories. I’m humbled that she thinks I can help her write it. I’ll do my best, and I think I’m going to enjoy passing on what I know. I know I’m going to love reading as I edit.

Please send Lily comments - you can do it by using the Contact Me messaging form, and I’ll forward everything on to her until we can set up a way for you to contact her directly. Don’t underestimate how important feedback is to a new author. Or an established author, for that matter.