Chapter 2: Awakenings


Laci awoke at some point during the night with an almost painful need to pee. It took a few seconds to orient herself, and the sudden memory of last evening made her blush and smile at the same time. It really happened! She hated the idea of leaving the warm bed and Karen sleeping next to her, but the need to pee was irresistible. She tossed back the covers, winced as her feet hit the cold floor, and scurried off to the bathroom. The toilet seat was even worse than the floor, sharply cold against her tender bum. She peed as quickly as possible, and when she wiped, she was surprised at how sensitive her little sex was.   "That must be because of last night," she thought to herself.

Laci padded quickly back to the bedroom. The house was silent but for the gusty rushes of wind in the eaves. The room was surprisingly bright from the light reflecting off the snow. She   peaked   outside and it was still snowing hard. She couldn’t see the end of the driveway. She shivered and dove back under the covers. Shivering again, she inched closer to Karen’s warm, sleeping form until they were lightly spooned.

Karen stirred then shifted onto her back. "Where’d you go?" she murmured.

"I had to pee really bad."

"Must have been cold."


Karen rolled onto her other side so she was facing Laci. She slid her hand over Laci’s side to her back and gently pulled her closer. "Come," she said. "I’ll make you warm."

Laci eagerly pushed against Karen, nudging her face up to the woman’s chest just above her breasts. Karen felt so warm, and she had a unique but wonderful fragrance about her that had only just become familiar. The musky aroma of sex reminded her of the scent of her panties after she’d rubbed herself. 

Karen moved closer until they were snugly joined together. Laci tucked her head under her chin and murmured a sigh of pure contentment. She wondered if Karen had any idea of how truly wonderful she made her feel.

“Does she know that I love her?” Laci thought. “Should I tell her I love her? No, that would be stupid, she’ll just think I’m some stupid teenager having a baby crush on her. But I do love her, I’ve loved her for so long, it’s not just a crush, and those things we did last night…oh good God! They call it making love and now I know why. I didn’t even get to do it to her because I fell asleep like a baby. She must think I’m selfish and I don’t care about her and making her have an orgasm. I wanted to! Oh I really wanted to kiss her and touch her like that. Oh God, why can’t I just stop worrying and relax and go back to sleep?”

The intensity of her feelings for Karen were so powerful it felt like she would burst. She sighed deeply and pushed away her anxieties as best she could. At last, the warmth of Karen’s body, the soothing sound of her breathing and the sighs of the wind in the eaves worked their magic and Laci drifted off to sleep.

The moment she woke up, Karen was horny. Very horny. She stretched out and let the grogginess of sleep dissipate. Should she get up and go downstairs to make breakfast? No, Laci would need her to be here in bed when she woke up. Karen did need to pee, however. She tossed back the covers and hurried to the bathroom. Back in the bedroom, she took a few seconds to look outside.   Holy Christ, she thought,   it’s still snowing a blizzard and there’s already two feet on the ground.

Karen slid back under the blankets. Good God, Laci was beautiful! She looked so sweet sleeping, her lips slightly parted and her breathing slow and regular. Karen was acutely aware that she’d opened a big can of worms by making love with the girl, "Girl" being the operative word. And no matter how you looked at it, Laci was a highly vulnerable 14 year old girl, and society did not look kindly upon 30-something adults having sexual relations with girls under 18 . It was a huge risk, and it provoked anxiety, but Karen couldn’t – nor did she want to – back out now. Laci needed a loving adult in her life, and sex was only part of it. Like it or not, Karen took on that role of loving adult the moment they first kissed. It was a price she was willing to pay, at least in theory.

Karen put her hand on Laci’s hip and began lightly caressing her from the valley of her waist up over the rise of her hip and down the long taper of her thigh. Slow strokes with the pads of her fingers. Laci’s skin was so creamy and soft. Laci stirred and a small gasp escaped her lips. At last, her eyes fluttered open. After a second, they focused on Karen, and Laci smiled. "Good morning beautiful," Karen smiled back.’

"Hi!" Laci chirped nervously as she stretched out.

Karen leaned in and gently kissed Laci’s forehead. She then brushed back the tangles of her sleep-mussed hair, and gazed lovingly at her, drinking her in with her eyes.

"Did you sleep well?" Karen inquired with a smile.

"Yeah," Laci smiled shyly, "sorry I couldn’t stay awake after… you know, I just…"

"Pretty amazing thing, isn’t it?" Karen chuckled softly.

"Oh my God!" Laci exclaimed. "Karen, I’ve never felt anything like that before, I hardly know where it came from. I just…oh my God…it was like I was in a different place! The things I felt when you touched me! Oh God, am I some kind of freak?"

"Goodness no, that was an orgasm, baby girl," Karen laughed. "It isn’t  always that intense. That was special, so don’t think bad things if you don’t come that hard again for a while. It’s best to put that one away in a special place in your heart."

"Part of me was a little scared," Laci smiled nervously. "Has it ever happened to you, a come like that?" she asked.

"Mmmhhmm, it sure has!" Karen smiled. "And those were super special times, but I don’t know if I could come like that every time!"

Laci bit her lower lip. Her inner fears were still close to the surface. She was warm inside, and the warmth was spreading into her pelvis and her sex. "I’ve never, ever felt as good as I do right now. Being here with you right now is so hard to believe, but it’s true, it’s like every dream has come true. You aren’t going to make me go away, are you?"

Karen stroked her cheek tenderly as she looked down at Laci’s sweet face "No baby, I’m not going to make you go away. We’ll find a way for us to stay together."


"Girlfriends. Lovers."

"I’m sorry I didn’t, you know, make you come last night," Laci anxiously sighed. "I didn’t mean to fall asleep."

"Laci honey," Karen murmured, brushing her fingers through the strands of the girl’s hair. "Making love isn’t a competition. It’s not about who comes first or hardest or anything like that. It’s about feeling amazing things together, about pleasing each other in a very special, wonderful way. I was very…VERY thrilled and happy that I was able to give you that wonderful first time. It was your very special moment. You only get one first time, and I can’t tell you how awesome it is that I was the one to be your first."

Laci’s heart was surging. Her adoration for Karen swelled inside. "I promise, Karen, I swear I’m going to make you happy!"

"You already do, my precious little love," Karen sighed. She then lifted Laci’s chin, paused, then kissed her mouth softly but deeply.

"I haven’t brushed my teeth," Laci murmured.

"Neither have I," Karen smiled, "does it bother you?"

"No, of course not," the young girl replied.

They smiled at the silliness of it. Their mouths came together again with fervor. Their tongues probed and danced together, traced each others lips and chins. Laci squirmed and her hands fluttered uncertainly over Karen’s back. Karen continued stroking Laci while their bodies swayed together. The hot pressure in Karen’s pelvis swelled with fresh force.

Laci arched and made noises of elemental pleasure. Her body was getting squirmy and throbby again. She pulled Karen’s face back down and kissed her hard, pushing her tongue forcefully into the woman’s mouth, probing over her teeth and inner cheeks. She lashed her tongue against Karen’s, sucking in as she did. They wrapped their bodies around each other, pressing together with growing urgency.

Karen pulled her lips from Laci’s, then kissed her lush mouth over and over. She licked Laci’s lips and her cheeks, then slathered her face with wet kisses. Laci mewled happily. "Know what I like?" Karen asked with a soft huskiness in her voice.

"What?" Laci smiled nervously.

"When I’m making love with someone special, someone just like you, I like to talk and laugh and play," Karen smiled back. "I like to tell my lover how beautiful she is, how hot she makes me, how I want her to touch me, how wonderful she’s making me feel. And I like it when she does the same thing. That excites me very much."

Laci looked up at her, smiling. She lifted her hand and pressed her palm against Karen’s. She understood, and now she felt more in control.   Don’t be so selfish,   she told herself. "I like kissing you," she murmured.

"So do I" Karen chirped, smiling down at her young lover. She dipped in again, and their lips came together. Wet kisses, tongues happily dancing together. "Oh your mouth is so precious, your tongue is so sexy," Karen sighed. Laci lifted her head and caught Karen’s lips with hers.

"I love you," Laci whispered into Karen’s open mouth. Their tongues clashed again. Karen suckled on Laci’s then let it go.

"Yes, I love you baby," the woman sighed, "your kisses are wonderful."

Laci ran her hands over Karen’s back, finally daring to find Karen’s breasts. She was fascinated by them. She’d always been drawn by those full, lovely globes, beguiled by their shape and the way Karen’s shirts and blouses molded to them. Now they were there for her to explore. "Do you like your boobies touched?" the young girl blushed, chastising herself for using such a childish term as ‘boobies.’

"I do," Karen replied, smiling at her young lover, "I like it very much." Karen took the cue and rolled onto her back. Laci, on her tummy, eagerly wriggled against Karen’s body. She threw her arm over Karen and lifted herself so she could smile down impishly at the beautiful woman of her dreams. She was just beginning to understand what Karen meant when she said making love wasn’t a test or a competition, that it was a sharing a special connection.

Karen was pleased with Laci’s assertiveness. It added a new dimension of pleasure. "You are so beautiful," Karen sighed.

For the first time, Laci accepted what Karen said without nuancing it to death.   Her mane of hair spilled around their faces. "I want to make you feel good like you made me me feel good," Laci implored.

"I’d like that baby girl, I’d like that very much," Karen replied with a smile.

When their lips parted, Laci was about to say something about not knowing for sure what to do, but Karen beat her to the punch.

"Just do whatever seems right honey," Karen said softly, her voice thickening. "Go wherever you feel like going, touch me however your heart tells you to touch me," she encouraged Laci. "You can’t do anything do anything wrong, okay angel?"

Laci nodded "okay" and began kissing her way down to Karen’s breasts. She was hardly aware of a change that was gradually settling over her, a deep relaxation, a slipping away of her anxieties replaced by an almost hypnotic state where she let her self-consciousness go. She moved her face into the valley between Karen’s breast mounds and she could faintly hear and feel the thud of Karen’s rapidly beating heart. Her hair spilled over Karen’s chest. Her own heart thumping heavily, she nuzzled her nose up the slope of Karen’s breast. Without needing to think of it, she drew her fingers up the other side, feeling the suppleness of Karen’s skin. Karen’s nipple was hard under her fingers, and when she brushed the flat of each finger over it, Karen jumped and gasped. Laci stroked her fingers around the erect nub and squeezed it.

"Ohhh baby girl, sooo lovely, sooo good!" Karen gasped and moaned in sheer pleasure.

Laci was beginning to glow all over. She was entranced by the firm suppleness of Karen’s breast, the way the nipple felt against her palm and the way Karen rolled and moaned. Karen’s moans were very, very soft, almost inaudible, hardly more than the moan of the wind through the eaves. Laci parted her lips and descended and suckled Karen into her mouth. This time, Karen jumped and squirmed and her gasp was louder. She buried her hands in Laci’s hair and restlessly combed her fingers through the silken tangles. Laci circled Karen’s nipple with her tongue, delighting in its texture, before flicking it and sucking it harder.

"Oooohhhh yes! My beautiful angel, yes, so so wonderful, that feels so so good darling Laci."

“So this is what it’s like,”   Laci thought.  “ I’ve done this a million times in my dreams, my dreams where her baby milk comes out for me to drink, oohhh she would think I’m awful if she knew that was my dream,” but the thought trickled away.

She took Karen’s nipple in her teeth ever so gently, just as Karen had done to her and lifted her head stretching it out. She lightly shook her head until the nub slipped away. Karen jumped and cried out at the wonderful sensation snapping through her. Laci dipped her head down to Karen’s other breast and stroked her tongue around it just as she had done before, and she looked up to see Karen’s reaction. 

Karen’s eyes were closed and her lips parted, but her hands continued to stroke and rake Laci’s hair. "Ooohhh, sweet sweet Laci girl, ooohhh you make me feel so good," she murmured very softly as her body swayed almost imperceptibly.

Laci hardly realized her free hand had moved to the rise of Karen’s pubis just below her tummy. She continued to gently but deliberately tongue and suckle Karen’s breast while her hand rubbed her lover tenderly. She lifted her head and looked at Karen with a smile. "Am I doing okay?" Laci anxiously asked. "I love the way your nipple feels in my mouth," she added with an impish smile.

Karen’s eyes were languid. "Yes baby love, you’re making me feel sooo so good, I love your sweet mouth on my breast, it’s such a wonderful feeling."

Laci became conscious of where her hand was, so very close to Karen’s secret, magic place. When she pressed down, she could feel the pubic bone and doing that made Karen draw in a short breath. "I want to make you feel like you made me feel."

"You are honey girl."

Was it time to go to Karen’s special spot, her sex? Laci desperately wanted to go there, to see it and explore it and make Karen have an orgasm, a real orgasm.   Karen said do what my heart says, and my heart says go there and make her feel how she made me feel, ohhh I love her so much!

Laci moved down to kiss Karen’s tummy, and she made noises like someone hungry savoring an ice cream cone. She carefully stole her hand down to Karen’s mound, that soft, sensitive rise just above her sex. Rubbing Karen here made her sigh and lift to Laci’s touch. Laci wasn’t exactly sure what to do, so she slid her hand over Karen’s thigh before gently running her fingertips over the damp, oh so warm flesh of Karen’s inner thigh, which made Karen lift open her legs in invitation.

Karen, in another time and place, might have wished her lover would move slower, but here and now with Laci, she simply surrendered and let the sweet child move at her own pace. She began to toy with her breasts, cupping them, squeezing them, nudging and tweaking her nipples. "Oh baby, baby darling," Karen purred, her hips gyrating up and down, and side to side. “You make me so hot inside.”

At last, Laci drew her fingers over Karen’s sex, nudging the labia open. It was hot and sticky and intricate. She rubbed Karen there, and without really intending to, slid her finger into Karen’s vagina. Karen stiffened and cried out sharply – for an instant, Laci thought she might have hurt Karen, but clearly that wasn’t true. She wriggled deeper inside and marveled at the heat and wetness and the spongy, silky feel of Karen’s wonderful insides. Karen moved her hips with greater urgency. It was so intricate in there, full of bumps and creases, and she explored them with wonder. She slipped her finger out, releasing a trickle of Karen’s sex nectar. She instinctively drew her finger up the channel of Karen’s inner labia and over her swollen button. Laci knew what that was, knew it well from her own personal playing, and she rubbed it firmly, nudging it.

Karen jumped as though startled and cried out "Oh Fuck!" Her first orgasm burst over her like a lightning bolt, a warm pulse of energy. Laci continued rubbing her, using two fingers and Karen moaned and gyrated. "Karen, I want to kiss you there. Can I kiss you there?"

Karen struggled to answer coherently. "Yes baby, I would love it if you kissed me there."

Laci hesitated. She didn’t know exactly how to do it, how to physically arrange herself. In the way of lovers who are connected strongly during love, Karen knew instinctively what Laci needed. "On your tummy," the older woman instructed. "Lay on your tummy between my legs."

She knows,   Laci thought in wonder. She climbed over Karen, understanding that disconnecting for a few seconds was perfectly okay, and she lay on her tummy between Karen’s legs. It was a little awkward because her arms were under her, but her hands could reach. Karen opened her legs wide, drawing her knees back as far as she could, and she began to involuntarily tense up with anticipation.

At last, at long last, the young girl could really see Karen’s sex treasure, not just dream about it.

"Oh Karen," Laci murmured, "ohhh Karen." The 14 year old had never seen a fully exposed cunt. She saw her own every day, but only from above. But here was the real thing, Karen’s! She stared in awe for a few seconds, taking it all in and cooing with wonder. She immediately felt the heat Karen gave off, then she breathed in the fragrance. It was unlike anything she’d ever smelled, even her own. It was rich, deep and earthy with the tiniest hint of pee. She knew without knowing that Karen’s aroma was so strong because she had come last night. But oh my! It was a fragrance which was so compelling. 

Then the sight of it. The outer ridge of her labia were puffy and swollen. Her vagina was open, and Laci could see inside. It was pink and convoluted, and wet, wet, frothy wet. Then she had a fleeting thought:   Amy came from there once!   And that thought thrilled her in a strange and exciting way. The wrinkled, darker inner lips were parted enough so Laci could see the sleeve heavy with a viscous nectar that lead over Karen’s pee spot up to that truly magic spot, her clit. Karen clit was very swollen and peaking out from its hood where the labia tapered at the top of her slit.

These things went through Laci’s fevered mind in mere seconds, and she was trembling all over at the opening of this wonderful, mysterious place. It was the most intimate part of Karen, the magical path to the inside of her body. Moaning, Laci lowered her head, pushed her tongue in and tasted Karen. She slowly, firmly drew the flat of her tongue up from the base of Karen’s vagina, up the sleeve, ending at her clit. Karen almost growled at the sensation. Laci did it again, then she dropped her face in and pushed her tongue forcefully into Karen’s vagina. The taste was intoxicating, her nectar slightly thick, slightly salty with a tiny hint of lemon-like sourness. She gathered it as it flowed out, and she nursed. Then she nudged her tongue up to the spot she wanted.

Karen had tightened, ready to explode. Her hands were all but useless. Laci’s loving wasn’t graceful, but it was shockingly wonderful, as good as she’d ever experienced. When Laci suckled her clit into her delicate mouth, Karen went rigid and bore down as though she were giving birth, mewling like a kitten. Her orgasm exploded in a white burst, and she let out a loud, sharp "Oooooohhhhhhhh! Fuck! Oh Jesus! That was good!" And she gasped and panted.

Laci knew Karen had come, but she kept going, enraptured by Karen’s button and the way kissing her there made her jump and cry out. She flicked her tongue as she knew she should, nudged the pearl side to side, suckled it, nipped at it, then she circled her tongue tip round and round. Karen gasped and panted and writhed, and she roughly buried her hands in Laci’s hair and rammed her pelvis up, demanding the girl’s tongue. Her breath came in short pants, again like being in labor. The pressure inside grew until it was agonizingly wonderful, growing, stretching as every stroke of Laci’s tongue sent throbs through Karen. Again, she went rigid at the growing contraction. When it released it was with great force, an explosion that made Karen arch and cry out, "Jesus Fucking Christ! Oh God Damn!"

Sharp pangs shot over her, making her muscles twitch and shudder. She writhed on the bed, making incoherent sounds. At last, moaning shakily, almost crying, she fell back. 

Laci felt Karen quivering and spasming under her, and she wondered   “Did I do that when I came last night?”   She slowed her kisses, instinctively understanding Karen was done.

Laci tucked herself closer to Karen, utterly awe-struck at what she had just done for her. "Oh God… Goddamn!" Karen muttered over and over. Her body stiffened sharply with residual pangs. Her breathing took a long time to slow and return to normal. She finally was composed enough to look at Laci, and her look was one of amazement, as if she were seeing something wonderful and surprising next to her. She grabbed Laci and kissed her urgently, tasting her own sex juice on Laci’s chin and cheeks. "Oh my little Princess, you are amazing!" Karen sighed, understanding that the force of her orgasms weren’t because of any special action on Laci’s part; their force came   because it was Laci who did it!   Laci, a sweet lovely child she was falling head over heels in love with. Laci, the girl of her secret dreams.

Laci was very content, feeling warm and relaxed. She wouldn’t have minded at all if Karen did something to her then, but right now, she was just as happy to simply be snuggled up to her new lover.