Chapter 4: Conflicts

For Nicole C – RIP
“The door is open come on outside.”
“No I can't come out today.”
It's not the wind that cracked your shoulder
and threw you to the ground.
Who's there that makes you so afraid
you're shaken to the bone?
You know I don't understand --
you deserve so much more than this
So don't tell me why
she's never been good to you
don't tell me why
she's never been there for you
don't you know that why
is simply not good enough
So just let me try
and I will be good to you
Just let me try
And I will be there for you
I'll show you why
You're so much more than good enough
From “Good Enough”, Sarah McLachlan

Laci dreaded opening the door to the apartment she unwillingly called home. There was no way of knowing what might be waiting behind it. She’d gone to the city’s library to do her homework rather than come here a minute sooner than she had to. 

Last night, her first night away from Karen since the blizzard, hadn’t been too bad. The apartment was quiet. Her mother Sandra and the nameless boyfriend du jour were passed out. Then before going to bed for the night, Laci and Karen talked on the phone about… stuff. Nothing earth-shaking or overly sexy, just pleasant things that left Laci feeling loved and warm. Later, Laci woke up during the night to hear her mother and the boyfriend grunting and snorting like pigs in the other bedroom, a sound that left her feeling cold and disgusted. 

Now, she took a deep breath and stepped inside. The place was as she’d left it this morning. The same dirty dishes piled precariously in and around the sink. A mass of trash that hid the kitchen table. Empty beer cans, a scratched bong, and liquor bottles were strewn about the living-room floor. Her mother, a disheveled, weary-eyed woman of thirty, was on the threadbare sofa vaguely watching TV and slurping from a beer can. 

“Where the fuck you been, you fucking little slut?” she snapped at Laci when her bloodshot eyes spied the girl.

Laci cringed, then flared. “What the hell do you care. Out!” 

Sandra’s lip curled. “Yeah, you been out fucking my boyfriend. Haven’t you, you little whore? I seen him looking at you, don’t think I didn’t notice.”

The thought instantly made Laci feel sick to her stomach. Her anger flashed out. “God, you’re disgusting!” she cried. “You are one sick fucking bitch! You call me a slut? If I’m a slut, where the fuck did I learn it from?”

Sandra got up from the couch on shaky legs, eyes gleaming with bitter anger. She was high, probably on meth or coke, and spoiling for a fight. “That’s right, a no good little cunt, and a goddamned fucking thief! You stole forty bucks from me, you cocksucking whore!”

“Fucking drug money, you bitch!” Laci hollered. “Money to buy fucking drugs instead of food! That’s what you think of me, drugs are more important.”

“Yeah, well maybe I need to get high just to put up with you, you little piece of gutter trash!”

Laci clenched her fists, dimly aware that she was on the verge of losing control. “What the fuck did I ever do to you?” she screamed. “Why do you have to treat me like garbage? What the hell did I do for you to hate me?”

At one time, as a teenager, Sandra had been fairly attractive girl, attractive enough that she was knocked up with Laci at fifteen, and not completely sure who the father was. Now she was scrawny and worn, her skin muddy and pockmarked with scars, hair a stringy, greasy rat’s nest. All her upper teeth were missing and she didn’t bother with dentures. Her breath, her whole body, smelled like an outhouse. “You were fucking born," she laughed derisively. "How’s that for starters? You been a pain in my ass since the day you was born! I knew I shoulda got a goddamned abortion!”

It was a cruel, low blow. “So that’s it. You shoulda abortioned me, but you wanted the fucking welfare check instead! I’ve been a fucking welfare check since the day I was born! That’s all I am to you, a way for you to buy drugs and booze! “ Laci spat, her arms flailing. “I bet you hate me even more ‘cause I ain’t been knocked up yet to bring in more welfare money!”

“That’s all you’re worth! That’s the only thing that makes you worth anything, you rotten little whore!”

Laci cried out, “You ain’t gonna be happy until I’m as fucked up as you are! Well let me tell you, bitch - that ain’t gonna happen! I’m gonna do something with my life besides stick a fucking needle in my arm! Some goddamned mother you are! What the fuck did I ever do to make you want to ruin my life?” Hot tears welled up, but she fought them, not willing to give her mother the satisfaction.

Sandra had moved dangerously close to Laci. “For starters, trying to steal my boyfriends! You think you’re such a hot fucking little slut! You think I forgot about that time when you was seven? Caught you trying to suck my boyfriend’s cock? What kinda daughter does that, tries to take her own mother’s man? And now, trying to steal Gerry? You think you’re a hot bitch, you think you can just wiggle your ass and get what you want. But oh no, not here, you no-good little cunt.”

It took time for the full implication of those words to dawn on Laci. Even incompletely registered, they were enough to push the teen over the edge. “You! Make! Me! Sick!” she screeched. “You make me wanna puke!” She shoved her mother back with both hands, making Sandra stagger. Laci grabbed an empty liquor bottle from the counter and flung it, hard. It shattered against the wall.

“That better not’ve still had booze in it,” her mother growled darkly.

“Fuck you!” Laci screamed. She hurled a dirty glass, a plate with dried on food, a cup. Each shattered against the wall with a crash. “Anyone who’d fuck you is a worthless loser who can’t get a real woman!”

“Oh, you hateful bitch!” her mother hissed. She took two steps toward Laci, eyes ablaze with rage.

Laci snatched a knife from the counter. It was only a butter knife, but simply grabbing it had the desired effect. "Don’t even think about it!" she cried.

Her mother stopped in mid-step, her face twisted in a snarl. “You little cunt. I’ll get you for this. I’ll get you back good, you’ll see.” Sandra turned and moved unsteadily back to the couch.

 “Go ahead and try, you disgusting piece of shit!” Laci screamed after her. 

It dimly registered in Laci’s mind that her mother must be high on smack or oxycodone today. If it had been meth or coke, the fight would have turned violent the instant Laci went for the knife. Instead, it was over. Her mother would forget all about it by morning, probably wouldn’t even know how the dishes had been broken. 

Laci stormed off to her room, her mother flinging a parting “Slut!” after her from the living room.

Laci was shaking when she double-locked the door and flopped on her bed. She clenched her hands into fists and pounded the pillow, again and again. 

She was still tense with fury when she looked at her cheap watch. Almost ten o’clock. Karen would call soon, and she needed to calm down before then. 

Laci looked around her room. It was a haven in the tempest of her life. She gave her mother credit for one thing, at least: she rarely tried to enter when the bedroom door was closed. 

Laci was naturally neat and orderly, and her room reflected it. Her clothes were all folded and put away, or hung up in her closet. Her little desk was tidy and the posters on her walls, mostly supermodels and pop idols, were neatly arranged. 

Opening her window, Laci lit a cigarette to calm her jangled nerves before Karen called. It had only been a day since Karen finally dropped her off after the blizzard. They’d be back together Friday, the day after tomorrow, but yesterday seemed ages ago, while Friday was an eternity away. Karen’s phone call before bedtime was the only thing that kept her going. 

Laci let her thoughts drift back to the weekend. It had been magic, start to finish. When they awakened Sunday morning, the power was back on, the wind had died down, and the snowfall had eased enough that the trees on the other side of the street were visible. The landscape was a brilliant white, and the road was plowed, creating monster snowbanks on each side.

She and Karen had luxuriated in a hot bath together, lazily making love as they soaked, then washed each other’s hair, giggling like little kids all the while. They spent the rest of the afternoon on the sofa, cuddled together, Laci drinking hot chocolate and Karen tea, watching DVDs and basking in the joy of doing nothing at all. Later, Karen spent half an hour gently stroking Laci’s sex, slowly building and stoking a fire inside the girl until it burst forth in a blast of pure heat, Laci mewling frantically as she came in her lover’s arms. 

Sometime around dusk, a commotion started outside. Karen jumped up to peer out the window, heaving a sigh of relief when she saw a man on a snowplow with his crew, come to dig them out. Four men with snow blowers and shovels carved a path through the huge bank thrown up at the driveway entrance by the city plow, so the truck could get in and clear the dooryard. Karen quickly dressed, put on a pot of coffee and brought each crew member a steaming mug. Within an hour, they were done, each crew member leaving with a ‘thank you’ and a generous tip from Karen.

Giddy in their relief, Karen and Laci retreated to the bedroom and spent the evening snuggling in bed, making love. Laci couldn’t get enough of Karen’s caresses and kisses and the sweet surges of pleasure they gave her. Nor, it seemed, could she get enough of exploring Karen’s sex with her own fingers and tongue, marveling at each newly discovered facet and intricacy of a woman’s body. At last, they slept, warm and content, their bodies nestled together.

On the next day, Monday, the sun was back, and it reflected from the snow like a million dazzling searchlights. After breakfast, Karen dug out some of Amy’s old winter clothes for Laci, and they went out to romp in the snow. Laci waded deep into a virgin patch of snow only to retreat, squealing, when it swallowed her up to her tummy. It was too powdery for snowballs, but fine for scooping up in handfuls and throwing at each other in gauzy puffs. They shrieked and laughed and smooshed snow in each other’s faces and licked it off and threw more. They chased each other around the cleared dooryard, climbed the snowbanks and kissed, laughing and out of breath, atop the artificial hills. Finally, wet and chilled to the bone, they went inside to luxuriate in another hot bath.

It was only just before drifting off to sleep that a sense of loss crept over Laci, so intense that she ached inside. Tomorrow was Tuesday; time to return to school and the squalid life she so longed to leave forever. She bravely kept her composure, even that next morning when Karen dropped her off in front of school. It was agony, and her tears threatened to fall, but she choked them back. 

“I know kitten,” Karen soothed, desperately wanting to kiss the girl in public, knowing she couldn’t. “I’ll call you tonight. Every night. And we’ll be together again this Friday. Hold onto that, honey, okay?”

Her lower lip trembling, a hard knot throbbing in her midsection, Laci nodded and climbed out of the vehicle, dashing into the school before succumbing to her tears.

Laci sighed as she took the last puff from her cigarette, squashing the butt in a small glass ashtray. She closed the window and undressed, stripping off everything but her panties. The cold air made her little nipples stand out and she caressed them, marveling at the delicious tickly feeling it sent through her. She was self-conscious about her small breasts, but reminded herself that Karen liked them just fine. Posing in front of the small mirror on the back of the bedroom door, Laci thrust her mound forward and tried on her best shyly flirtatious look. She bit on her finger and stuck out her lower lip in a cute pout while shifting her hips side to side. Karen would shiver at a look like that and call her a naughty, sexy little muffin. Wasn’t it awesome that she could make a grown woman feel that way?

Smiling to herself, Laci turned away from the mirror and dug out her pink nightie with the kitten on it, the one that Karen had given her to take home. She buried her face in the soft material, inhaling deeply. It still smelled vaguely of her pussy from when she’d masturbated that morning, a scent that gave her a pleasant thrill. 

Laci shook out her hair as she went to the closet to retrieve her most prized possession. Before leaving on Tuesday, Karen gave her a small, faded white Teddy bear, one she said had been hers when she was a little girl. Karen had once intended to pass it on to her daughter Amy, but… 

Now it was Laci’s, and last night she’d held it close while burrowing beneath the blankets. But there was something else she treasured, something even Karen didn’t know about. 

She had a photograph from last summer, a shot of Karen with her arms thrown over Laci and Amy’s shoulders. All three were smiling. It had been taken out by the pool, not long before Amy had her emotional meltdown. “Me and my girls,” Karen said when she gave a copy to Laci at the time. 

Last night Laci had taken her scissors and carefully snipped Amy out of the photo. Now it was just her and Karen, smiling and happy. She tucked the picture between the Teddy bear’s arms, then hugged the stuffed toy to her when she flopped on her bed.

She held her phone in one hand while she pressed and massaged the lower half of her tummy with the other. The ugly scene with her mother had faded, tucked safely for the moment into the mental closet where she put bad things.

Her phone trilled just before 10 o’clock. A jolt of excitement surged through her. She was already smiling when she answered it. “Hi, Karen! Oh God, I miss you!”

Karen leaned back in her swivel chair and stretched, then glanced at her watch. Almost eight o’clock. She’d put in fourteen hours both yesterday and today, just to keep busy. Good as it was to stay active, there came a time when she needed to go back to the empty house, if only to sleep and shower. More important, she had go home to phone Laci, so they could reach across the ether to caress and be caressed by each other’s voices.  

Karen shut down her computer. Slipping on her wool coat and her gloves, then grabbing her purse, she turned off all lights and armed the security system, then stepped into the night. 

It had been brutally cold ever since the blizzard, so chilly at night that taking a normal breath was painful. Making her way to the car as quickly as she dared through the iced-over parking lot, she scrambled inside, shoved the key into the ignition and started it. Karen stared in disbelief at the temperature display on the dash: five degrees below zero. “Shit,” she muttered. Another electric blanket night. Having her girl-lover sleeping alongside would have been so much nicer.

When Karen got home she hurried into the house, relieved that she’d had the foresight to leave the thermostat at 70. She hung up her coat and pulled her boots off before relaxing with a cigarette. That done, she busied herself with mundane chores to fill the hours until ten o’clock, when it would be time to call Laci.

Switching off the downstairs lights, Karen went upstairs to get ready for bed, her mind returning once again to the beautiful little nymph who had become her lover. It had been only a day and a half since she dropped Laci off, but it felt like weeks. 

As she undressed, Karen contemplated the way things had changed for her in such a brief few days. She was head over heels in love with a vulnerable thirteen-year-old girl, and coming to understand that she needed Laci to live with her, for the two of them to be together always. Even these brief separations of a few days were increasingly painful to endure. 

Suddenly she remembered Adele and the partnership offer she made late last summer; perhaps it still stood. That would be a great way of getting the two of them out of town, away from Laci’s beast of a mother and into a whole new life. She admonished herself to stop dilly-dallying and call Adele. 

Karen spat toothpaste foam into the sink and rinsed. It was quarter of ten, almost time. She slipped a short flannel nightie on over her naked body and padded off to the bedroom. Clicking on the electric blanket, she lit one final cigarette, then pulled an outfit from the closet for tomorrow. In spite of the continued cold weather, she decided on a skirt for easy access. She’d halfheartedly tried to masturbate in her office that afternoon, but the pants suit she wore made it too difficult to attempt with any sense of discretion.

Her cigarette finished, Karen crushed the butt in the bedside ashtray, then slid under the warmed sheets, portable phone clutched tightly in her hand. Her heart began to accelerate, fingers trembling as she punched Laci’s cellphone number.

Laci answered on the first ring, her voice tense yet relieved. “Hi, Karen! Oh God, I miss you!”

A wave of dizziness washed over Karen, as if she were about to faint. “Oh baby girl, my little love!” she whimpered. “I miss you too. I love you.”

“I love you too! I wish you could hold me.”

Karen sighed. “I need to hold you, too. Soon, honey girl, I promise. I’ll hold you and kiss you and make love to you. You’re my beautiful, sexy sweetheart.”

Laci’s smile came through in her voice. “Not as beautiful and sexy as you.”

Karen relaxed and closed her eyes. “I’ll take your word for it, but I think you’re deluded,” she teased. Then, “So, how’s school? What are you studying?”

“It’s okay, I guess,” Laci said. “Let’s see. In English, we’re learning to break apart sentences into clauses and stuff, and how to use punctuation. Oh! I got my vocabulary quiz back and I got a hundred on it!” The pride in her voice beamed through. 

“Excellent, baby! I knew you’d do it! You’re not only sexy, you’re extremely smart, too. It would be a shame to waste your intelligence. We’re going to find your natural talent, and then I’ll make sure you have the chance to run with it.”

“You think I do? Have a natural talent, I mean?”

“Of course you do.”

“I like art class a lot, it’s my favorite. And I like English. Wow, I never knew I’d enjoy reading and stuff!”

“Maybe you’ll be an artist. Or a writer. Whatever it is, I’ll make sure you have the chance to work at it.”

“I won’t let you down.”

“Oh sweetie, I know you won’t. So… what are you doing right now?”

A tinkling little laugh. “Talkin’ to you.”

“I mean beside that,” Karen smiled, her voice low and seductive. 

Laci said softly. “Not much. Touching myself a little.”

“Only a little?” Karen teased.

Karen could hear Laci’s smile. “Yeah, just a little. It feels nice. Not to make myself come or anything, just ‘cause it feels nice to hear your voice. Should I do it harder?”

“If you want to. We can just talk for now. Whatever feels right, kitten.”

“Are you touching yourself, too?”

“Of course. It’s impossible not to when I’m talking to you.” Indeed, Karen was trailing the tips of her fingers up and down the cleft of her sex. “I’m not doing it to make myself come, either. Sometimes I just caress myself because it feels good and relaxing. I don’t need to get off every time.”

“Are you at home or still at work? Did you work late again tonight?” Laci asked, taking a slightly scolding tone.

“I’m home, but yes,” Karen admitted. “I worked until eighty-thirty, nine o’clock.”

“Why do you work so much? It can’t be good for you.” 

Karen chuckled at Laci’s gentle reproach. “There’s a lot to be done, honey. Besides, it helps to keep me from thinking about you too much. If I do it drives me crazy.”

Laci sighed. “Yeah. Friday seems, like, forever away.”

“How are things at the apartment?" Karen refused to call where Laci lived ‘home.’ "Are you being left alone?”

“I had a fight with my mother tonight,” Laci said casually.

“What?” Karen said, perking up. “About what? How bad?”

“Oh, the usual, she hates me and blames me for all the problems in her shitty life. She screamed at me, I screamed at her, I got wicked mad. It started when she figured out I took that forty dollars of drug money to take the taxi to your house. It wasn’t the worst fight we ever had. She’s passed out now – I think. Bet she won’t even remember it tomorrow.”

“God damn it,” Karen hissed. “Are you okay? Are you safe, at least?”

“Oh yeah,” Laci said casually. “It’s not that bad, she isn’t gonna try to, like, stab me or anything. She’s just a nasty, gross bitch. We fight like that all the time.”

There was an unpleasant knot in Karen’s stomach. “Damn, honey,” she muttered. “You say that like it’s normal, but believe me, it isn’t.” She sat up and reached for her cigarettes. Stress, enough stress for half a dozen women. Hardly aware that she was about to say it, Karen blurted, “Laci, honey girl, I need to see you tomorrow or I’ll lose my mind.”

“Tomorrow?” Laci’s voice rose excitedly. “Oh Karen! Do you mean it?” She popped up like a startled cat, all thought of masturbating gone.

“I can’t go another day not seeing you. And it makes me sick to think of you… there. Alone.”

“Oh Karen,” Laci moaned. “I need to see you too, m-more than anything!”

“Okay, kitten. Here’s what we’ll do. I’ll take a supper break at five when everyone else leaves the office, and come pick you up then. We can at least have a couple of hours together.”

“I wish it could be more.”

“We’ll have the whole weekend together, at least.”

“I wish it could be more than a weekend. Like for always.”

Karen smiled. She understood that feeling. “Soon, Laci love. I promised we’d be together, and I keep my promises.”

Laci was perched on the library steps in the dim glow of the streetlight when Karen pulled up. The girl’s heart leapt in her chest, and she found herself bouncing on her toes like a little kid at the circus. Clapping her mittened hands, she grabbed her back pack and scampered to the car. The very sight of her grownup lover made Laci’s head spin. 

She opened the car door and practically dove inside. “Karen,” she whimpered. "Oh, Karen!"

Karen leaned over and cupped Laci’s face in her trembling hands. A soft, trembling moan escaped her just before she kissed the wide-eyed child. Their parted lips pressed together, tongues meeting in a dance of love. Laci’s pulse hammered in her head as she squirmed, trying to push herself into the warmth and safety of her lover’s embrace.

It caused Laci actual pain when Karen broke their kiss. She bunched her fists in frustration while her insides screamed, desperate for more.

“I know baby,” Karen said, still holding Laci’s face in her palms. “I need you, too. But not here.”

Laci slumped back, staring blankly at the roof of the car. She whispered, “I know, I know. But I want you so bad!” she cried, turning to gaze pleadingly at Karen.

“Let’s go where we can hold each other.” Karen shifted the car into drive and pulled out.

“It’s not fair,” Laci proclaimed. “We can’t kiss, even though we’re in love! It’s not fair!”

Karen reached over to give Laci’s thigh a reassuring squeeze. “No kitten, it’s not fair. We don’t make the rules. But we’ll make do however we have to. One way or another, we’ll be lovers.”

“I know, but it still sucks.” Laci buckled in with a sigh, and looked over at Karen with a sad smile. “Can I have a cigarette?”

“You know you don’t have to ask.”

Laci took a cigarette, lit it, and had a drag before handing it to Karen. “Where are we going, by the way? To your office?”

“Yup. Is that okay with you?”

Laci laughed. “I wouldn’t care if we were in the back of a parking lot, as long as we can be together… at least for a while.”

“How did school go today?” Karen squeezed Laci’s thigh again.

“Good, really good. The art teacher told me I had a, a knack for understanding colors and how they work together,” Laci proudly announced.

“Yeah, I can see that. From the way you dress, and how you do your make-up.” Karen wheeled the car, tires squeaking on the frigid, dry snow, into her parking spot outside the office. “Here we are. Now let’s get inside before we freeze our tushies off.”

It was even colder than when Karen had left the office half an hour ago, and she shivered as she disarmed the security system and led Laci inside. “My office is over here,” Karen said, taking the girl’s hand in hers. She flicked on the lights.

Laci looked around. “Wow,” she said. “Pretty cool.” The office was simple, though hardly spartan. Karen’s large oaken desk was in the middle of the comfortable room, flanked by chairs for the clients. Laci shrugged off her jacket, and Karen hung it on the back of the door. “No one else is here?”

Karen removed her own coat, draping it over Laci’s. “No, honey, just you and me. Now… where were we?”

Smiling, they came together in a deep embrace. Karen swayed with Laci in her arms, her nose buried in the girl’s hair, drinking in the fresh, clean scent. “Oh God, these last two days were the longest of my life!” Karen groaned.

“I wish I never had to leave you," murmured Laci. "It feels so good and warm when you hold me.”

Karen’s eyes drifted shut as she rested her cheek on top of Laci’s head, breathing in the sweet scent of her lover’s hair. Yes, Laci was right – it felt warm and lovely in their shared embrace. 

She allowed her arms to slacken and, when Laci looked up, kissed the girl. Laci responded immediately, her tongue darting into Karen’s mouth, and their kiss grew deep and passionate. Laci rose up on her toes to wrap her arms around Karen’s neck while Karen slid her hands down to cup Laci’s taut butt, pulling her even closer. Their tongues sparred and tangled in a loving dance that sent a delicious shudder through Karen’s frame.

Gently breaking their kiss, Karen gazed down at the young girl’s upturned face. Was it possible for anyone to be more achingly beautiful and desirable then this angelic nymph? “You kiss so beautifully, little one,” she murmured.

With an adoring smile, Laci went up on tiptoe again, pressing her parted lips against Karen’s mouth - and once more, the two lovers swapped tongues back and forth, this time lacing their fingers, doing a little dance with their hands until they broke apart, giggling. Karen moved to kiss Laci again, but the girl playfully moved her head back, making Karen pursue her. “Naughty girl,” Karen whispered into Laci’s mouth as their lips met. “Teasing me like that.”

With a glad sigh, Laci accepted Karen’s tongue. Leaning back against the desk, Karen slipped a thigh between the girl’s legs, pressing it firmly against her mound. Laci gasped with pleasure at the sensation and began to rock her hips, riding her older lover’s thigh like she might a bicycle seat, her body moving restlessly to an inner rhythm. 

The fact that Laci was dressed at that moment seemed maddening to Karen. She burned to have the girl naked, to feel her lover’s creamy skin, but the clothes stood in the way. 

Laci felt a wet patch form in the crotch of her jeans as she ground against Karen’s leg with a growing urgency, her breaths growing ragged. 

Feeling a crazed impulse to take Laci by force, sensing it would excite her, Karen buried her hand in the twelve-year-old’s hair, taking a fistful of her honey-colored tresses and slowly pulling her head back. Laci’s cheeks were flushed, her eyes glazed with lust. Karen crushed her mouth to the girl’s in a hard French kiss, tongue-fucking her. With a moan, Laci relaxed in Karen’s arms, letting the older woman possess her however she wanted.

Breaking their kiss, Karen roughly seized Laci by the hips, grinding hard against her young lover’s mound, a choked cry escaping the preteen’s lips with each thrust. Finally, unable to wait for even one more second, Karen pushed Laci away, her hands fumbling with the button on the girl’s jeans, wrenching them open with a sharp tug. 

“Yes!” Laci croaked. She thrust her pelvis forward. “Th-that’s what I need. Take my pants off, Karen. I wanna be naked for you…”

Instead, Karen thrust a hand into Laci’s panties, wriggling down into into the tightness between the girl’s vulva and the crotch of her jeans. Laci was hot and damp, and her body jerked at her lover’s firm grasp. Cupping Laci’s sex, Karen used her fingers to pry Laci’s labia apart, already slippery with thick nectar. 

“Ohhh, yes, like that,” Laci whimpered.

“Oh, my baby… you are so wet, so fucking hot!” Karen nudged her fingers further down to moisten them, then smeared the fluid over the girl’s bare vulva. 

Laci squirmed and panted, thrusting her pelvis against Karen’s hand and her assertive touches, crying out loud when two fingers found her clitoris. Karen buried her face in the crook of Laci’s sweaty neck, nipping lightly at the soft skin while she fondled the nub of Laci’s clit. 

Arching her back, Laci clasped her hands around Karen’s neck to hold herself up. Her mound throbbed violently, a hot core that seemed to pulse in time with her pounding heart. “Oohhh, Karen!” she cried, the words spilling out without a conscious thought. “Oh M-Mommy yes, that feels so, s-so—"

But Karen suddenly withdrew her hand from Laci’s pants, leaving a stunned Laci to cry out, “Oh no, Karen, please…” her face contorted in frustration.

Karen had heard Laci call her "Mommy," but the word had failed to register in the heat of the moment. Now she took a clumsy step backward to stare hungrily at her young lover, still perched on the edge of her desk. “You know how I want you,” the woman said, her voice low and demanding. “You know exactly how I want you, child.”

With that, Karen placed a hand upon Laci’s chest and pushed, firmly nudging the girl backwards until she lay sprawled atop the desk. An awed Laci gazed up at her lover, eyes wide and eager, lips parted in mixed excitement and anticipation. She didn’t want Karen to be gentle, not right then. Karen had called her a naughty girl, and naughty girls needed to be handled firmly.

Karen grasped the heels of Laci’s boots and yanked them off, casting them aside to hit the floor with twin thunks. Then she grasped Laci’s jeans and panties and drew them down to the girl’s ankles and over her feet in a single steady tug, Laci lifting her butt to assist. 

Now nude from the waist down, Laci tossed her hair back, breathing hard and tense with desire as she spread her legs wide apart for Karen. Her pussy and inner thighs glistened in the fluorescent lights, the delicate channel of her labia flushed and swollen. Propping herself up on one elbow, she began to masturbate, eyes still fastened on those of her grownup lover. “Fuck me, Karen," she whispered hoarsely. "Do whatever you want to me… I’m ready!”

The sight of the beautiful young girl openly fondling her cunt, offering herself up as if she were a possession to be given away… it drove Karen wild. She knew that, as little as a week ago, Laci wouldn’t have dreamed of being so deliciously brazen. 

Her own cunt was on fire, gone from sticky-wet to dripping; thighs moist, her panties a lost cause. “Oh, shit, Laci!” she gasped. “Are you trying to drive me crazy?”

Laci only laughed shakily and rubbed herself even harder. “Oooohhhhh yes!” 

Dropping to her knees between Laci’s legs, Karen pushed the girl’s hand aside, feasting her eyes on the wondrous sight. Laci’s sex was glistening with wetness; the scent of her rich and thick. The girl’s clit was exposed, engorged, crying for attention. Karen gave the tiny nub just that, firmly tapping it with her fingers a few times, each tap making Laci shudder and squeal. 

Taking a deep breath, Karen moistened her lips. This was it – the prize she’d been dreaming of for days, obsessing on each and every night…

Delicately spreading the smooth sex open with two fingers, Karen buried her face between the young girl’s thighs to claim her love’s treasure, humming joyously as she licked and sucked at Laci’s cunt. She probed the still-ripening folds with her tongue and poked the tip at Laci’s piss hole, coaxing a fresh welling of nectar from the whimpering girl.

Laci draped her legs over Karen’s shoulders, tilting her pelvis toward her lover’s busy mouth as her fingers entangled themselves in Karen’s hair. Despite the intensity of the pleasure she felt, Laci fought the urge to close her eyes; watching Karen blissfully wallow in her sex added another level of sensory delight to the experience. Oh, how wonderful it felt… so, so wonderful!

Karen used her thumbs to hold the young girl’s slit open, massaging her larger outer labial ridges as she licked inside the exposed flower until Laci was quivering in ecstasy. Then Karen shifted her focus to Laci’s clitoral hood, taking between her lips to suckle and flick her tongue over the girl’s exquisitely tender bud. 

Her body suddenly becoming tense, Laci let out a growl-like cry as she came. Her vaginal muscles throbbed and spasmed as delicious orgasmic waves washed over her.

These surges rolled on and on; not sharp and intense, but like swells on the open ocean, each swell causing her vagina to tense and release. It seemed as if she could enjoy these sensations forever but, lovely as it was, this gentle rapture had to end. Yet Laci wasn’t spent, not even close, when Karen kissed a path up to her pubis, the girl’s sex still tingling from the pleasure she’d been given.

“Oh, Karen,” she whimpered. “Oh my God! It just gets better every time!”

Rising to her feet, Karen smiled down at her girl-lover, her hands cradling Laci’s hips. “I could lick you all night long, baby girl,” she sighed happily.

Laci was eagerly receptive when Karen bent to kiss her, with lips moist from her cunt. The young teen licked at the woman’s wet chin as her arms twined around her grownup lover’s neck. She smiled joyously, all but glowing with adoration.

Karen gently helped her sit up, then held Laci’s face in her hands so they could continue kissing, their tongues twirling together. “My turn,” Karen purred as she broke away. “My pussy needs love, too. Tasting you and making you come… oh, angel, it gets me dripping hot.”

Karen kicked her ankle boots off while Laci slid off the desk. They brought their mouths together in yet another kiss while both were tugging at Karen’s pants, working them down to her feet. Finally Karen kicked them aside, and Laci wasted no time dropping to her knees.

In her heat, Karen marveled at the fact that she and Laci were fucking right in her office. A week ago, even dreaming of such a thing was… unimaginable. Yet here they were, doing exactly that. Karen’s body tensed slightly as she waited for her preteen lover to send her into orbit.

Karen’s panties were visibly wet, and Laci took a moment to breathe in the rich aroma of her love partner’s musk. Hooking her fingers in the waistband of Karen’s panties with a smile, she slowly, teasingly worked them down inch by inch. 

Karen groaned. “God damn it, Laci! Don’t torture me.”

Laci giggled, delighted to see that her adored lover wanted this so badly, knowing at the same time that her own need to taste Karen was every bit as strong. As she tugged the silken panties down to Karen’s ankles, the woman stepped out of her underwear and stood with legs spread. Her breathing was deep and heavy. With trembling hands, Karen used two fingers to spread herself open, wanting Laci to see and know every part of her cunt.

The girl stared hungrily at the fiery pink flesh inside Karen’s vagina for a couple of heartbeats, then wrapped both arms around the older woman’s ass as she moved in to take her first lick, drawing the flat of her tongue up and over the exposed slit, ending with a flick against Karen’s clit. Karen yipped as Laci licked her the same way a second time, then seized handfuls of Laci’s hair, thrusting her pelvis into the girl’s face. “Don’t stop, baby… don’t stop, oh no don’t you fucking stop!”

Laci trailed her tongue over Karen’s opalescent bud, sucked it into her mouth, nursed at it, humming with delight as she pleasured her lover. 

Karen struggled to hold back her orgasm, wanting to bask in this lovely feeling forever, but it was no use. Relentless waves of ecstasy suddenly washed over her, and she let out her held breath in a choked scream. Head spinning crazily, she had to lean back against the desk, gripping its edge to support herself. “Oh fuck, Laci! Oh G-god, yes! Oh, oh, oh, ohhhh baby!”

Gazing up at Karen as she panted for breath in the aftermath of her climax, Laci smothered Karen’s vulva with gentle kisses, then moved upward, burying her face in the woman’s tummy, nuzzling its softness. Karen was utterly dazed and shaky on her feet, and her face gleamed with sweat. They made a rare sight… a woman and a young girl, both naked from the waist down, their upper bodies fully clothed, embracing as though they were holding each other up.

At last, Karen guided them both over to her chair and whispered, “Sit with me.”

Laci crawled into Karen’s lap and curled up there, feeling a sudden need to be held like a little girl. The glow of her arousal slowly drained away, leaving Laci filled with sudden anguish. By the clock on the office wall, it was eight-thirty, and that meant they would have to leave each other soon. In that most vulnerable time, just after their loving, the child’s emotions were dangerously close to the surface. Tears suddenly welled up in Laci’s eyes, and she began to sniffle.

Karen frowned. “Baby love, what’s the matter? Why the tears?”

“Because I love you and I don’t wanna leave," Laci sobbed. "I don’t w-wanna go back there. I w-w-wanna stay with you.” 

Karen rocked Laci, stroking the girl’s hair as if she were petting a cat. How could she possibly separate herself from Laci tonight? The answer was simple: she couldn’t. 

“Don’t cry, baby. Shhhh… don’t worry. You’re not going back there to that awful woman. On a night like this, we belong together.” She kissed the top of Laci’s head. "You’re staying with me tonight."

Laci looked up, startled. “I am?”

Karen nodded quickly. “Uh huh… you sure are, angel.”

The tearful girl half-sighed, half-groaned, and sank into Karen. The sense of elation and pure relief was palpable, almost like the feeling she got from the first hit on a joint. She wiped at her face with the back of her hand, wanting to Karen see how happy she was. 

Karen put the car stereo on, its radio tuned to a familiar pop station. It played the kinds of music Laci liked best – perky, danceable, familiar; the kind of songs she and Amy would listen to for hours on end. 

As Karen held the wheel with one hand. Laci took the other between both of hers and brought it to her lips. She kissed it, caressed her face with it, nuzzled the tender palm. She couldn’t keep herself from saying the words again, no matter how many times Karen had already heard them. “I love you,” Laci whispered hoarsely. "I love you, Karen."

By the time they reached Karen’s home and stepped into the warmth of the darkened house, Laci’s tears of relief had passed. She had settled back to her usual sweet playfulness, and was already eager to make love again. The pulsing knot in her sex had returned, and her heart skittered with excitement. 

Karen hung their coats up, and Laci impulsively scampered up to her lover and hugged her from behind. Rubbing her cheek against Karen’s back, she slid her hands up to squeeze the woman’s mature breasts through her blouse, then stood on her tippy-toes to kiss the back of her neck and nibble at her ear.

Karen sighed blissfully a shiver rippling through her as she scrunched her shoulders. “You’re feeling frisky tonight,” she said with an amused titter.

“You make me feel all hot an’ sexy inside,” Laci purred.

Karen twisted around to face her delectable lover. “You are so beautiful,” she said, her eyes flickering over the girl’s smiling face. They came together in a playful yet powerful kiss. Moaning with refreshed sexual hunger, eyes closed, they snaked their tongues back and forth. At last, Karen pulled back and, nuzzling Laci’s cheek and neck, whispered “Let’s go upstairs to bed.”

Laci smiled impishly. Suddenly, she slipped from Karen’s embrace. “Race you!” she cried gleefully and scampered for the stairs, her boots clacking on the floor. Karen laughed and set off after her, though she wasn’t nearly as agile as the teen.

Laci reached the top of the stairs well ahead of Karen. “Can’t catch me! Nyah, nyah,” and stuck her tongue out. She waited until Karen was two steps from the top before darting for the bedroom. Beside herself with laughter, strangely turned on by Laci’s childish game, Karen ran close behind, careful to catch the girl only when they were at the bed.

Seizing Laci, Karen wrestled her to the bed, growling like a playful cougar. Laci squealed with glee and squirmed in the older woman’s arms. Pushing her down, Karen straddled the giggling preteen on all fours. “You naughty, naughty girl!” she said. “Making me work for my loving!”

Laci’s playful eyes sparkled like dark emeralds. Her nostrils flared, a small smile playing on her lips as she gazed up at Karen. She flung her arms around her lover’s neck, drawing her down for a kiss, thrusting her tongue into Karen’s mouth. 

“Oh my,” Karen said softly, finally breaking away. “We’re a feisty little kitten tonight, aren’t we?”

“I like being naughty. It makes me hot. Makes you hot, too. I can tell.”

Karen dipped down to briefly flick her tongue between Laci’s parted lips. “You sure do,” she cooed. “Now I guess I have to fuck you, since you’re making my pussy all dripping wet.”

“It’s sexy when you talk naughty like that. You should fuck me for being a bad girl. That’s what I totally wanna be for you, Karen.”

“We need to get naked,” Karen whispered in Laci’s ear. “Come, sit up.”

They struggled upright and tugged at their clothes, peeling them off layer by layer and casting them carelessly to the floor. They pulled each other’s boots off, then took turns tugging their pants down. 

Once they were down to their underwear, Karen rose. “I’m going to go get our nighties first, so we don’t have to get up after. We’re going to need them tonight.”

Laci pouted. “Well, hurry up.” Her lips curled into an puckish smile. “I’m ready to play right now.”

Karen kissed Laci firmly. “Finish undressing. I want you bare-ass naked when I get back.”

She padded to the bathroom, stripping off her bra and tossing it aside, then grabbed her own nightie and the one Laci used over the weekend from the hook on the back of the door. She balanced on one foot to strip off her panties, kicking them away. Karen’s heart was jackhammering in her chest, a taut sense of urgency gripping her. This new aggressiveness of Laci’s was breathtakingly exciting. So sweet, yet so wanton, Laci’s passion emanated from her like heat from a radiator.  Best of all, the girl was only just starting to understand and tap into her own sexuality. It was only the beginning of their relationship as lovers, and the very idea that it was only going to get better made Karen weak-kneed.

She was about to receive her next delightful surprise.

When she got back to the bedroom with their nightwear, Laci was propped up on the pillows with her legs splayed out, vigorously masturbating. Her eyes were at half-mast, lips parted. She worked her smooth sex with two fingers, stroking her wet slit, then probing inside her vagina before extracting her fingers to smear fresh honey over her mound. She manipulated her clit with enthusiasm; up and down and in circles, dipping back down occasionally to lubricate her fingers. Clearly, when it came to sexuality, Laci’s naivete was a thing of the past.

Karen was rooted to the spot, staring in surprise and awe at her girl lover. This was different from their sex games from earlier, back at the office. Now Laci was being deliberately provocative. The sight of the young girl masturbating so intently sent a rush of heat through Karen’s body that left her feeling shaky and fuzzy when, in that split second, the memory of hearing Laci masturbate in Amy’s room that Sunday just a few weeks earlier came roaring back. Now the girl was fondling herself yet again – only this time, Karen would get to watch as well as listen.

“I couldn’t wait,” Laci moaned, with a quick half-shrug. Her small but sultry smile belied any innocence, but the arousal in her eyes was genuine.

Carelessly dropping the nighties she held to the floor, Karen quickly climbed on the bed. “Don’t stop!” she demanded, straddling the girl on all fours. 

Laci gazed up at Karen, her fingers rapidly skating up and down her slit, the wet, squishy sounds of her pleasure mingling with the sharp stabs of Laci’s quickening breath and the occasional whimper. With a sudden cry, her hips rose up and she stiffened. “Ooohhhh, Karen!” she mewled.

“Keep going, don’t stop,” Karen hissed as Laci’s first orgasm rippled through her writhing body. Karen’s own sex throbbed hotly, already leaking the nectar of her arousal. She could already feel warm fluid moistening her inner thighs.

Hovering over the masturbating girl, Karen slipped a hand between her legs and began her own frantic self-exploration. Lying down by Laci’s side, she kissed her young lover greedily. Their tongues grappled and tangled while they fingered themselves. 

It was lovely, taking pleasure this way, but Karen suddenly wanted more. She wanted to be the one to make Laci come. Something especially hot, that they hadn’t yet tried… 

The answer came in a flash. Karen wanted to laugh in delight at how perfect an idea it was. Instead, she withdrew her hand from between her legs and reached out to grab Laci’s wrist, putting a stop to the girl’s masturbation. She instinctively knew from Laci’s movements and cries that her little lover was right at the precipice.

“Ooohhhh!” Laci gasped in surprise and frustration. “Karennnn! Don’t make me stop,” she cried.

Karen, breathing hard, smiled wickedly at the frustrated preteen. “Bad girl…” she growled softly before kissing Laci hard. 

Laci squirmed, still at the tantalizing verge of orgasm. It was a feeling that was at once agonizing and wonderful. “Please!” she whimpered. "Please let me c-come, Karen…"

“Bad girl,” Karen repeated, “starting without me. You don’t think I’m going to let you come that easily, do you?” She brought Laci’s hand to her lips and sucked the girl’s fingers into her mouth, then licked them like a Popsicle. “Mmmmmm,” she purred. “You taste good.”

Every nerve in Laci’s body seemed to crackle and hiss. Karen’s teasing seemed to drive her need even higher, making her even more desperate for release. “Karen, please…” she whimpered.

Staring deep into the young girl’s pleading eyes, Karen murmured, “Are you ready for me to fuck you, then?”

“Yes!” Laci cried. “P-please!”

“Please what?”

“Please fuck me! Make me come!”

Releasing Laci’s hand, Karen swiveled her body around on the bed, positioning herself between the girl’s thighs. She grasped Laci’s ankle, then raised her leg, spreading her lover open. Laci gaped at Karen in utter incomprehension while the woman slid toward her, until their sexes were nearly touching. Then, panting for breath, sensing the nearness of her own climax, Karen forced her mound against Laci’s. Karen doubted that the twelve-year-old had any idea of what tribbing was, but suspected that she would immediately understand how to respond.

"Ooooohh!" Lacy squealed, startled by what Karen was doing; astonished at how good it felt. "Wha-what are y-you – ohhh!"

Karen rolled her hips and twisted her body, trying to get the best contact possible. Their slits met, pressed together, and opened to kiss each other. “Rub against me!” Karen blurted.

Laci caught on quickly, just as Karen had hoped, instinctively moving herself so they could grind together, labia to labia, slit to slit. The hot, moist friction they generated, their clits occasionally meeting in a blinding rush of ecstasy, left them both gasping and crying out. Their dripping sexes squished wetly as Karen pressed harder, thrusting herself against Laci. Only barely aware of it, the two lovers were moving as a unit, fucking one another in a mutual rhythm until …..

They came together. For Karen, there was a brief moment where she seemed to be hovering weightlessly, as though she’d swung out on a rope hanging above a pool of water and released it without dropping, suspended motionless in midair. Then she was grinding even more frantically against Laci, sensing her young lover’s orgasm feeding on and driving hers. 

When the waves finally subsided, the woman and the girl were both panting as if from a race. Their bodies were glistening wet from their lower tummies to their thighs, pussies still engorged and open, lightly touching. 

Disengaging herself, Laci moved to embrace her grownup lover, wrapping both arms around Karen’s neck, giggling crazily. In a tangle of bodies and legs, they rolled about together on the bed. Laci didn’t try to contain her delight, laughing with breathless elation. “Karen! How did you know to do that? I never even heard of such a thing! And you can come from doing it, too!”

Karen joined in Laci’s giddy laughter. “Oh, baby love," she replied. There is soooo much you don’t know about yet… and I’m going to love every minute of teaching it to you.” She kissed Laci tenderly, then relaxed with the sweaty young girl in her arms. 

Smiling, bodies entwined, Karen and Laci shared whispered vows of love and devotion in the dim light of the bedside lamp, pausing occasionally for kisses.