Chapter 5: Bunny Rabbits and Teddy Bears

For my wife: my best friend, my lover, my greatest fan, and the Angel who gave me shelter from the storm.
Ma belle femme, je vous aime les régions profondes de mon coeur, maintenant et pour toujours
.... I Love You! Your Adoring Tori
There is no dark side of the moon
As a matter of fact, it’s all dark.
Pink Floyd
The heart that has truly loved never forgets,
But as truly loves on to the close;
As the sunflower turns on her god when he sets
The same  look that she turned when he rose,”
Thomas Moore

The hands on the clock inched ever so slowly toward five. Karen could not concentrate on work, her mind churning with thoughts of what she planned to do to Laci when she got the girl home that night. The warm knot in her pussy tightened, squeezing out a trickle of nectar. The vision of Laci lying back with her legs spread, exposing her tiny, exquisite sex, made Karen’s breath catch in an audible gasp. Seated in her chair, she crossed her legs and jiggled them, sending warm ripples through her mid-section. She imagined herself frantically kissing Laci’s delectable mouth while the child eagerly thrust her fingers deep into Karen’s dripping cunt…

Suddenly, “I’m sorry to drag you out of LaLaLand, but…”

Karen flinched, startled out of her heated reverie by the voice of Marcie, the office secretary. “Oh! Marcie!" she blurted. "Sorry. I was d-daydreaming.” Christ, I was just about to come, too. I hope to God I didn’t say anything out loud.

“Yeah, I could tell. Friday afternoons are good for that. Anything earthshaking?”

Karen composed herself. “Just woolgathering, I’m afraid.”

Marcie smirked. “You need a date, woman. Unfortunately, I don’t know any eligible ladies or I’d play Cupid.”

Karen smiled wanly. “Thanks, Marcie.” 

She trembled inside as Marcie laid out papers for her to peruse, only half-listening to her secretary’s words. Did Marcie have any idea how wet her pussy was, or how close her boss had been to coming when she entered the office? Luckily, no - it seemed that Karen had ducked a bullet. This time, anyhow. 

After Marcie left, it was all but impossible for Karen to concentrate. She kept trying to push these fantasies of Laci out of her head, with little success. Karen knew she had to get out of the office, and soon. Otherwise, it would surely be just a matter of time before Marcie caught her with a hand shoved down in her pants, fingering herself to orgasm.

Suddenly, an idea popped into her head, totally unexpected yet instantly clear. Please be there, please, I can’t wait ‘til next week.Karen felt an immediate a rush of excitement as she pawed through the desk drawer until she found her old-fashioned Rolodex, flipping it around to the card she wanted. Snatching the phone from its cradle, she stabbed at its touch pad.

A young woman’s voice answered, “Coastal Properties Limited… this is Ashley, how may I help you.”

“Hi Ashley, I’m Karen Nelson from the Perham Agency in Williamston. Could I speak with Adele, please?”

“She may be with a client now,” Ashley dutifully stalled. “You said your name is Karen Nelson?”


“I’ll see if she’s available. Hold, please.” A click followed by tinny elevator music. Karen restlessly swiveled her chair side to side as she waited. 

In less than a minute, a firm, rich voice rolled out, “Karen! It’s about time! I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to call me.”

“Hi, Adele. Yeah, well you know things have been a little… crazy on my end.”

“How have things been down there?”

“We had that damned blizzard, I was snowed in until Tuesday.”

“Yeah, I heard you got hit hard downstate. It wasn’t so bad here. So, tell me… are you seeing anyone?”

Karen smirked. She’d fucked Adele often enough to know of her taste for younger women. “As a matter of fact, I am,” she said coyly.

“Is it serious?”

“Yeah, it’s getting that way. No, scratch that – it’s the real thing.”

“Good for you. Am I going to get to meet her?”

“I certainly hope so. What about you?”

“Oh, you know me, I like to play. The lovely young lady answering the phone isn’t just a secretary.”

Karen laughed. “I would have been surprised if she was.”

“So what’s up today, sweetie? Business, or did you just miss my bright, sunshiny voice?”

“Well, you’ve been after me to come up for a visit, and after that blizzard, I really need to get away from here for a while, so…”

Adele chuckled. “I’d love to have you come up. But Karen, let’s be honest, it’s almost February. People come up here for vacations in July, not during blizzard season. Do I sense something more than a mere mid-winter getaway…?”

“As cynical and perceptive as ever, aren’t you? Well, there is, but I don’t want to get into it on the phone. I think you’ll understand as soon as I walk in the door.”

“You’ve always been a tease, Karen. Fair enough. I assume you intend to bring your new lady friend… what’s her name?”


“Laci. What a lovely name.”

“A lovely name for a lovely… girl. But yes, she’ll be with me. I wouldn’t go without her.” Karen hoped Adele would pick up on her emphasis on the word “girl”.

“I’d love to meet the… girl who’s captured your heart. So, when would you like to come up?”

“Well, I need a couple of weeks to arrange my schedule. How about the week of February school vacation?”

“Excellent. How’s your girl Amy, by the way? It she still living with you?”

“Ummm… no,” Karen replied, in a tone that did not encourage pursuit of the question. “She’s with her father.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Adele said, but her voice hinted she was anything but. “So… that means no family commitments, right?”

“I guess it does simplify things. Listen, I’ve to get back to work. I’ll call you next week, and we’ll figure out the details, How’s that?”

“Sounds great, girlie. Talk to you then.”

Only a pinkish glimmer of light was visible along the western horizon when Laci left the library. She’d done the day’s homework there, lingering for as long as possible so as to avoid going back to the apartment. She scurried precariously along the uneven, icy sidewalks in her boots, school backpack dangling from her shoulder, reluctantly making her way to the squalid tenement.

She climbed the flight of stairs, then paused outside the door, listening. All she heard was the faint murmur of the TV. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door and stepped in. 

Her heart sank, and a little squirt of fear trickled through her body when she saw her mother’s boyfriend — what was his name?  Gerry, Gary? — sitting on the couch, taking a hit from a bong. She tried not to let her nervousness show.

“Hey gorgeous,” he said good-naturedly. “Wanna hit?”

He was gross, Laci thought. Gerry – that was his name, she suddenly recalled – was unwashed, lean and wiry, arms and bare torso bedecked with tattoos. He was probably her mother’s age, but who really knew? His buzz-cut and cocky posture screamed Wannabe-Bad-Ass. Laci knew first-hand he had no problem with slapping women around.

“No thanks,” Laci said flatly, picking her way through the trash-filled room. 

To her dismay, he rose from the couch, lazily scratching his belly as he followed her into the hallway. Her heart sped up, and a surge of adrenalin made her edgy and shaky. “What the fuck do you want?” she snapped.

“Your mother says you’re a little whore. Wanna make some money? Twenty bucks for a blow job right now, ‘fore your old lady gets back.”

Laci’s stomach heaved and her mouth went dry. “Fuck you,” she hissed. “Get the fuck away from me, scumbag.” She tried not to show fear, but could not disguise a tremor in her voice.

“Wassa matter, princess,” he sneered. “Think you’re too fuckin’ good for a real man? You like bangin’ your little school buddies instead?” 

Laci slid past him, desperately trying to avoid physical contact. Her flared nostrils caught the sour scent of his unwashed body. “Get outta my way,” she cried. 

Laci managed to scurry into her room, but Gerry stood at the threshold, keeping her from shutting the door. “Yeah, you think you’re a hot little bitch, don’tcha? Got all the little math nerd boys wanting to fuck you, but they don’t even have dicks yet – never will, either. You need a real cock in ya, babe. How ‘bout it?” He looked her over, a nasty leer curling his thin lips.

Laci set about quickly gathering her clothes, and stuffing them in her backpack. “Get the fuck outta my face!” she yelled, trying to seem unintimidated, but she instinctively knew bluff and bluster wouldn’t work with him, not like it did with her mother. 

“You ain’t just a hot little bitch, you’re ornery, too,” he grinned. “You give head? Your ol’ lady says you do. Offer’s there, twenty bucks, don’t even gotta take it on the face.”

“Fuck you, you gross pig.” Laci cried, grabbing her backpack. She felt trapped. Barge right through, she thought, bracing herself for the worst. “Get the fuck out my way, loser.” She was mildly surprised when he let her pass without resistance. 

He reached out and let a strand of Laci’s hair slide through his grimy fingers. “I know just how to deal with that kind a’ shitty attitude; I know how to make you smarten up. You oughta hang out and party with us later. Might learn a few useful skills.”

“Fuck you, asshole, you make me wanna puke.”

His oily smile never faltered. “I’ll get a little taste of you soon enough, and then you’ll smarten up, you’ll come ‘round.”

By then, Laci was at the door. Emboldened, she glared at him and yelled, “You’re an ugly, scumbag loser, ain’t a real woman who’d fuck you, so you take my skanky bitch-mother, the shit off the bottom of the barrel.” With that, she stormed out the door and hurried downstairs, not waiting to see what he’d do or say next. As she scampered out of the apartment, it occurred to her that at one time, living life like this was perfectly normal to her. 

Suddenly realizing that she’d left without her teddy bear, Laci grimaced. Sadly, it would have to wait. She wasn’t giving that dirt bag Gerry another chance to touch her.

The timing was perfect. Laci had no sooner stepped out of the apartment and reached the top of the stoop when her phone trilled. Laci’s relieved excitement immediately spiked as she fumbled with the phone. “Hi!” she blurted, her heart already racing in anticipation.

“Hi, honey-muffin,” Karen answered. “I’m just getting in the car. Are you ready?”

“Oh God, yes! I had to go to the apartment and get some stuff, and it totally sucked.”

Karen laughed. “So. Where should I pick you up?”

“I just left the building, so I’m right out front.”

“In front of the apartment? I don’t know, honey…” Karen hesitated. “A bit risky, don’t you think?”

Laci paused to think. “Okay, how about the store down to the corner? Then you don’t have to worry about me being safe.” 

Karen chuckled. “OK, kitten, much better. Be waiting. Five minutes.”

“I’ll be there.”

As she slipped the phone back into her pocket, Laci spied her mother approaching, half-staggering up the icy sidewalk, carrying plastic grocery bags – but it was safe to say that they didn’t hold groceries. Sure enough, as Sandra drew closer, Laci saw they held a 12-pack of cheap beer, and a half-gallon of low-end Coffee Brandy. Party time.

“Oh, it’s you," Sandra growled, “Where the fuck you goin’, whore? Off to give head for money?"

Laci gritted her teeth. “You make me sick. You just can’t help but be a total shithead, can you? I’m goin’ out, someplace a damn sight better than here. An’ y’know what? I fuckin’ hate you as much as you hate me.” 

“Have fun, slut.”

Seething with rage, Laci stepped around her mother and crossed the street, flinging a parting “Fuck you,” at her. She fought to calm her now jangling nerves as she gingerly made her way down to the well-lit neighborhood store. 

Various losers came and went, hauling their purchases of beer and smokes, and unabashedly ogling her as they passed. In the glow of the store’s lights, Laci made sure she had her toothbrush and small purse in her backpack. 

She hadn’t been there a minute when Karen pulled up. Laci jumped up and scurried to the car, her hands out to balance herself as she gingerly navigated her way around the trash that littered the parking lot.

When Laci slid into the warm car, she and Karen both gave deep sighs of relief at being together again. Karen leaned over, took Laci’s face in her hands, and kissed the girl again and again. Her kisses were wet and urgent, and she made growling noises in her throat with each one. Laci whimpered with delight, her tummy feeling as though kittens were inside, playing with balls of yarn. 

“Oh God,” Karen gasped, suddenly on the verge of tears. With some effort, she managed to pull herself together. Once again, the emotional rush she got from the sight of her little lover caught her by surprise with its intensity. 

“Karen,” Laci moaned, clutching almost desperately to the older woman. “I feel so… empty when I’m not with you.” She stared at her adult lover with pleading eyes.

Karen slowly nodded in agreement. “Yes, baby, that’s it exactly. Empty." She touched Laci’s cheek, giving the girl an adoring smile. "But now we’re back together again.”

“I feel better just being next to you. I wish we could, you know, kiss some more, but I know…”

Karen slumped back and sighed, “No kidding. We better get going now, before I strip you naked and have my way with you right here.”

"Oooohh, that sounds way hot. I wish we really could do something like that!"

"You and me both, sweetheart," Karen sighed. "It’s okay, though. We’ll be home soon enough."

“Are we going anywhere first, or straight home?” Laci asked.

“I thought we’d go out to eat before we head home. I’m famished.”

Laci shrugged. “Sounds good to me. Where?”

“I was thinking of Dantonio’s, in the old mill building. You familiar with it?”

“Yeah, I’ve heard of it, but I’ve never been.”

“It’s a nice place. I think you’ll like it there. So, young lady. Did you get all of your homework done at the library?”

“Most of it, there’s just some math I don’t get. Oh!” she said, perking up. “I almost forgot! I got an English test back – it’s in my backpack – one we took last week before the snow storm. Remember when I told you we were learning how to break sentences apart into clauses and stuff? That’s what it was on. And I got an A!” The pride in her voice was genuine.

Karen brightened up. “Really, baby? An A? That’s not an easy subject, either. Oh baby girl, I am so proud of you!”

Laci beamed with pride. “And you know what? The teacher wrote a note on top that said, ‘Excellent job, and keep up the great work!’ I’ll show it to you later.”

“You better believe you’re going to show me. I’m a lucky woman. Not only is my lover utterly gorgeous, she’s extremely smart, too.”

Laci’s heart swelled. She picked up Karen’s hand, pressing a kiss into her palm. “I love you so much, Karen,” she murmured.

Karen lightly brushed the ball of her thumb over Laci’s lips. “I love you too, kitten. You’re the best thing that’s happened to me in years.”

Rather than reply, Laci simply clutched Karen’s hand to her cheek, gently resting her head on the older woman’s shoulder. She’d lived so much of her life without receiving praise from anyone, and Karen’s affirming words filled her with genuine exhilaration. Was it any wonder that she adored Karen so fiercely? 

When they arrived at the restaurant, Karen managed to find a parking spot close to the entrance. Switching off the ignition, she leaned over and kissed Laci firmly, once, twice, three times, each kiss more passionate than the one a little harder. They both felt themselves skittering up to a line, but Karen stopped them. She sighed, their lips an inch apart, forehead to forehead. She shook her head slowly, and before Laci’s tongue was able to join in the fun, Karen abruptly pulled away and sighed, their foreheads still touching. She gave Laci a wistful smile, then placed one last feather-light kiss on her girl-lover’s lips. “Come on, let’s go inside before someone sees us making out, and I end up in jail.”

Laci furrowed her brow. “You couldn’t go to jail for kissing me and stuff, could you?”

Dammit, I don’t want to go down this road tonight,But I can’t start lying to her, either. Karen thought. “I’m not sure, baby… but I don’t really want to find out. Let’s not worry about things like that right now.”

“Well, I think it’s stupid,” the girl pouted. "I should get to kiss you if I want."

“Stupid or not, that’s the way the world turns. We don’t get to make the rules.”

A new and unpleasant bubble of fear settled in Laci’s midsection. Nothing seemed to make sense anymore. Karen could be arrested and sent to jail for loving her, yet her mother could despise her and have boyfriends who hit her up for blowjobs, and that was perfectly fine – that welfare check still came in every month, right on time. 

And Karen still loves me, even though she’s risking so much trouble with the police. Other unpleasant thoughts threatened to completely derail Laci’s mood, but she was experienced in pushing those feelings back down.  

“I still think it’s stupid,” she muttered.

The dashboard temperature display read seven above zero. God damn JanuarySomeday, Karen thought. An image stirred in Karen’s mind: the two them walking nude on a deserted Caribbean beach, holding hands, pausing to make love in the warm sand. , she promised herself.

There was something endearing about watching Laci awkwardly trying to navigate the icy ground in her boots. With her wrists bent, arms splayed out for balance and taking mincing steps, it was like watching a little girl trying to play at being a grownup. “Don’t fall,” Karen teased.

“It’s slippery!" squealed Laci. "Help me so I don’t.”

Karen took her young lover by the hand, resisting a sudden urge to draw Laci close and kiss her.

A young and extremely pretty hostess greeted them when they stepped inside. “Good evening, ladies. Two?”

“Yes, just the two of us,” Karen said, smiling at Laci.

“Would you prefer a booth or a table?”

“It doesn’t really matter. A table, if you have a place for us to hang our coats.”

“Yes ma’am, right there over by the entrance.”

Karen and Laci shrugged off their coats and hung them up. Laci inhaled deeply. The smell of garlic filled the air.

The hostess led them to a table just off the main floor. Laci looked around, taking everything in. The restaurant was in an old textile mill. Enormous, imposing wood beams spanned the ceiling, with floors burnished to a sheen, the surfaces worn smooth by a century of use. The lighting was soft and intimate. 

It’s a long way from McDonald’s, a thrilled Laci mused.

The hostess seemed to have picked up Laci’s jubilant mood. “Good evening, ladies,” she chirped, smiling brightly as she handed them menus. Laci pushed her hair back and smiled back at the hostess. “It’s good to have you with us tonight. My name is Denise, and your server tonight will be Darcy. Can I have her bring you something to drink?”

“Sure,” Karen said. “I’ll have an Evian.”

The hostess looked at Laci, noticing how beautiful the girl was. It also struck her that this young teen and her older companion seemed to be more than just friends. Somehow, she found the thought oddly arousing.

Laci frowned, not wanting to appear ignorant. She paused uncertainly, finally glancing shyly at Karen and said, “Karen? What’s ‘Evian’?”

The girl’s question made Karen smile with warm affection. “It’s a kind of fizzy water, honey. I don’t think you’d like it. You probably ought to stick to soda.”

Laci was relieved that Karen didn’t tease her. Turning back to Denise, she murmured, “I’ll have a Coke, I guess.” 

When the hostess left, Laci pushed her mane back from her face, still smiling bashfully. “I forgot to tell you something.”

“What’s that honey?” Karen said, resting her chin in her hand, gazing contentedly at her young lover.

“How beautiful you are. I love your hair like that, all curly and falling down around your face. It makes you look so pretty.”

“Oh, sweetie, thank you,” Karen said with honest delight. “That just about makes my day. You wouldn’t be trying to soften me up, would you?” she playfully teased.

Laci giggled. “I don’t think I need to soften you up.” 

Karen laughed. “Touché!” She couldn’t take her eyes from the girl, her need for Laci growing more acute with each passing minute.

“Seriously. I think you are so gorgeous and sexy. That outfit just fits you so well.”

“This?” Karen said, peering down at the simple, soft purple cowl-neck sweater and snug matching skirt she wore. “It’s just a business suit.”

Laci shrugged. “I love it, though. It makes you look… strong. I like that. A lot.”

“God, I could eat you up!” Karen whispered, desperately wanting to kiss her young lover.

Laci laughed her sweet teenage girl laugh, then cocked her head coquettishly. “Promise?”

The hostess wasn’t the only one who looked at the woman and girl and sensed that they were something more than friends. A woman two tables over glanced up and smiled at the sound of Laci’s trilling laugh .

“Speaking of eating, we’d better look at the menu instead of each other. Any idea what you want?”

Laci frowned at the menu, her face screwed up in concentration. “I’m not used to this kind of food. The writing’s all in Italian or something. About all I recognize is pizza and chicken fingers.”

“Ah, my innocent little love… I’m going to have to teach you the ways of the adult world. Trust me, everything here is good.”

“I’ve seen some of those cooking shows on TV,” Laci said, scrunching up her nose as she studied the menu. “Um, none of these words mean, like, stewed bunny rabbits or anything like that, do they?”

Karen laughed heartily. “Oh, sweet baby girl,” she smiled. “No, there aren’t any bunny rabbits on the menu, stewed or otherwise. How about we stick with something familiar and split a pizza? It isn’t like Domino’s pizza here, it’s a more grown-up pizza, but it’s awesome.”

Their waitress, every bit as pretty as the hostess, might have drawn Karen’s attention on some other occasion. She served them their drinks, then placed a basket of warm Parmesan-garlic bread knots on the table. “Good evening, ladies, my name is Darcy. These rolls are fresh out of the oven. Nice and warm for a cold night. So… have you decided on what you want, or do you need a few more minutes?”

Karen opened her bottle of Evian and carefully poured it into the tall glass. “We’ll split a large pizza,” she said, first looking at Darcy the server, then at Laci. “By the way, honey, what do you want on it?”

Laci looked at the list of choices and shrugged. “Anything’s OK with me, as long as there’s no anchovies… or bunny rabbits,” she added with a snicker.

The server peered at her with a puzzled smile. Karen laughed and said, “She’s just being bad. How about we keep it simple and just go with pepperoni.”

Darcy scribbled briefly in her notepad. “Any appetizer? Soup? Salad?”

“No, I think we’re all set,” Karen said. “Oh, wait. Can we swap out the garlic rolls for some plain ones? They smell yummy, but I don’t want garlic breath tonight.” 

“Not a problem,” Darcy murmured, arching an eyebrow. “Hot date later tonight?” 

“You could say that,” Karen smiled.

When the waitress left, Karen turned to Laci. “She’s very pretty, don’t you think?" she teased. "Yummy, even. Bet she’d be fun to play with.”

It took Laci a couple of heartbeats to realize that Karen was needling her. Her small frown became a naughty smile. “I wouldn’t let you play with her, though. Unless I could play, too.”

“Hmmm, I don’t know if I could handle two hot girls at once. I might break into a million pieces," Karen laughed. "I’ll be very happy just making love to you later. I’ve had all day to think of the naughty things I want to do with you when we get home.”

Laci giggled and, elbows on the table, hid behind her fists. “I thought of naughty things too, y’know. I was in the library dreaming ‘bout you, and I almost had to go to the bathroom.”

“Now you’re making me hot.” Karen fanned her face with her hand, making Laci titter again. “Like what? What naughty, sexy ideas has that lovely imagination of yours conjured up?”

“Oh, I’m not telling,” Laci chirped like a child playing I’ve-Got-a-Secret. “You’ll have to wait until, umm… till all our clothes are off!”

“Little tease.” Karen’s expression was relaxed, amused; inside she smoldered with a growing animal lust. “I am so going to hold you to that promise.”

As their waitress approached the table with their rolls and a small dish of fresh dipping oil, Laci giggled and hid her face again, feeling both embarrassed and exhilarated. Oh, they were being sooo bad, sooo naughty in public. Karen was making her blush and get all wet and squirmy in front of everyone, and Laci loved it!

“There you go, ladies,” Darcy said, placing the basket and dish on the table. 

Laci studied the server and had to struggle to keep from breaking out in fresh giggles. The young woman really was very pretty, with a slim body and long, soft hair piled on top of her head. Was Karen really attracted to the young woman? She thought, briefly, it would be something for three girls to do it together all at the same time. 

Shifting her attention to the bread basket, Laci picked up a warm roll, but was unsure of what to do with it. She peered from beneath her eyelashes at Karen to see what she did. Karen dipped her roll in the dish of olive oil, then took a bite. 

Laci hesitated, then decided Karen wouldn’t make fun of her for not knowing. “Are we supposed to dip these buns in the oil?”

Karen smiled, arching an eyebrow. “I’d dip your buns in oil any old day.”

It took a few seconds to grasp what Karen meant, then Laci broke into more snickers. “Karen! God, you’re so… so bad! You’re making me blush.” 

Laci was on top of the world. She loved Karen’s risqué teasing. In fact, she loved simply being in a real restaurant with her. She couldn’t begin to imagine her mother taking her to a place like this, and even if by some miracle she did, Laci would be so self-conscious she’d be miserable. But with Karen… somehow, whatever they did together seemed perfectly natural. 

She dipped a roll and nibbled it uncertainly. Though olive oil was foreign to her, Laci decided that she liked it. Taking the last bite of warm bread, the girl dabbed at her mouth with the cloth napkin. 

“Excellent… buns,” Karen grinned. “Really good, aren’t they?”

“I like them,” Laci said with a touch of surprise. This was how normal people lived. 

Soon the pretty server Darcy brought out their pizza on a big, flat cutting board. “Here we are, ladies. Just for you, fresh out of the oven.” Karen watched Darcy’s eyes and saw an uncertain but knowing gleam in them as the waitress looked at Laci.

Laci studied the pizza – it had an irregular shape and some burnt spots on the crust, but smelled wonderful. She glanced up at the waitress and smiled. “Thank you, it smells awesome.”

“You’re very welcome. I think you’ll like your first real pizza.” Her smile was genuine.

When the waitress left, Karen took a slice and said, “I could see you checking her out.”

Laci felt her face grow warm. “No, I wasn’t.”

“Silly girl, of course you were. And she was checking you out.”

“I don’t think so,” Laci snorted, but her cheeks grew pinker. Was that true or was Karen teasing her again?

“I know these things, I’ve been around the block a time or two. Looks to me like Miss Darcy just might have a thing for cute girls like you.”

“Well, she is really pretty," Laci shrugged. "Seriously, I bet you’d go with her if you didn’t have me.”

“I’ll bet you’re right. I’m a sucker for beautiful young ladies. What do you think of the pizza?”

Laci slurped in a strand of cheese, then bit into the slice, pausing to savor the taste. “Mmmmmm, really good! You’re right. Not like Domino’s at all!”

Karen reached for another slice, suddenly aware of how hungry she was. “So, how did school go today?”

Laci gingerly nibbled a fresh bite of the hot pizza. “Good. Really good. Well, not everything. I hate math class. I never get it, it’s hard, and the teacher doesn’t explain it. We’re learning variables and stuff.” Laci wrinkled her nose. “It sucks.”

Karen laughed softly. “Short and to the point. Well, kitten, some people just aren’t fans of math.” 

“Do you like it?”

Karen shrugged. “Not especially, but I have to use it at work all the time. Not so much algebra, but, you know, business math. Tell you what, we’ll spend some time later this weekend going over your homework and I’ll see if I can help you. What else?”

A fresh tingle of warmth rippled over Laci. That’s what mothers were supposed to do, try to help with their kids’ schoolwork. Laci had always liked school, and in spite of her home environment, had always done well, even making the honor roll several times. But did her mother even care? No, she did not. She even made fun of Laci, calling her a “smart-ass” more than once. 

“Well,” Laci said, after munching a full bite. “In science, we’ve been learning astronomy, which is really pretty cool. Today we started learning how the moon causes tides at the ocean. I totally didn’t know that, and it’s so cool. Did you know that?”

Laci’s enthusiasm captivated Karen. She’d always known Laci did well in school. Amy had commented frequently – and with a degree of surprise – about how good a student her friend was. “Well, I knew it, but I have no idea how. Maybe we can find that out together.”

“And I had art today. That’s my favorite, I love art class, but we only have it twice a week. Right now, we’re learning how to draw people and animals and shade them so they’re realistic. The art teacher, Mr. Belden – he’s gay, you know – he told me that I have a talent for art, and I’m prob’ly one of his best students, and once I’m in high school, there’s an AP art class and I should take that, and he said I have an instinct for using colors and shading and figuring out how stuff goes together just by looking at it…”

Laci’s unconscious soliloquy mesmerized Karen. She did not intend to interrupt the girl. In fact, she could listen to Laci go on all night long. It was a remarkable display of self-confidence and enthusiasm from a girl who’d been, at best, ignored by a mother who’d already wrecked her own life. 

Laci spoke on about her fascination with art, pausing briefly now and then for a bite of pizza, seemingly unaware of her stream-of-consciousness monologue. Her expression and her eyes glowed, and it seemed to bring out a new dimension of sensual beauty in the girl. Karen felt her heart swell as she drank in Laci’s enthusiasm.

At last, the pizza down to two slices, Laci seemed to realize she’d been talking without pause for several minutes. She dabbed sheepishly swiped at her mouth with her napkin and blushed. 

Karen, chin resting on the heel of her hand, simply beheld her lover. “Well, now,” she offered with a loving smile. “I think we’ve discovered where your natural talent lies." She laughed, her heart radiant with joy. "Do you have any idea how happy it makes me to listen to you talk about something that you enjoy so much? God, Laci, you’ve been cheated out of so much. You have a hell of a lot to offer the world, and I’m going to make sure you get whatever you need to be a real artist. Whatever it takes. Do you have any of the sketches you’ve done for art class?”

Suddenly feeling shy, Laci put her napkin on her plate, having eaten her fill. “Not in my backpack. I left them in my locker at school. I didn’t know you’d want to see them.”

“Oh, honey. I want to see all your homework, not just the art, but I didn’t mean right this minute, but definitely soon.”

Darcy the server approached their table. “How was the pizza?”

“Awesome,” Laci said. “I only ever had Domino’s or Pizza Hut before, this was like a million times better!”

“Awesome! I’ll tell the pizza chef. Have you ladies thought about dessert?”

Karen shook her head. “I think a pizza is enough of a cheat for one night.”

“All right.” The waitress took out a small leather book, made a note on the bill, then placed it before the older woman. Karen glanced at it: $35. Reaching into her purse, she took out two fifty-dollar bills. “Do you do pool tips?”

“We do.”

“Well, one of the fifties should go to you, the leftover to the pool.”

Darci hesitated, staring at the bill. “Um… are you sure?”

Karen closed her purse. “Positive. Excellent service deserves an excellent tip.”

“Wow! Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.” 

"It was marvelous. We’ll be back… hopefully some night when you’ll be working."

"I’d be delighted. Thanks again!" exclaimed Darcy, departing with an extra spring in her step.

Karen turned back to Laci. “So, I’ve been thinking. How about tomorrow, if we’re not too tired, we go to the mall in the afternoon. You need some new clothes and whatnot.”

“Really? Oh Karen! That would be so awesome!” Laci squealed, clapping the heels of her hands together. She normally dreaded mall trips because she never had any money. In days gone by when she took the girls to the mall, Karen would sneak a fifty-dollar bill into Amy’s hand and whisper, “This is for Laci, honey. Make sure she uses it, but don’t embarrass her about it.” 

But things had changed. Oh yes, things had unquestionably changed for Laci. 

They tossed their coats on the entryway settee as soon as they were in the house and Karen got the front door shut. The only light came from the under-counter fluorescents in the kitchen and a timer-controlled table lamp in the living room. 

Staring raptly at Laci, Karen gathered the girl to her in a deep embrace. Laci groped for Karen, urgently pushing herself as tightly as she could to her older lover. 

Karen rocked Laci in her arms, murmuring, “Baby, my precious baby, oh my sweet, precious baby.” A wave of giddy warmth spread over Karen, her head so light that she felt close to fainting. She held the exquisite, delicate body of the love of her life, and the world was right again. “Do you have any idea what you do to me? The way you set me on fire?”

Laci melted against Karen. It felt a little like the tingly, fuzzy sensation she got a few seconds after taking the first hit of a joint. Oh God, how could she have gone through her entire life without knowing what it was to feel loved and desired?

Karen took Laci’s face in her trembling hands, pausing briefly to drink in the sight of her angelic face. Laci’s eyes were so dark and lustrous in the soft light. Karen made a whimpering sound and descended to smother Laci’s face with hard, urgent kisses. Laci tossed her head back and soaked in Karen’s passion. At last, their mouths met, Karen’s insides surged, and she let out a shuddery, moaning sound. She sent her tongue in search of Laci’s, mingling together in a lustful dance. Gasping, Karen pulled back, and immediately dove back to claim her young lover’s lush mouth. She sucked Laci’s lips, nibbled them, and Laci closed her eyes and moaned, quivering from top to bottom.

Laci quivered all over. It was back in force, that pulsing, glowing ingot inside her tummy, sending a corona of warmth spreading to every part of her body. She surrendered herself to the this woman, who she saw as a Goddess.

Karen brushed her lips against Laci’s, and softly groaned into the girl’s mouth, “Baby, love, my darling love. I need you, all of you!”

“Oh yes, Karen! Please! God, you make me crazy inside!”

Karen relaxed her embrace so she could take Laci’s hand in hers. Struggling to regain her composure, she swept her hair back from her face with her free hand. “Oh my,” she whispered hoarsely. The emotions and sensations this amazing girl released in her were almost beyond  comprehension. Simply by being, Laci brought her to the edge of losing control. It seemed as if nothing made sense any more… yet somehow, what they were doing together seemed as inevitable as the tides.

Karen whispered, “Come, baby.” 

There was a large wet patch on Laci’s jeans. She felt weak and shaky all over as Karen led her to the living room and pushed her onto the sofa. Karen’s, eyes glowed with an intensity that made Laci’s breath catch. She desperately wanted Karen to be firm, even rough with her. 

Karen knelt over her trembling lover. She immediately began pawing at Laci’s clothes. “I’m going to fuck you until you scream!” she panted.

They tore at their clothes, twisting and writhing to get naked. Karen pulled off her sweater and ripped at her blouse, sending buttons clicking across the floor. At last, their clothes were strewn crazily about the living room. 

Karen descended on her teen lover, and Laci responded by arching her taut body up and urgently wrapping her arms around Karen’s neck and wailing. 

Karen jammed her mouth against Laci’s and thrust her tongue in deep and hard. She found Laci’s budding breasts with her hands and rubbed and squeezed them firmly. Laci’s nipples immediately responded, swelling into aching stiffness. She squirmed and squealed into Karen’s mouth and dug her nails into Karen’s back when Karen squeezed and tugged at the exquisitely tender nubs. 

Gasping, Karen pulled back. “Tell me what you need!” she demanded. "Tell me!"

“Ooohhh,” the girl cried. “Fuck me! Please Karen! I love you! Fuck me!”

Karen slid her hand between their bodies to find Laci’s sex, immediately wriggling two fingers into the wonderfully tight, gooey entrance to the girl’s body. Laci stiffened and squealed and Karen watched her intently. Just touching the teen’s intricate, exquisite sex was enough to send Karen into orbit.

Karen firmly worked her fingers in and out, fucking Laci’s honey tunnel. The girl was so tight inside that it felt as if Karen’s fingers were held in a clenched fist. Her pussy oozed nectar with every stroke. Laci writhed against her grownup lover, moaning deliriously. 

Karen slid her thumb up the trough of Laci’s labia to find the girl’s clit nub. She pressed and rolled her thumb, gently manipulating the tender nubbin until Laci frantically cried out and squirmed, her slender body jerking, hands slapping the sofa. At last, she tensed and released, and Karen could feel the girl’s muscles quiver, tensing and relaxing. 

“Oh, Karen! Oh, Karen! I love you! Oooohhhhh! Jesus!”

“That’s it, my love, come for me. But I’m not done with you… oh no, I am not nearly done with you.”

Karen pulled her fingers from Laci frothy sex and immediately smeared nectar all over her lover’s vulva. Still gasping from her orgasm, Laci urgently lifted her hips to meet Karen’s firm strokes. “More, Karen! There’s more in me! Please make me come some more! Please! Oh, please…”

“God, you hot, hot little minx!” Karen dropped to her knees between Laci’s legs. The rich, tidal odor of Laci’s overheated sex was intoxicating. Trembling, Karen lightly slapped Laci’s sex, making her jump. “Open your legs, Laci baby,” Karen demanded. “Wider! Wider! As wide as you can.”

Demonstrating the marvelous flexibility of a thirteen-year-old girl, Laci grabbed the backs of her legs above the knees, drawing them back until she was completely exposed. 

Karen groaned, her heart racing and head swirling at the sight of Laci’s naked sex. The raw, intricate beauty of her lover’s womanhood never failed to leave Karen awed. “Oh God,” she whispered. "So… so perfect." 

Lips parting in anticipation, Karen used her hands to frame Laci’s pussy and keep her legs spread wide. She slowly lapped up Laci’s slit like a cat cleaning itself. Each lap made Laci stiffen and yip. Karen finally adjusted her hands so that her thumbs rested on either side of Laci’s clit before she nudged the tip of her tongue up to Laci’s opalescent nub. She suckled Laci’s tender bud into her mouth and massaged it with her tongue, while using her thumbs to knead and massage the fleshy hood.

Laci cried out and stiffened at the overpowering sensations Karen brought to her by both suckling and kneading her clit. She lost the grip she had on the backs of her thighs, but both legs remained splayed apart. Her hands fluttered like startled birds before plunging into Karen’s hair. 

Karen shook her head while she held Laci’s button in her mouth. She pulled her head back, letting Laci slip from her mouth with a slick plop. She pushed her thumbs down to make Laci’s clit pop up. She gave Laci another series of long, slow licks up the girl’s slit, until she finally stiffened her tongue and dove on Laci’s nub. Karen circled Laci’s jewel with the tip of her tongue, then lashed at it like a vibrator.

Laci squirmed and writhed, her hands gripping Karen’s hair and her feet kicking. Delectable waves of pleasure washed over her body from her throbbing pussy. Karen’s staccato tongue work rat-a-tatted like a snare drum. The pressure in Laci’s pelvis grew with each flick of Karen’s tongue. Laci struggled to hold it in, to make the pleasure last, but it was no use. She cried out as her body spasmed and clamped down. She held her breath as the enormous, delicious bubble stretched inside her, growing larger by the second.

Then it burst like a hot water balloon hitting the ground. She shuddered and thrust her pussy up against her lover’s face, demanding more. “Karen, oh, Karen! Karen!” she cried. “Oh God YES!”

Laci’s pussy trickled a stream of sweet nectar down her slit. Karen captured it with her tongue. Still licking the child relentlessly and kneading around her clit with her thumbs, she quickly brought Laci to another intense orgasm.

Laci’s body seized. She arched her back and it seemed every muscle fiber in her body was as tight as a violin’s strings. It felt as if she was reaching the end of a long, breathless climb to the top of a hill, and when she went over the crest, bright, flashing lights filling the valley below. The water balloon burst again. The heat washed over her in a great wave, followed by ripples that ebbed and flowed over and over.

Karen gently eased off until she was lovingly kissing Laci’s mound. Her vulva was glistening wet, the fragrance of her heat strong and enticing. Karen knew Laci had more in her, but, if she drew every orgasm from the girl, she’d be unable to do anything but fall asleep.

Gasping, Laci collapsed against the sofa cushions. Her pounding pulse rippled over the taut flesh of her abdomen. Her arms flopped loosely above her head, and little groans escaped her with each panting breath. 

Smiling hungrily, Karen kissed a playful pathway up to Laci’s breasts, pausing to give the girl’s pert nipples a few flicks of her tongue. Laci squealed at the electric shock it sent over her.

Karen hovered over Laci, and the child, her breathing eased, smiled up at her. Laci threw her arms around Karen’s neck. “Oh, Karen!” she cried out.

Karen dipped down and pushed her tongue into Laci’s waiting mouth. Their tongues swirled together. “Taste yourself on me,” Karen hummed, and Laci sampled the remnants of her own pussy essence on Karen’s face.

As they kissed with tongues tangled, Karen moved a hand between their bodies and began rubbing and fingering her own pussy. As soon as Laci became aware that Karen was masturbating, she worked her hand down, pushing Karen’s hand aside. Karen’s vulva radiated heat like a stoked wood-stove, and when Laci glided her hand over her lover’s sex, it was wet and slippery. Laci nestled her finger into Karen’s slit, and it delighted her that her lover was dripping wet. She rubbed her fingers up and down the channel shaped by Karen’s inner labia. Karen gasped into Laci’s mouth. “Yessss,” she whispered. “You’re making me so hot, baby!”

Laci smiled before she lifted her head to give Karen her tongue. She stroked and massaged Karen’s pussy, rubbing the flats of her fingers over the woman’s clit until Karen let out a sharp yelp. Laci hooked her two delicate fingers into Karen’s sugar pot, releasing a fresh trickle of honey.

Karen’s burning eyes smoldered at her teen lover. She jumped and grimaced when Laci’s stroking, probing fingers hit a sensitive spot. 

“Fuck me,” Karen demanded before diving on Laci’s face to suck the girl’s tongue into her mouth.

It was awkward, but Laci managed to work her fingers almost all the way into Karen’s creamy tunnel. She wriggled them around, but it was too hard to find Karen’s magic spot. Instead, she slithered her fingers in and out, firmly riding them over the top of Karen’s vaginal entrance. They greedily fucked each other’s mouths with their tongues, Karen groaning happily with each breath and gyrating her hips in time with Laci’s finger strokes.

Their position on the couch was quickly growing too awkward for Karen. “OK, baby girl,” she panted. “I want you on the floor so you can fuck me with that hot little mouth.”

“OK,” Laci whispered with a touch of relief. Her wrist was beginning to ache. She slid to the floor, giving her hair a quick toss. Karen shifted so she was leaning against the back of the sofa, ass perched on the edge of the cushion. Laci’s sparkling eyes flicked back and forth between Karen’s glistening sex and her urgently tense face. 

It thrilled Laci to know that no one else made Karen feel like this. The intensity of her adoration for her adult lover made her feel as if she might explode.

Karen parted her legs as wide as comfortably possible, fully exposing her pussy. She throbbed inside, and she involuntarily tensed up in anticipation.

Laci slowly kissed her way up Karen’s sticky inner thighs, drawing a shuddery moan from her lover. She licked Karen’s skin, gathering her first taste of her lover’s sexual essence. Karen’s heat was palpable, her aroma rich and musky like a freshly turned garden. Laci moaned in chorus with Karen. She spread Karen’s crevice with her fingers, so fresh beads of nectar ran down the channel from her clit to her vagina. 

First taking a deep breath, Laci deliberately drew the flat of her tongue up the length of Karen’s slit, her eyes turned up to gauge her lover’s reaction.

A jolt of ecstasy surged through Karen. “Oooohhh, yes!” she whispered harshly. “Oh, baby! My sweet kitten! You make Mommy feel such wonderful things!” 

Laci popped Karen’s tumescent jewel from its hood and curled the tip of her tongue around it. Karen jumped sharply. Laci savored the feel of Karen’s nub under her tongue, and the music of her moans. She languidly worked her tongue over and around Karen’s clit, tracing circles, crosses and figure-8s. All the while, she kept darting her gaze between Karen’s face and her pussy. She silently admonished herself to slow down. She moved her tongue down Karen’s slit to gather nectar when she sensed Karen was getting too close.

Karen was seething inside. Every flick of Laci’s tongue sent a sharp pulse through her pelvis and tummy. Each stroke made the hot bubble inside her grow larger and fuller. It amazed and delighted her how much Laci had learned in a week. She now knew how to vary the pace to prolong Karen’s pleasure. She was sexually sophisticated enough to finger Karen’s pussy while kissing her clit.

Laci planted those wet kisses on Karen’s clit, sucking the fleshy tip between her lips and releasing it with a wet smack. She poked and probed with her tongue, gave more wet kisses, and wet her face in the process. Almost giggling with sheer delight, Laci rat-a-tatted her tongue in a burst of lightning-fast flicks that made Karen cry out and grab Laci’s hair in her fists. “Oooohhhh, fuck!”

Staccato pulses of energy vibrated through Karen’s innermost pelvis and rippled up over her entire being. There was no resisting that kind of tongue-lashing.

Laci lifted her mouth for a moment and quickly used the flat of her fingers to tap firmly on Karen’s clit, just as Karen had done to her. She dipped her face back down, and rubbed Karen’s vagina, smearing her flow of honey while she suckled her lover’s clit. It pushed Karen over the edge.

Karen’s pelvic and abdominal muscles quivered and hiccupped with sharp, intense little spasms. She drew in a breath and whined as she held it. Finally, she cried out as everything let go inside. Bursts of pleasure like silent explosions washed over her, from her pussy to some primal nerve center deep inside her. 

Karen bucked her hips, pushing her mound against Laci’s face. Laci didn’t ease up her tonguing and suckling. She moaned hungrily as she kept furiously licking Karen. She kept going until Karen could stand no more – and to Karen’s astonishment, Laci seemed to sense exactly when that was.

They were both panting when Laci looked up. She raised her face from between Karen’s legs, eyes were aglow and her face glistened in the low light. “Oh, baby,” Karen groaned. She quickly lifted her legs and lay out on the sofa so Laci could climb atop her. 

Licking her sticky lips, Laci snuggled her body into Karen’s embrace, needing to be held and loved.

Karen’s mind swam incoherently at first. An odd thought intruded from out of nowhere. A thousand dollar sofa covered in pussy stains, and I don’t give a flying fuck. 

As she regained her breath, Karen wrapped her arms around her teen lover and rocked her in her arms. “God, I love you,” she groaned. She took Laci’s face in both hands so she could cover, Karen showered her with wet, sloppy, wet kisses.

A warm glow enveloped Laci as she basked in Karen’s praise. Just over a week ago, she didn’t know that such feelings as she was experiencing now even existed in real life. Love wasn’t just some made-up thing on TV and in books. When she dwelled on it, the fervor of her feelings left Laci dazed. 

When Karen’s head settled down, she became aware that it was cold. No wonder, naked and she thought. They weresweaty and ten below it waszero out. “Laci, kitten. We need to go upstairs to bed. It’s freezing.”

Laci lifted her head to look at Karen. Her lover’s hair was all a-tangle and her cheeks flushed. It really was cold, she suddenly realized. “OK,” she sighed. She slid off Karen body and stood up, pausing to stretch her limbs.

Karen hoisted herself into a sitting position, then slumped back into the sofa. “Oooohhgh… give me a minute, kitten, I’m woozy.” 

Laci stood naked before Karen, smiling happily, and she reached out to take Karen’s hands in hers. "Here," she murmured, Let me help you."

Karen drank in the sight of her teen lover. In just a year or two, she would be heartstoppingly beautiful. And she’s all mine, Karen thought with a possessive thrill.

Laci carefully assisted Karen to her feet, then slid into her arms. They stood together in a loving embrace, gently swaying to and fro. “Oh, Laci,” Karen murmured, “you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.”

Smiling delightedly, Laci looked up. “You’re just saying that ‘cause you love me.”

“I do love you, but I’m not just saying it. You really don’t know how absolutely perfect you are. It makes me wonder what I did to deserve you.”

Laci kissed Karen’s neck. “As long as you love me, no one else, nothing else matters.”

Karen sighed. “Come, I’m freezing.”

Once upstairs, Karen put on the soft recessed lights, snapped on the electric blanket, and lit the gas fireplace. It was already warmer up here than down in the living room, which made it easier to resist the urge to dive under the blankets and huddle there. 

Karen pulled the covers back, and Laci flopped on the bed and sprawled out exposing herself. Her little sex was already beginning to tingle and flush.

Karen climbed on the bed and straddled Laci on all fours. She pinned the girl’s arms to the bed and smiled down at her. Laci’s insides began to churn. Her breathing grew shallow and her heart began to race as she stared up at Karen. The woman’s silken hair spilled around her face, framing her deep brown eyes. She quickly lifted a hand to tuck the hair on one side behind her ear, exposing a gold teardrop earring to the soft light and making it sparkle. Karen’s sensual beauty made Laci draw in a shuddery breath.

“You’re all mine,” Karen purred. “You are my precious, beautiful princess, no one else’s.”

“Yes, Karen,” Laci mewed. “I belong to you! Only you!” Oh, how it thrilled Laci to be totally under Karen’s control. The sensation of complete surrender, with her arms pinned to the bed and Karen on top, thighs spread wide, bearing the weight of her lover’s body - was exhilarating and oddly liberating.

Karen ground her body against Laci’s and lowered her face to kiss the girl. Laci kissed back with urgency. Karen stroked, her tongue in and out of Laci’s receptive mouth, drew it over her lips, tasting the girl’s succulence. Kissing Laci was almost as thrilling as making love with her. There was always a sweet passion to her kisses, an intimacy that was galvanizing. Karen’s kisses grew ravenous, and she gyrated her body against Laci’s.

Karen released Laci’s lips and her arms, and straightened up. She allowed herself to wallow momentarily in Laci’s breathtaking adolescent beauty. She firmly squeezed and massaged Laci’s firm little breasts, tugging on her nipples, then letting them snap free. Laci cried out with delight. Her nipples instantly hardened, and Karen touched her palms to them and caressed them with a circular motion. She smiled at Laci when she rolled the balls of her thumbs over the girl’s nubs and made her gasp.

“Karen,” Laci whispered. "Oh, Karen."

Karen leaned over, brushing her lips against Laci’s ear. “Laci, baby,” she answered. She kissed her way over to Laci’s other ear, then drew her tongue up and down the girl’s neck, making her whimper and shudder. She toyed with Laci’s simple earring using the tip of her tongue before nipping the rim of her ear. “I want to take you to a very special place,” Karen said softly. She pressed her mound against Laci’s, sending a warm surge snaking through both their bodies. “Very, very special. The same place you took me last week.”

Shivers and thrills coursed over Laci. Her head swirled as if she were stoned. It was more the heat and hunger in Karen’s voice than her words that registered in Laci’s mind. 

Karen undulated her hips, grinding her pussy against Laci’s. Their slits opened and kissed, and Karen firmly wriggled her vulva against Laci’s until they both gasped at how amazing that felt.

Hard as it was, Karen stopped before going too far. She straightened up, and again Laci gasped at being left hanging. “I have better things planned for you, my Laci princess,” she smiled, then scooted further down the bed. “Open your legs, honey girl, wide. I want to see every bit of your sweet, sexy treasure.”

“S-sure!” Laci breathed, and drew her bent knees back and spread them wide, opening and lifting her sex in offering to Karen. 

Karen stared, lost in wonder as she studied the child’s sex as if for the first time. That most exquisite, delectable part of her girl-lover was a thing of sublime beauty. It was like seeing the Holy Grail. 

Lowering herself, Karen brought her tongue to Laci’s labia. She touched the girl’s pussy lips ever so lightly with her tongue - as feathery a touch as she could manage, and she brought it up. – , tracing the delicate labia. Laci squealed at the sensation. The trail of Karen’s tongue grew firmer with each stroke until she firmly rasped the flat of her tongue up the crevice of her lover’s pussy. She carefully flicked her tongue over Laci’s clit hood before straightening back up.

Karen knew she was walking a fine line. Laci was squirming and whimpering, her sweet pussy freely drooling nectar, but she didn’t want her teen lover to come yet. She wanted Laci simmering, not boiling over. Karen carefully inserted her middle finger into Laci’s fully open, sopping wet, receptive vagina. Inside the tight confines, it felt like she’d buried her finger in warm pudding. 

Laci arched her back and whimpered, “Karen!”

“That’s it, baby girl… Let Mummy Karen take you to a magic place,” Karen cooed. 

When her finger was inside as deep as it could go, she began to withdraw it while pressing up against the roof of Laci’s vagina, rubbing, searching. She watched Laci closely as she explored. At last, her finger found a discrete, marble-sized bump, and Laci cried out sharply when Karen rubbed it.

Laci was unprepared for the sensation it caused when Karen found that spot inside her. It was more of a powerful jolt than a shock, but it jabbed deep inside her. She was already roiling inside, and this new sensation only added to the blaze burning in her body. Karen quickly changed her position so she was masturbating Laci from the side, working from over her hip with one arm wrapped around the girl’s thigh. 

Panting, Laci raised herself up on both elbows to see what Karen was doing, and Karen smiled impishly at her as she pressed two fingers into Laci’s vagina and immediately returned to the magic spot. Just as she did, Karen dipped down and drove her tongue into the intricate, converging folds of the child’s clit nest. From that moment on, Laci lost her connection with the external world. Some dormant autopilot rose up and took over, and Laci just…was.

The position was a bit awkward for Karen, but it would have to do. She sucked Laci’s nubbin into her mouth just as her fingers found the spot again. Laci stiffened and let out a strangled yelp. Karen massaged the spot firmly, relentlessly, as she sucked and licked Laci’s throbbing clit. Laci let out incoherent, guttural sounds, and she writhed frantically on the bed, arms flailing, her body jiggling. Karen whined as she slurped and fucked her baby lover. 

Laci’s mouth was wide open, eyes squeezed tightly shut. Suddenly the child’s body stiffened and went rigid, straining, holding her breath, and grunting. “Yes, baby!” Karen cried. She stroked Laci’s engorged spot as fast and firmly as she could. Inside, 

Laci was aware that something broke inside, something snapped. Itwas the most amazing sensation she’d ever experienced; it felt like her entire self went spewing out of her pussy in a white-hot stream of lava.

Laci’s tensed, quivering body released in an instant. Her breath exploded in a loud, incoherent cry. Her already overflowing pussy boiled over, releasing a gush of hot fluid. Karen slurped it in, drank it, ambrosial nectar that was tart, sweet and pure Laci. Laci arched again in another seizure, and spewed forth another gush of her heavenly potion, wetting Karen’s face and hand, and dripping onto the bed. Karen brought her up, up, up to one more, and the girl cried out, “Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Karrrrrrrrennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn,” as her body collapsed yet again like an imploding building.

Karen greedily slurped up Laci’s essence. She thoroughly cleaned Laci with her tongue, gathering in the girl’s sweetness, savoring it, glorying in her lover. Laci was limp as a rag doll, eyes glazed and distant, when Karen kissed her way up the child’s body. Yes, the girl was utterly spent. It would be a while before she came out of her fugue. She instinctively curled into Karen’s embrace, letting herself float.

Laci was only vaguely aware of her surroundings. She was warm and relaxed, not sure whether she was awake or asleep, yet aware of the nearness of Karen’s body. 

Once when Laci was six or so, she’d fallen down a set of stairs and broken her wrist. Years later, she still wasn’t sure whether she’d genuinely stumbled and fallen, or her mother had done something to make her fall. However it happened, though, Laci’s wrist had hurt terribly, and her hand hung at an unnatural angle. Once she’d arrived at the hospital, a calm, gently smiling nurse put a needle in her arm and gave her some pain medicine. The nurse told her it would make her feel sleepy and dizzy – but it would also make the pain go away, so the doctor could fix her boo-boo. After getting the medicine, Laci was only dimly aware of what was going on around her. It was a wonderful sensation, like being wrapped in a fuzzy cloud and floating in the sky. 

That was how she felt was right now - warm, relaxed, safe in Karen’s arms. Karen, her mother goddess; Karen, who made her feel the most astonishing things; Karen, her protector. She only vaguely realized it when Karen sat up and said something to her, something about “be right back”. Laci rolled onto her back and stared blankly at the ceiling.

Karen paused to take out a cigarette and light it before padding off to the bathroom. She peed quickly, then took a big, fluffy towel from the linen closet before returning to the bed. Resting her half-smoked cigarette on the ashtray, Karen knelt beside to the girl. “Laci, honey,” she said gently. 

Laci, her eyes only now showing animation, looked at Karen.

“Move over a little, princess. I need to cover the wet spot.” 

Laci’s brow furrowed but she shifted to one side, and Karen quickly spread the towel over the large wet spot. It was almost if she’d peed the bed. Satisfied, Karen sat on the edge of the bed and picked up her cigarette, taking a deep drag. With one leg tucked under her, she smiled and stroked Laci’s tousled hair with her free hand. Laci’s eyes fluttered open and she looked at Karen, distantly at first, but at last with focus. She smiled wanly. 

“Still with me, my precious kitten?” Karen murmured.

Laci nodded and whispered, “Yeah.”

Stubbing out her cigarette, Karen rolled onto the bed. She turned off all the lights except a single, dim row, and tugged the covers up and over them. She drew Laci close, and their bodies melded together. Laci nuzzled her nose in the notch formed by Karen’s breastbone and collarbones, and Karen stroked her hair as though she was petting a cat. “Did you like where I took you?” she whispered.

Laci chuckled very softly. “Yeah, a whole lot. Did I pee on you? I didn’t mean to, I couldn’t help it.”

“No kitten, you didn’t pee on me,” Karen smiled. “It was the same thing that you did to me last weekend. Your pussy just gets very wet when you come." She paused, studying the girl’s peaceful face. "I’ll bet you’re sleepy right now.”

Laci nodded. “Yeah. I’m sorry.”

“My precious Laci, don’t apologize. You’ve made me very happy tonight. Very happy.”


“Really. Are you OK if I turn off the lights?”

“Yes. Can we cuddle?”

“Absolutely.” Karen reached up and turned off the lights. She gathered in the warm, silky-soft body of her lover. She hoped Laci would drift off to sleep before the child’s anxieties had time to rear their ugly heads. Laci was an achingly beautiful girl, both outside and inside, but she had been hurt so badly by her horrible mother that she was going to need time to heal. All Karen could do was hold Laci her close and love her when the bad feelings came.

Karen let herself drift. The fragrance of their loving, strong and musky, tickled her nostrils when she adjusted the covers, making her smile. There weren’t many smells that could top that aroma. She sighed contentedly, then relaxed. There was nothing so ethereal, she mused, than a silent, snow-encased house in the middle of a bitterly cold January night. 

The lines from a half-remembered song wafted through Karen’s head. The lamp is burnin’ low upon my tabletop, the snow is softly fallin’. The air is still within the silence of my room, I hear your voice softly callin’. A haunting song of unrequited love. However, this love – her love, Laci’s love – was not unrequited, but deeply, achingly shared. Holding this  mere child in her arms, in the silence of the room on a cold winter’s night, after sharing their blazing inner passion left her warm and at peace in way she’d never known before. It was an experience beyond description except perhaps by a poet.

As in the song, she heard Laci softly calling. “Karen?” the child said in a gossamer-like voice.

“Yes, kitten.”

Laci shifted and snuggled closer. “I love you.”

Karen chuckled softly. “You never get tired of telling me that - do you, baby girl?”

“No. Do you mind?”

“Of course I don’t mind. It makes me very happy. I love you too.”

“I – I wanna say something, but I don’t want you to get mad at me or anything.”

“Laci, my precious love, have I ever gotten mad at you for saying something to me?”

There a slight pout in Laci’s voice. “No.”

Karen threw her leg over Laci’s and used it to pull them closer together. “When two people are in love, like we are, they can share anything inside their hearts with each other. What did you want to tell me, kitten?”

There was a pause. Then, her voice still diaphanous, “When we were making love earlier tonight, I thought how now I’m glad Amy left you to live with her dad.” She hurried on before Karen could offer an imagined rebuke. “I used to be sad and mad at her for leaving, ‘cause I thought it meant I’d never see you again, an’ I couldn’t stand that. I just w-wanted to be able to see you, and then I could at least dream, but I thought when she left I w-wouldn’t even have that m-much.”

Karen felt the child quiver in her arms, and she knew Laci was crying. She drew her lover even closer, but didn’t speak.

“But now, if Amy had stayed, we wouldn’t be together… not like this.” She sniffled and shifted in Karen’s arms. “You’d still just be in my dreams. Now I don’t wanton her to come back… not ever! If she did, we couldn’t be together any more, and I don’t think I could go if we couldn’t b-be together…” A small sob escaped the lovely child.

Karen gently stroked Laci’s hair again. “Ssshhhh, baby, it’s OK. Don’t worry about things like that,” Karen soothed. “Nothing – I mean nothing – is going to keep us from being together. I promise. OK?”

Laci let out a shuddery breath. She hated it when her fears arose. It usually happened after making love, when she was so relaxed and unguarded. She adored Karen so much that she’d made a gift of herself to the older woman. Now she had to trust that Karen would cherish her gift, would never cast her aside. The very thought was unbearable. Then nothing would remain for her but… darkness.

“OK,” Laci sniffled, desperately trying to thrust her fears away.

Karen shifted, raised up on one elbow to strip a few tissues from the box on the nightstand. She brought them to Laci’s nose. “Blow,” she said, and Laci obediently snuffled into the bundle of soft paper. Karen carefully wiped the girl’s nose clean, then tossed the wadded tissue onto the nightstand. 

Karen lifted Laci’s chin in her hand. Their eyes met, dark orbs in the cold light cast by the moon through the bedroom window. “Laci, baby, I love you. I am not ever going to let you go. Ever! No matter what. Neither one of us does ourselves any good worrying about what might  happen. OK?” Karen leaned in and kissed the child, deeply but gently.

When Karen released Laci’s lips, she lifted her breast, offering it to Laci. “Would you feel better if you nursed on me like a baby again?” she said tenderly.

Laci sniffled once more, then nodded. “Yes,” she whispered.

Lying back down next to Laci, Karen gathered her lover in. As if in response to some primal instinct, she felt her nipples harden and grow erect. 

Laci nuzzled her, seeking the comfort of Karen’s breast. Before she drew Karen’s pliant jewel into her mouth, she hesitantly asked, “Will you sing me the Teddy Bear song?”

Karen chuckled. “Of course I will, sweet baby.”

Releasing her anxieties, Laci drew her lover’s nipple into her mouth and nursed.