Short Stories

Island Girls

A quasi-autobiographical story of what happens when a married lesbian couple have a chance encounter with two teenage girls, both nascent lesbians, on a ferry crossing to a Canadian island.

Ff, cons, first, oral, mast

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

Of Wine and Pearls

This what happens when Amanda gets into the wine.

FF, oral, toys, Much Sex (The closest I can come to a stroker)

Three Women and a Workout

Courtesy of a Scandinavian friend, Anne, a true account of her encounter with two younger women in a gym one Saturday afternoon.

FFF, oral, some sex.

Hockey Sticks and Roses

Without question, the hardest thing I ever had to do as a mother was to tell my son that his father and I were getting a divorce… because I was a lesbian.

No Sex

Of Red-Noses and Reindeer

This story is part fiction, part real – how much of each is my little secret. In any event, the whole thing ought to be real.

No Sex

More Than Just My Slave by Yiru Lilota

Early 2015: The Roman Empire still exists to a large degree and is still ruled by an Emperor. However, in 1878, the new Emperor reformed an age old system of Slavery and made it a much more humane practice, placing laws on despicable acts such as unlawful execution and torture. A Slave’s life had improved considerably and thanks to the new laws they regained much of their humanity back…

Alt History, FFf, bondage

Babysitting Samantha by Lily Renee

I can’t stop thinking about her, and however wrong it feels I just can’t help myself. I’m talking about Samantha, my friend Amy’s twelve-year-old sister. She’s beautiful with long blonde hair, big blue eyes and dimples to die for…

Ff, cons, first, oral, mast