Babysitting Samantha

By Lily-Renee

I can’t stop thinking about her, and however wrong it feels I just can’t help myself. I’m talking about Samantha, my friend Amy’s twelve-year-old sister. She’s beautiful with long blonde hair, big blue eyes and dimples to die for. Her body is slender with long toned legs, the cutest bum ever, and perfect tiny bumps on her chest.

I’ve known her since she was a little girl and she’s always been so cute and polite, but just recently my thoughts have changed. I suppose it started a few weeks ago when they came to visit and as usual, Samantha plonked herself on my lap for a cuddle. It’s something she’s always done but this time it was different.

My reaction surprised me. As I wrapped my arms around her, the feeling of her cute little bottom on my upper thighs sent a tingle right through me. I couldn’t ignore it and I found myself pulling her closer. Her lithe body against mine exuded a warmth that took my breath away, a warmth I immediately felt between my legs.

I was becoming aroused and there was no denying it. I could feel my nipples hardening and a dampness spreading in my panties. And to make matters worse, I was certain I could feel her gently rocking her pelvis against me. Was I imagining it? Her tiny, almost imperceptible sigh made me think otherwise.

When it was time for Amy and Sam to leave, she hopped off my lap and after kissing her on the cheek I was sure I saw a look in her eyes I hadn’t seen before. It was almost a knowing look, accompanied by a beautiful smile which made me melt.

I couldn’t stop thinking about her and her sly, suggestive smile after that day, and my thoughts were not pure. I found I needed to masturbate constantly while fantasizing about exploring her tender young body with my hands, fingers, and tongue. Oh, how my body erupted with orgasms bursting over me again and again. I had no expectation of ever even having a chance to act on my fantasies. I had no expectation of ever being alone with her and in a position to do anything about it in the first place.

Then, all that changed in flash!

One day, Amy mentioned she and her Mum wanted to go to London for the weekend, but Sam was much too young to go. Would I mind babysitting her for the weekend?

Holy Moly! I couldn’t believe my ears. Of course, I agreed on the spot, although I was careful to curb my excitement and not seem overly eager.

"I know it’s short notice," Amy said, "but she likes you."

"No, no," I protested. "I’d love to have her. She’s such a sweet girl, and she’s at an… interesting age. I’m sure she’ll keep me entertained."

Friday was a day of restless clock watching. It seemed 5:00 would never get here. When it finally did, Samantha skipped into the house happily clutching a small overnight bag, followed by Amy and her Mum.

"Thank you so much for doing this Emily" said her Mum.

"It’s no problem at all" I replied.

Amy smiled at her little sister. "Now you make sure you behave yourself," she said with mock sternness. Samantha stuck her tongue out in answer, and huffed, "Of course I will."

I laughed. "Go and have a good time and don’t worry about us. I’m sure she’ll still be here come Sunday afternoon," I said seriously before breaking into a smile.

It seemed I couldn’t get them to leave fast enough. After they finally left, I told Samantha to put her bag in the spare room. I followed her up the stairs and couldn’t help staring at her taut young bum sheathed in tight leggings. I was unable to ignore the tingle between my legs.

I watched her unpack her bag. I felt very distracted as she put her little nightie on her pillow and clean panties on a chair, but I managed to ask her what she’d like for dinner.

"Do you have pasta?" she asked as she put her book on the nightstand and tucked her cute stuffed rabbit under the quilt. "Yes, I do," I replied. "Anything in particular? How about chicken cacciatore? I have everything for it."

"Yum," she said, "so long as it doesn’t have mushrooms," she added quickly. "I think they’re gross. My friend says they’re a fungus. Yuk!"

"Then cacciatore sans mushrooms," I said with a laugh.

We headed downstairs, and she chatted nonstop as she watched me prepare dinner. She helped - without being asked, I might add - by making a side salad, cleaning up behind me, and getting the pasta water on the boil.

After dinner we washed the dishes, and I asked her to choose a DVD while I put everything away. When I walked into the living room, she was holding up Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. "Can we watch this please?" she asked with a with a hopeful smile.

"Of course, we can," I replied. I took it from her to put it in the player, thinking it was a good choice, especially as it featured a young Emma Watson, the 12-year-old child actress who had been the subject of many of my fantasies.

We sat casually beside each other on the sofa as the film started. To my surprise, and it didn’t take long for her to start surreptitiously edging closer to me. She sighed contentedly when I nonchalantly put my arm around her and held her as close as I dared. She sighed as if she were simply relieved that I didn’t push her back. As if emboldened, she looked up at me, blinking her big, waifish eyes. "Can I sit on your lap please?" she said shyly.

My breath caught at her request. Trying to keep my voice calm and natural, I said, "Of course you can, sweetheart. In fact, I’d like that very much."

Sam eagerly snuggled back against my chest, and I wrapped my arms loosely around her, clasping my hands on her tummy. I rested my chin on her shoulder and breathed in the gorgeous scent of her shampoo. I felt like I was in heaven. I lost track of the movie, instead remembering how I felt the last time she sat on my lap. The memory was enough to release a fresh surge of pussy nectar trickling out. I caught myself before an involuntary groan escaped my lips.

I started to stroke her tummy gently. My fingers drew little circles below her belly button, and my unspoken question was answered. Almost immediately I could feel her hips gyrating ever so slightly, and I was conscious of her breathing deepening slightly, just as my own was.

I was shaken from my daydream by her tinkling little voice. "Emily, do you have a boyfriend?" Amy knows I’m a lesbian, but she obviously hadn’t said anything to Samantha.

I wondered how I should answer. I decided to tell her the truth without volunteering any details she didn’t ask for. Still stroking her tummy, I replied "No sweetheart, I don’t."

She looked at me and said "But why? You’re so pretty."

I was slightly taken aback by her compliment. "Thank you sweetheart" I said with a smile. "But I don’t really like boys very much, at least just not that way, I mean."

She looked at me again. "So, you’re a lesbian? Wow, I think that is so cool. Do you have a girlfriend?"

I smiled to myself as her rapid stream of questions came pouring out without my having a chance to answer. I grinned at her. "Yes, I am, so do I, and not at the moment." My equally rapid answers made her giggle.

"How come?" she continued as if trying to make sense of it in her own terms. "How come you don’t have a girlfriend?"

I continued lightly stroking her tummy when I felt her hand on top of mine. I stopped for a second, momentarily afraid I was pushing too far, too fast when I felt her fingers urging me to keep going.

"Emily?" she said in a whisper.

"Yes sweetheart?" I murmured.

She hesitated for a few seconds then took a deep breath. "Emily, I wish I could be your girlfriend." Her voice was soft and almost shaky.

"Oh, that’s so sweet Samantha" I replied, "But I would get into lots of trouble if you were."

Her shoulders dropped, seemingly in defeat. "I know, and it’s just not fair, and please call me Sam. All my friends call me Sam." I could hear a pout in her little voice. "But you do like me, though don’t you?"

I leaned in to playfully kiss the side of her neck and interlock her fingers with mine. "Oh Sam, of course I do, I like you a lot."

She sighed and leaned back against me again. The urge to slide my hand between her legs was almost overpowering, but I somehow resisted, and we continued watching the film.

After a while she let out a huge yawn. "Are you tired Sam?" I asked. I felt her nod, and I said, "How about I run you a bath and you can get into your nightie."

"OK, but I don’t have to go to bed yet do I?"

I sat her up. "No, not if you don’t want to," I answered. I paused the film, and I and led her by the hand upstairs, stopping at the linen closet to get her a big, fluffy bath towel. "You can get undressed in here, and wrap yourself up in the towel," I said, motioning to the spare bedroom intended for her.

Sam snatched the towel from me, her cheeks flushing with not unexpected natural modesty. "I should bring my nightie, right?" she ventured.

I laughed, and gently lifted her chin with my fingertips so I could plant a tiny kiss on the tip of her nose. I chose my words carefully. "Unless you plan to run around naked and showing off."

She giggled, then proceeded to floor me when she said, "Only if you did it, too." She judged my reaction with a wary look.

"Don’t tempt me," I teased. I nervously waited for her reaction as I upped the unspoken flirtation ante. She simply giggled. Be careful, I warned myself. Shifting gears, I asked, "Do you like lots of bubbles?"

"Yes please," she said with a bright smile.

"Lots of bubbles coming up, and a little lavender oil for good measure," I said brightly as I left her to change.

The tub was filling with hot water and the air with the smell of lavender when Sam appeared at the doorway grinning, and tightly clutching the towel around herself.

I smiled back at her. "Take your time and enjoy your bath sweetheart, everything you need should be right in reach. I’ll wait in my bedroom. If you do need anything, just holler. If you dare," I added melodramatically.

She giggled as she scurried past me, and I bit my lip as I closed the door behind her.

I flopped onto my bed, my mind in turmoil as I replayed our conversation in my head. "’OMG Sam, of course you can be my girlfriend,’" I imagined myself saying. That was quickly followed by, "Don’t be so ridiculous Emily." I heard the toilet flush and then the water tap being turned off, and allowed myself to imagine Samantha - no, Sam I reminded myself - lowering her naked body into the water.

I reached under my t-shirt and squeezed my breast through my bra. I pulled a cup aside so I could tug at my erect nipple. I gasped loudly as I twisted it between my finger and thumb, letting go of it with a snap. I did it again and again, until I finally allowed my hand to travel down my body. I unbuttoned my jeans, undid the zip, and quickly pushed my hand inside my panties. I was soaked, and I had to stop myself from calling out as I cupped my aching, swollen vulva.

I pushed my jeans and panties down my thighs and moaned as my fingers slid into my slit. I imagined Sam naked beside me. My legs shook and jerked as I urgently pushed two fingers roughly inside me. I imagined her spreading her legs wide to expose her adolescent pussy, and I began to fuck my dripping cunt with my trembling fingers. I was lost in a sea of lust and desire, and I bit my lip hard. Images of her beautiful face, her gorgeous legs, and her tight bum flashed before my eyes and I could feel myself getting close, even too close. Her smile, her dimples, her tiny breasts with their pink nipples, all were about to take me over the edge.

A flash out of the corner of my eye made me look up at my partially open bedroom door. I could see Sam’s face peeking out, and it hit me. She’d walked in on me frantically finger-fucking my pussy. Had I moaned her name out loud? I wondered, horrified at the thought.

We locked eyes for a moment, her mouth dropped open, and she bolted into her room. I had lost all sense of time, unaware that she’d even been watching me.

I quickly pulled my jeans up and went to her room to find the door closed. I knocked. "Sam" I said, knocking again. "Sam" I repeated, "Are you ok? Can I come in?"

I heard a sniff from behind the door, then a very squeaky "Yes."

I opened the door slowly and found her curled up on the bed in the foetal position with her towel still wrapped around her. I sat down on the bed and looked at her, with her face buried in the pillow, and tenderly brushed away damp strands of hair from her flushed face.

She sniffed and looked up at me, her eyes filling with tears. "I’m sorry" she whimpered between little sniffs.

I was momentarily confused. Why was she apologizing? I gently stroked her cheek saying, "Oh sweetheart, what are you sorry for? It’s my fault, I should’ve closed the door."

She blinked at me. "I - I thought you would be cross with me for not knocking first." Her bottom lip quivered, and I felt a surge of warmth deep inside me.

"I could never be cross with you Sam," I said tenderly.

A half smile appeared and then a frown. "But Amy was really cross when I saw her do it."

That was an eyebrow raiser, and I really wanted to know more about this unexpected nugget of information, but this wasn’t the right time. Instead I held my arms out to her. "Come here Sam" I said softly, and she sat up. I embraced her and held her close. Her towel was still damp, and I said, "Get yourself dry and put your nightie on while I change into mine."

She nodded slowly. "Do I have to go to bed now? I’m not tired.

I smiled at her and kissed her forehead. "No silly, it’s still early." She giggled. I said, "Listen, once we get changed you can come into my room, ok? Maybe we can have a cuddle."

She flashed me a surprisingly flirtatious smile. "Can we?" she asked brightly.

In the bathroom I sat on the toilet and peed, wondering what on earth I should do next. She didn’t seem bothered by what she saw beyond incongruously worrying that I would be cross with her. My mind was made up. I decided I had to see how far I could go with her, taking only what she gave, and going only as far as she wanted. I wiped my still swollen pussy and shuddered.

I walked back into my bedroom and took a clean nightie from the drawer, quickly pulling it over my head. I was just pulling a pair of cotton panties on as I heard a little knock at my door.

I had to smile at her caution this time around. "Can I come in now?" asked a little voice.

"Of course," I replied while adjusting my panties. I don’t usually wear any, but I thought discretion was the better part of valor. I didn’t want to scare her off just as I sensed she wasn’t just receptive, but actively curious. Remember Emily, you’re the adult, I reminded myself. It’s up to you to make sure she really wants to go where you want to take her. And for fuck’s sake, don’t scare her off!

I sat on my bed and watched the door open slowly, until a little grinning face appeared. She walked in and had to stifle a gasp when I saw her in her pretty pink nightie, which barely covered her bum. I patted the bed next to me saying, "Come here so we can have that cuddle."

She eagerly clambered up to sit next to me as I arranged the pillows to make us both comfy. She leaned into me and I put my arm around her. I couldn’t help staring at her long legs stretched out on the bed. She was quiet initially, finally whispering, "I really am sorry."

I half turned towards her and took her face in my hands. I was aware that my thigh was now in contact with hers. I looked into her big, blinking eyes, and I said, "Sam, I told you, you have no need to be sorry, and if you say it again I’ll have to tickle you to death." I quickly kissed her forehead and she giggled. Her giggle turned into a shriek of laughter as I poked her tummy. "There, that’s better" I said. "I like smiley faces much more than sad ones."

She snuggled into me again and I noticed that she kept her thigh in contact with mine. "And anyway," I said, "I should’ve closed my door." I added, "And Amy should’ve as well." I waited for a response and she just looked at me, still smiling. I bit my lip as I thought about what to say next. I took a deep breath. "So, did you like watching?" I asked.

She continued to look at me and I saw a slight nod. "It’s OK. You’re a growing girl, so it’s only natural for you to be curious about it," I said. "It’s called masturbating, and everyone does it, in fact I was a bit younger than you when I first started." Still she stared disconcertingly at me. I began to think that she was becoming uncomfortable so decided to back off. "Is there something else you’d like to talk about?" I asked.

"I do it too but just a little bit," she said softly.

I wasn’t expecting that, and my words caught in my throat "There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s natural to explore your body sweetheart. It’s nothing to be ashamed of." She nodded again, then smiled when I added, "Especially if it feels nice." I poked her tummy again. "Just make sure you close your door," I said seriously. I poked her tummy again, and she started giggling wildly, her legs flailing. That gave me a tantalizing view of her little white cotton panties.

She settled back down again and went quiet, so I decided to repeat my question. "So, what else would you like to talk about?"

She shrugged her shoulders and blinked at me. I half turned towards her again and said, "I’d like to know something young lady," I said with gravitas, and she frowned a little. "Who told you about lesbians?"

She grinned and said "Tch! Emily, the internet? My best friend Cindy, her Dad forgot to close a website on his computer about girls kissing and doing… stuff, grownup stuff and she found it and showed it to me."

She waited for my response. "What kind of stuff?" I asked.

"Y’know, like kissing and touching each other’s girl parts, and even kissing each other down there."

My mouth felt dry. "And how did it make you feel?"

She blushed again and whispered, "All tingly."

I was certainly tingling by now, and a trickle of juices wetted my panties. My rational self was disappearing rapidly, overwhelmed by my growing, raw sexual hunger. "So, when you got home you thought about it and touched yourself?"

She looked into my eyes and whispered, "Yes, how did you know?"

I stroked her cheek with my fingertips and replied, "Because I would’ve done the same thing." I continued stroking her thigh with mine and felt her squirming beside me. "It really is ok to have feelings like that sweetheart," I whispered, adding hopefully, "Do you feel tingly now?"

She took a deep breath and nodded. "So, do I" I said hesitantly. How would she react? I could see her eyes looking up and down my body, and all traces of sensibility dissolved. "Would you like to watch me again?" I asked, as I closed a hand around my breast. My nipples were aching; in fact, my whole body was aching, pleading to be touched.

"Yes please" she whispered.

I leaned forward to fluff up the pillows behind me. "Move down the bed Sam," I murmured. "You’ll be able to see better."

She shuffled on her knees, ending up at my feet with her legs apart. I didn’t attempt to hide where I was looking. She noticed and grinned. "Would you mind if I take my nightie off?" I asked as I looked intently at her.

She shook her head, and almost whispered, "No."

I pulled my nightie out from beneath me, then quickly slipped it over my head, still not quite believing that this was happening. Her eyes were as wide as saucers, and her little mouth dropped open. Her eyes were fixed on my breasts, and she silently mouthed "Wow." I giggled to myself as I cupped them squeezed them gently.

I never stopped watching her and she looked up at me, breathing, "You have lovely boobs."

I smiled as I pulled my hard nipples. "Aww thank you Sam, I’m glad you like them," I smiled.

Looking down at her chest, she said, "I hope mine will grow bigger." She pulled her nightie tight to show off her little bumps, and her hard nipples very noticeable. "Of course, they will" I reassured her. "I think you’re going to have beautiful boobs. In fact, yours are bigger than mine were when I was twelve."

There was genuine surprise in her voice as she said "Really?"

I nodded as I slid my hands down my body. Her gaze followed them as they travelled down my sides to my hips then onto my tummy. I drew my feet up, bending my knees and let them fall open. She stared between my legs as I stroked up and down the inside of my thighs. She couldn’t take her eyes from my gusset which was very damp and stretched tightly across my vulva. I watched her carefully as I slowly and deliberately trailed my fingers over my mound, my legs shaking slightly as I started to massage my pussy through my panties.

I bit my lip as I felt my heat through the thin material. Sam watched my every move, and she gasped as my fingertips ran along the leg elastic. She seemed to hold as she waited for what was going to happen next. She let out a sigh as I hooked my thumbs into the waistband. I brought my knees together and raised my bum off the bed, and her breathing appeared to quicken as I slowly pushed my panties down. I lowered my bum back to the bed, and I straightened removing them completely.

As I let my legs fall open, I once again briefly wondered if I should be doing this, but the thrill of exposing my pussy to this beautiful young girl immediately overwhelmed any lingering hesitations.

Sam’s eyes were glued to my naked, glistening pussy. I began to stroke the inside of my thighs again, my fingertips moving higher and higher until they teased my swollen outer labia.

"You’ve got no hair" she murmured with wonder as she looked up at me.

"No sweetheart, I don’t," I replied. "I shave it off because I love how smooth it feels."

Her gaze went back to my aching cunt. I used my fingers to part my lips, exposing my pink folds and erect clit. It all felt so lewd, yet so perfect. As I slid a finger up and down my slit, I deliberately stared between her legs. I licked my lips and whispered, "You can do it too if you want."

She looked into my eyes "Do what?"

I smiled at her and said, "Whatever you feel comfortable doing, honey."

She hesitated as she watched my fingers circling my clit. Then she started to hesitantly pull her nightie over her head. "So beautiful" I gasped as I stared at her perfect little breasts and pink nipples, fighting the urge to reach for them. "Sam" I said, as she threw her nightie onto the bed and shook her hair out. She looked at me with raised eyebrows. "Sam" I repeated, "You know that you must never tell anyone about this."

She nodded saying, "Yes I know, I promise."

She looked a little lost kneeling in just her panties, so I took the lead. "Touch your nipples sweetheart," I encouraged. She looked down at her tiny breasts and moved her hands towards them, rubbing her nipples with her palms. She gasped. "Feel nice?" I asked.

She nodded and whispered, "Yess." I could see her little hips begin to gyrate.

"Show me Sam, show me how you touch yourself," I whispered hoarsely.

She looked between her legs and hesitated. "Shall I take my panties off?"

My words were catching in my throat again, and all I could say was, "Yes, but only if you want to."

There was another little pause before she stood and slowly slid her panties down her toned thighs. I gasped loudly as I stared at her naked mound and perfect slit. My fingers automatically increased speed around my clit. "You are so beautiful," I gasped.

She gave me a lopsided grin and knelt back down with her legs apart. She hesitantly put her hand between her legs and slid a finger between her puffy lips, whimpering and tilting her pelvis towards it. I had to force my fingers to slow their rhythm.

Sam started to copy what I was doing. I was transfixed. Her little pussy was even more beautiful than I had imagined, and I wondered how long I could hold out before exploding.

My thoughts were interrupted by her little voice, now shaky from her arousal. "What’s it like Emily?" she asked.

"What’s what like sweetheart?" I replied, surprised at the fact I could speak coherently.

She continued rubbing her little slit. "What’s it like being a lesbian?"

I loved her curiosity and how she felt she could ask me such things as we masturbated together. "It’s beautiful Sam" I replied, my voice very shaky. "Kissing and touching a girl is so much sweeter than a boy, and so gentle too."

She looked thoughtful for a second before offering, "I’ve never kissed anyone, well not properly I mean." She blinked her big eyes as she waited for me to say something.

Not wanting to cum just yet, I stopped fingering myself and squeezed my breast instead. I took a deep breath and looked into her eyes. "Would you like me to kiss you sweetheart?"

She nodded enthusiastically. "Oh yes," she breathed. "I’ve never done it before, though," she added.

I moved to kneel in front of her. I took her face in my hands. "That’s OK, I’ll teach you." She instinctively closed her eyes as I leaned forward to kiss her soft lips. I knelt back, and she opened her eyes. "Nice?" I asked.

"So nice" she replied, and I leaned forward again, and this time my kiss was longer. I sat back again. "Now this time, open your mouth a little" I purred.

She nodded and looked into my eyes as I wrapped my arms around her. Our lips met once again, and I flicked my tongue briefly across her upper lip before pushing it gently inside her little mouth. I felt her gasp and I pulled her little body against me as her tongue tentatively brushed against mine. I rubbed her soft back gently then let my hand move lower to her tantalizing bum. I briefly squeezed her cheek then moved my hand onto her back again.

She broke our kiss and looked deep into my eyes. "Emily" she said, "Please touch me."

Oh god! how I really wanted to do just that, but I had to make sure this was what she really wanted. I gently laid her on the bed and looked at her, my face hovering inches from hers. "Are you sure, sweetie?"

She nodded. "Yes, pretend I’m your girlfriend." She had an impish grin and she blinked her eyes again.

"Ok, but you must promise to tell me to stop if I do something you don’t like."

Her smile was captivating. "I promise" she whispered.

I laid next to her and we kissed again, this time more urgently. Sam was becoming more confident, and the way our tongues danced took my breath away. I laid my thigh across hers and as my kisses moved over her soft neck, I pushed the inside of my knee against her soft mound.

She immediately tilted her pelvis upwards and started to rock against me. "Y-Yes" she stammered as my kisses moved lower. I moved my knee from her mound as I laid my hand on her flat tummy, drawing lazy circles around her belly button with my fingertips.

At the same time, I kissed her collarbone, then moved lower to the slight rise of her tiny breast. I took a second to stare at her hard, pink nipple then gently flicked my tongue over it. She gasped loudly, and her body jumped as I closed my mouth over it.

"Oh Emily" she gasped, as I sucked ever so gently and caught her nipple softly between my teeth. Her hips started gyrating wildly. "Please touch me" she whimpered, and my fingertips moved lower onto her mound. I felt her legs drop open and my middle finger twirled through her sparse downy hair before finding the top of her slit.

The softness of her skin was overwhelming, and her body shuddered as my finger slid easily between her puffy lips. She was so wet! I could feel her velvety inner lips and explored her gently before circling her immature clit. Her legs shook, and she squeaked as I masturbated her. But I wanted, no I needed more.

I moved my hand from between her legs and changed position, so I was laid between her open legs. My kisses moved to her ribcage then slowly onto her soft tummy. I savoured the taste of her young flesh and trailed my tongue onto her mound. Her chest was now rising and falling rapidly, and she suddenly held her breath as I slid my hands under her thighs, lifting them, opening them, pushing them back.

I stared at her exposed pussy. It was utter perfection and I parted her outer labia with my thumbs. I gasped loudly at the sight before me. Tiny pink inner labia, free of imperfections, perfectly symmetrical, shiny and moist from her adolescent arousal. "Do you want me to kiss you here?" I said as calmly as possible.

She let her breath out with a big sigh and she whimpered "Please Emily, yes! please!"

I inhaled her rich, clean scent deeply, then blew softly on her fevered flesh making her whole body shudder. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I kissed her pussy softly, my tongue darting out and licking along the length of her slit. Her taste overwhelmed me: So sweet, so warm, so utterly intoxicating. I explored every inch of her with the tip of my tongue, her velvet soft inner labia, her tiny peehole, her immature, tight vaginal opening. I moved my thumbs slightly higher and pulled back her glistening pink hood to expose her baby clit, again blowing gently making her legs shake. I looked up to see she had propped herself up on her elbows, her little mouth dropping open as she craned her neck to see what I was doing. I gave her a reassuring smile.

My cunt was throbbing like never before and I needed the release. I covered her pussy with my mouth, sucking gently, my tongue flicking back and forth across her clit. At the same time, I slid a hand beneath me, jamming it between my legs. I pushed two fingers roughly inside me and pressed hard against my clit with the heel of my hand. Sam’s breathing was now short and rapid, her whole body trembling. She suddenly cried out, her slender fingers pulling my hair, her body going rigid as she came. It tipped me over the edge and I ground my cunt against my hand, still greedily sucking and crying loudly into her swollen pussy.

It felt like an age before I came down. Her little body was still twitching with aftershocks, and I unsteadily moved to lie beside her. She turned her sweet face towards me, her little red cheeks streaked with sweat and tears. "Oh, sweetheart are you ok?" I asked with growing concern.

She turned to face me and wrapped her arms tight around me. "Yes" she whimpered. "I never, ever felt anything that good before." She sighed contentedly adding, "You made me feel so special." I brushed her hair from her face and kissed her tears away. We smiled weakly at each other then she buried her face in my neck. "I wish I was really your girlfriend" she said in her little voice.

I whispered in her ear as I ran my fingers through her hair "So do I Sam, so do I."

She sighed contentedly, and I felt her breathing become shallow as she drifted off to sleep…