Island Girls Chapter 3

Freude, sch’ner G’tterfunken Tochter aus Elysium, Wir betreten feuertrunken, Himmlische, dein Heilgtum! 

Ode an den Freude - Ludwig von Beethoven

I helped Stephie up over the bank. I had an almost surreal feeling shiver over me, as though I was chasing a white rabbit who was late for a mad tea party. I slipped my arm around her waist as we hobbled across the road to the cottage. "How’s your foot feeling?"

"A little sore," she admitted, "but it’s not bad. I just hope there aren’t any interruptions like this afternoon or I’m likely to blow a gasket."

I laughed softly. "I know what you mean. I doubt we have much to worry about tonight. Sarah and Carrie are going to be in their own world."

Stephie hobbled up the short run of steps, muttering, "I hate this damned boot."

"That’s OK sweetie," I murmured. "It’ll be off very soon."

We stepped into the cottage, and I flipped on some lights so we wouldn’t stumble over anything. Stephie pulled off her hoodie and tossed it aside, and tried shaking out her hair. Her voice was low and strained, reflecting the nervousness she certainly felt, when she said, "My hair’s a mess. I must look like a skank."

I slipped my arms around her and pulled her close. My pelvis was beginning to glow and pulsate in that wonderfully familiar way. "I never knew a skank who was beautiful."

Her modesty was genuine and unaffected, making it appealing. She blushed and looked down. "You’re just saying that," she said in what was becoming a private little joke between us.

I took her face in my hands and dipped down to kiss her. My kisses were soft and short at first, tender, wet kisses on the corners of her mouth, on her lips. Finally I carefully nudged my tongue passed those lush young lips and into her wet, receptive mouth. She whimpered in her throat and her body trembled.

My head swirled with what seemed like a thousand thoughts and images. I had to be careful. Stephie was on the verge of coming already, and I didn’t want that yet. I’d been given the honor of being her first, of taking her virginity, and that was not something to be taken lightly. She had only one First Time and I owed it to her that it be something she’d never, ever forget. As much as my own body simmered and seethed, hers had to be ready to explode. She was feeling things she’d never felt before, at least with the intensity she was feeling them right now. It was up to me to guide us down the right path.

I pulled her close and let my tongue linger to dance with hers. She was making little groaning sounds with each breath, and she didn’t know what to do with her hands. I kissed her neck and worked my way up to her ear. "Come honey," I murmured. "Let’s go to the bedroom before the dynamic duo barge in on us, OK?"

She nodded quickly. "OK." Then, her voiced tight and strained, she said, "Vicki, I… I’ve never done this before. I might not know what to do, I hope you don’t mind."

I laughed in spite of myself. I gently took her face in my hands and looked right into those flickering eyes. "Oh Sweetie, you beautiful, wonderful girl! We’re making love, not taking a test. I don’t mind at all, my precious love. In fact, I’m honored you want me to be your first. Come baby."

I chose the unoccupied bedroom for no other reason than it was a bit closer. Stephie clomped behind me, holding my hand tightly, as if she were a little girl waiting to cross the street with her mother. I turned on the light, and it cast a muted light, bright enough for us to see well, yet soft and unobtrusive at the same time. The bed was large and tucked up close to the wall, leaving only one side to get in and out. I closed the door firmly behind us so Laverne and Shirley wouldn’t barge in. In the grand scheme, it didn’t matter if they did, but Stephie deserved better.

I gently pushed Stephie back against the bed and sat her down. She looked at me with eyes that seemed at once lost and confused, yet glowed with fire. I leaned over and gave her my tongue. She moaned and jammed her tongue forward with more passion than grace. She buried her hands in my hair and pulled me closer as though try to join us into a single being. Our mouths clashed urgently, and our tongues fenced like an old Errol Flynn sword fight. My body was beginning to sizzle, my pussy flushed and flowing freely, wetting my shorts and inner thighs. Stephie was jumpy, twitching and gasping at every touch.

I reluctantly pulled back. We needed to get on the bed before we slid onto the floor. "Let’s get that damned boot off," I murmured.

"OK, yes, it’s driving me nuts," she said, her voice tremulous and strained.

I dropped to my knees and undid the Velcro straps, and tossed the boot aside. "OK honey," I said standing. "Let’s get on the bed."

I didn’t need to ask twice. Her arms shaking, she pushed back. I climbed on the bed, hungry to drink in her lush, virginal body. "Are you ready for us to get undressed?"

"Oh yes!" she hissed.

I was beginning to lose control of myself. Stephie’s sexual energy came off her like the heat from a fully stoked wood stove. My pelvis was bunching into a pulsating knot, demanding attention. Somehow, we both managed to stay just composed enough to pull our tops off. She fell back, her beautiful, perfect young breasts looking up at me, beckoning. Her erect nipples were as full and firm as the raspberries we’d shared early in the day.

My own larger breasts, as firm after 40 as they were at 30, tingled, and when I cupped them and tweaked my nipples, an electric shock of pleasure shot through me. I wriggled my shorts down, baring my smooth, shiny wet mound. Stephie stared at me in wonder, as if now that I was naked, it was some sort of confirmation that this was all real and not a maybe-it-will-maybe-it-won’t game. 

She moaned softly and moved restlessly on the bed, her body singing in full chorus, but not sure what to do. I hovered over her on all fours and kicked off my shorts. She reached up and grabbed me and pulled me down to kiss me with frantic urgency. Her body was as tense as a bow at full draw. I dragged my lips over hers, sucked her tongue, then fucked her mouth with mine. I was beginning to shake all over. I had to have her now. We were both on a knife’s edge of agonized ecstasy. I slipped tongue into her ear, making her jump and squeal. 

"Are you ready," I whispered, "for me take you to the most wonderful place you’ve ever been?"

"Oh God!" she sobbed. "Yes! Please Vicki! Please take me!"

I kissed my way down her taut young body until I reached the top of her shorts. I hooked my fingers in the waist, and she let out a whimper, wriggling her hips as if the shorts were burning her. I tossed them aside and looked down at what surely was the most beautiful sight I’d ever laid eyes on.

There before me was this sweet, beautiful, passionate girl’s taut, wet, virginal sex. For a moment, all I could do was gape in awe. Maybe it was just the subconscious awareness that this most intimate part of this lovely girl had never been touched by hands other than her own that made it appear so incredibly beautiful to me. I just know I was awed that she was offering this treasure to me. I was to be the first to taste her, smell her, feel her. 

How can I possibly describe what I was looking at? How does one describe a Beethoven symphony? A miniature meadow of downy blonde hair covered her mound and followed the rise of her wide outer labia. The convoluted, intricate folds and creases of her vagina glistened in the soft light, looking ever so much like a rose just beginning to blossom, and covered with morning dew. The equally complex base of the sleeve between her inner labia called to me, pleading with me to follow their path to Stephie’s Crown Jewel, itself waiting impatiently beneath it’s protective hood.

I know it only took me a second or two to drink all this in. It’s only in hindsight that it came to feel I was swimming in her beauty for… minutes… hours.

Stephie instinctively bent her knees and drew her legs back, fully exposing her blooming flower for me. She was soaked, a trickle of nectar drizzling out of her cunt and running down the crack to spill on the bedcovers. I dropped down onto my tummy, and at first I simply breathed in her humid aroma. It wasn’t unlike the fragrance of the beach we’d been to earlier, shot through with the fruity scent of sweat and the faintest tang of urine. I moved carefully because I knew she was going to go off like a powder keg as soon as I touched her.

I carefully used my hands to spread her labia, and I pressed the tip of my tongue inside her cunt, tasting her brackish nectar. I quickly drew my tongue firmly up the natural channel of her slit. I was right. She exploded under me. The instant my tongue touched her, her body went rigid. I could feel her pelvic muscles spasm and quiver. She let out a strangled cry as that first spasm of unspeakable pleasure exploded over her. Her clit waited its turn, and that would be like throwing gasoline on her fire. 

I popped her clit out from it’s nest, and it glistened like a pearl in an oyster. I covered her with my mouth and suckled her in. I jabbed the tip of my tongue down to probe her button as I nursed on her, suckling, tonguing, rubbing my teeth on her. Stephie’s entire body went rigid, and her feet bounced frantically as if she were doing an erotic version of Riverdance. She buried her hands in my hair, holding it in a tight grip and pulling. She could have pulled it out by the handful and I wouldn’t have cared. Then she released in a burst of ecstasy. "Ooooohhhhhh God! Vickiiiiii!"

Her body trembled and she writhed on the bed. The trick now was knowing when to stop. How many orgasms could she endure without becoming spent? I had to rely on my instincts. I continued nursing on her clit, resisting the urge to let my fingers join the party. That would surely be enough to make her spend all her energy. Instead, I let her bud slip from my suckling lips, and I gave her fast, firm strokes of my tongue before dipping down to fully sample the honey flowing from her inner tunnel. She was gushing freely, surges of nectar welling up from her sex like a pot boiling over. Three times her body clenched up in a state of near ecstasy, tensing, quivering, surely feeling like some deep, secret part of her being was clawing to get out. The ecstasy of release had to feel like her insides were being rent asunder and coming apart.

At last, I slid up a bit and laid my cheek on her mound. Stephie was gasping, panting, sobbing; her entire body trembled and quivered. I let her catch her breath for a few seconds before I slid up and gathered her into my arms. She held me weakly, still moaning with every breath. I kissed her face gently and stroked her mane of lovely, soft hair. Her body spasmed every now and then.

Now the question was, did I overdo it, or would she be up for more?

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