Island Girls Chapter 4

Oh, the resilience of youth! If I’d had an orgasm as intense as the one Stephie just experienced, I would have been lost for the rest of the night. I fully expected Stephie to need a while to recover, but in the time it would have taken her to cool down after a long run, she grew restless in my arms.

 She lifted her head, searching for my mouth. Breathing heavily through her nose, she wriggled her tongue into my mouth while our lips met. Her eyes were closed, and she had a look of bliss on her face. She drew her tongue full circle around my mouth as if trying to taste her own essence on my lips. Her hands were restless and uncertain like a kitten taking her first steps.

 I threw my leg over her hip, and growling playfully, I pulled her closer. ‘I guess you liked that,’ I said with a pleased smile. I was still hotter than the embers of the beach fire we left behind.

 She laughed, and her eyes sparkled in the low light. ‘Unbelievable,’ she enthused, shutting her eyes as though watching a replay of it in her mental theater. ‘I had no idea anything could feel that amazing! Viki, you took me somewhere I didn’t even know existed.’

 Stephie pushed me onto my back and climbed on me. Feeling her sleek, taut young body atop me sent a fresh jolt through my body. ‘I can’t tell you how awesome it is for me that I was the first person to ever take you there.’ I brushed her long hair back and tucked it behind her ear so I could take in her loveliness. ‘God Stephie, you are such a gorgeous girl.’ I took her sweet face in my hands and drew her down so our mouths could come together and our tongues could wrestle.

 Our bodies moved restlessly in a crude sort of rhythm. Stephie instinctively ground her firm mound against mine, and I let out a gasp. The pressure in my pelvis was growing and sending out surges of heat.

 Just then, the front door banged open. Sarah and Carrie boiled into the cottage, laughing and purring. I could tell from the hungry sounds they made that they were making out hard. I could imagine Sarah devouring the girls lips with her own, fucking her lush young mouth with her experienced tongue, just as she did mine. I heard them stagger closer until they were right outside our door.

 ‘Looks like that room’s taken,’ Carrie giggled. ‘Wanna wake them up?’

 ‘Fuck them,’ Sarah growled. ‘I’ve waited long enough, they can worry about themselves.’

 Stephie slid off me, giggling. ‘Listen to them. Sarah’s all worked up.’

 I was tempted to tell Stephie we should heed Sarah’s advice, and worry about ourselves, but the show they were putting on was far too interesting. Already at a simmer, hearing my wife about to have a teenage girl go down on her – a privilege until now reserved only for me – was intensely arousing.

 Stephie was getting as worked up as me by the performance going on just the other side of the door. She was all over me, kissing my lips, my face, my neck, her hands wandering over my body, searching for and finding tender spots. I squirmed and moaned softly. I brought her face to mine and kissed her deeply. ‘I’m yours,’ I whispered into her mouth. ‘Do me anyway you want, sweetie, I belong to you.’

 On the other side of the door, I heard Carrie say with a sexy, girlish laugh, ‘Be nice to me, I’ve never done this before.’

 Sarah laughed in turn. ‘Don’t worry ‘bout that sweetness. Just think ‘Lollipop’’, and they both giggled.

 By now, Stephie had kissed her way down to my breasts. I’m not overly endowed in the boob department, but I’m not small either. I lost all interest in the Sarah and Carrie Show when Stephie discovered my breasts. She brought my nipples to full attention with her fingers before she savored them with her tongue.

 I moved with growing restlessness, struggling to keep my hands from running to my sex. ‘Oh god, Steph,’ I groaned. ‘You make me so damned hot!’

She smiled up at me, delighted at my compliment. Her hand stole down to my mound to caress me.

 It was impossible to totally ignore the other two. I knew Sarah’s sounds as well as I knew my own, and I knew that Carrie was on her knees with her face tucked between my wife’s legs. That’s a provocative image to have run through your head, no matter how you look at it.

 With a playful smile on her face, Stephie bit my nipple and stretched it out, drawing my attention back to my own situation. She giggled while watching me closely. She let my nippy slip from her teeth with a snap, and I jumped and let out a sharp cry at the wonderful tickly shock it sent over me. She moved between each breast, sucking, tonguing, nipping as if she’d been doing it for years, carefully watching my reactions. All the while, she moved restlessly, caressing her body against mine. She moved her hand closer and closer to my pounding mound.

 Stephie slid up from my buzzing breasts so she could kiss me. My breathing was heavy. ‘Where did you learn to do those things?’ I asked incredulously.

 Stephie smiled down at me. ‘I do have an imagination you know,’ she said in a teasing voice.

 At last, she ever so lightly slid her hand up over my mound and over my bare sex, and I gasped hard at her electric touch. She touched me almost as well as Sarah did.

 ‘How come you’re all bare here?’ she said with a delighted smile. ‘I thought only teenagers and young women went with bare pussies.’

 I pulled her face down and let myself draw in her lush beauty. ‘Are you calling me an old lady?’ I teased.

 ‘Maybe,’ she shrugged. ‘But maybe I prefer older women, hmmmm? Ever think of that?’

 Outside, Sarah’s body was banging on the door as she danced to the tune of her impending orgasm. Her cries and gasps told me she was seconds away from the dam breaking. Her hands began to rat-a-tat on the door as they fluttered uncontrolled. She was holding her breath and whining. Then she let her breath out in a loud gust, ‘Oh fuck! Oh fuck!’

 I smiled at the sound. Carrie obviously had Sarah’s number.

 And so it appeared Stephie had my number. She slid her finger down, opening me and gliding down my labial sleeve like the prow of a ship splashing into the trough of a wave. She worked me with growing confidence, her finger probing, looking for the spots that made me jump when she touched them. I let myself bask in the wonder surges of pleasure her lovely touch brought me.

 I’ve always loved finger play. Back in the days of my heterosexual marriage, I hated being penetrated. It always hurt like hell. To this day, I cannot abide anything phallic in my vagina. Oh, but fingers! I love the sensation of having my lover’s fingers inside me, exploring for sweet spots, sloshing around, and then spreading my nectar all over my bare vulva. That’s exactly what Stephie was doing, and she had me squirming and moaning.

 ‘Oh Stephie, you beautiful… wonderful girl,’ I groaned. ‘Your fingers are magical!’

 Stephie smiled with delight, obviously thrilled with my compliment. She was already showing me she had the trait so important to making someone a great lover: Sincerely taking as much delight in giving pleasure as in getting it.

 She found my clit with the pad of her finger, and I barked, ‘Fuck!’, and my entire body jumped at the sharp pulse of pleasure bursting over me. Her fingers still stroking and caressing me, Stephie lowered her head to kiss my neck and work to my mouth. I pulled her face to me, and I rammed my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues swirled together, flicking and stabbing. At last, she pulled back. Her eyes aglow, Stephie murmured, ‘Want me to kiss you down there.’

 I had to chuckle at her almost childish way of asking for permission to go down on me. There was something sweet and endearing about it. I knew even then that it meant she was very comfortable with me. I was in that state where my arousal was such that felt deliciously drugged, yet every pleasure nerve was crackling. My chuckle was thick and languid. I kissed her and murmured, ‘Only if it’s something you want to do.’

 ‘Oh yes Vicki! I’ve dreamed about doing it for so long!’ Her excited enthusiasm was genuine.

What Stephie lacked in grace and patience, she more than made up for with enthusiasm. It seemed like the next thing I knew, she was on her tummy between my spread legs. I was tensing up in anticipation, propped on an elbow so I could have the added stimulation of seeing her make love to me. She looked up at me, hesitating. “Is it OK if I put my fingers inside your pussy?”

 I had to laugh again. It was easy to forget that none of this necessarily came instinctively to a girl her first time. ‘Yes honey, it’s OK. You do whatever seems right, however it seems right, you can’t do anything wrong. I promise.’

 At first, Stephie was hesitant and self-conscious. She carefully wriggled a finger into my pussy and explored a bit. It felt nice, though hardly overpowering. Encouraged, she backed out and returned with two fingers, and that felt much better. “That’s in honey,” I encouraged. “That feels really good.” She looked up at me as if to confirm what I was saying was true.

 Still watching me, Stephie started fucking me with her fingers, in and out, in and out. While it felt nice, I would never come that way, but I didn’t really care. What mattered was Stephie, not me. She moved her face closer to me, as though she were inspecting my sex – which I suppose she was. I have to admit, I wasn’t used to making love this way. Sarah is a very, very assertive lover. In fact, her enthusiasm is breathtaking, and I was sure Carrie was getting a very different introductory lesson than Stephie was getting from me. I didn’t do or say anything to push her along. I simply stroked her lovely hair, and cooed my approval and encouragement.

 Then she did something that surprised me in the most delightful way (apologies to Mary P). She slipped her fingers out of my pussy and used them to plow up my labial channel, opening me and making me jump and gasp with delight. Understanding this was exactly the right thing to do, she worked both of her hands up to pull my labia open and fully expose me. She continued to hesitantly stroke me and explore, seemingly fascinated by her discovery.

 Oh my, that is such a delicious sensation! Her soft, delicate fingers sliding up and down, up and down, until at last, she dared slide up and explore my clit. That brought all the fire, so carefully tucked away while she got her bearings, out of hiding. I let out a sharp cry as she sent a surge through me. “Oh God Stephie! That’s it baby, that’s spot!”

 Stephie smiled up at me with a look of triumph. Now she dove in and sent me to a wonderful, magical place. She traced the tip of her tongue up and down my sleeve, and then she used the flat of her tongue, rasping it over every sensitive speck of my flesh. Then she attacked my clit, holding me open with her fingers so she could rattle her tongue over my pearlescent jewel, then suckling me as she might my nipples. Her confidence and enthusiasm exploded with every passionate cry bursting out of me.

 I held her head in my trembling hands, jamming my mound up against her face. Nectar flowed readily from me to mix with her saliva and create a delightful frothy broth. I vaguely heard her hum with pleasure as she devoured me. She was carrying me higher and higher. The heat in me raged. It was as if I had a star in my lower tummy, burning white hot and sending out a corona of intense pleasure to every part of my being. Finally, it was time to surrender, and everything sprang free. I vaguely remember crying out, but really, all that stands out is the intense pleasure the beautiful girl’s loving gave me.

 Stephie slid up and rested her cheek on my chest just above my breasts. I was still panting, still not completely back from the wonderful place she’d brought me. When my head cleared and my breathing slowed, I shifted so I could gather Stephie in my arms. She snuggled close to me, and when I sought her mouth with mine, she was eager to accept my tongue.

 I stroked Stephie’s hair, reveling in its softness. Then I let my hands wander, savoring the creamy softness of her skin under the pads of my fingers. She shivered and groaned softly. “You are an amazing girl,” I whispered as I nuzzled my lips under the angle of her jaw,

 Arching her neck, Stephie purred happily. “I wasn’t sure,” she murmured. “I wanted to make you feel good, like you made me feel.”

 “You did precious, you mostly certainly did,” I whispered in her ear. She gasped when I nipped her earlobe. She was beginning to get restless and squirmy. I was stroking the back of her thigh, scraping my nails ever so lightly up, then down, then up again, making her skin ripple into goosebumps, all while we kissed back and forth.

 Before she even realized it, I had Stephie stoked into a white heat. My touches, my kisses, our bodies pressing together with ever-greater urgency, had Stephie panting and moaning. I found her erect nipple with my fingers, and I tugged and squeezed it, stretching it out until she was stiffening and almost squealing.

 She was on her back now, and I was straddling her. She wrapped her strong, athletic legs around me and pulled me close. “Oh Vicki Vicki Vicki!” she cried. Clearly, she was surprised at how hot and bothered she’d gotten without realizing that’s what I was trying to do. She held my face in her hands and fucked my mouth with her tongue.

 “Have I got you all wild and crazy?” I teased with a little chuckle.

 “Ohmygod!” she gasped.

 I slid down, pausing to tend to her succulent nipples. Treating them like her clit, I tongued those lush berries, before nipping them and stretching them in my teeth, each in its turn. I kissed my way down her tummy, hoping she’d be able to last a little longer this time by not having much time to think about and anticipate it.

 At last, I was on my tummy between her legs. She was breathing heavily, tight little moans escaping her with each breath. The aroma of her sexual essence was much stronger this time. Her labia were open, exposing her beautiful intricacies to me. Nobody will ever convince me that anything on this earth is more beautiful than a woman’s sex when she is fully aroused. Stephie’s made my breath catch. Such a beautiful thing deserves to be treated with love and reverence.

 I nuzzled my face directly into her wet crevice, burrowing my face in her. I slurped up her freely flowing honey, sucking her intricate labial wattles into my mouth so I could suckle and nip. She jumped when I pushed my tongue into the entrance of her virginal pussy. I could tell from her gasps and sharp body movements that she wasn’t going to last much longer. I drew my tongue up the channel of her pussy to her treasure.

 I used my fingers to retract her clit’s protective hood and expose her precious bud. I dipped down and stroked her with my tongue. She squealed and stiffened. I let my tongue work its magic, stroking her up and down, side-to-side, circling, probing and poking, the tip and the flat, slow and fast. I tried very hard to back off when it seemed she was getting too close to the edge, and I can’t say how long she lasted before going off like a cannon, but it was longer than her first time.

 Inevitably, she went rigid except for her feet dancing on the bed. With great gushing gasp, she cried out and collapsed, only to almost immediately stiffen again. This time, I intended to keep going until she could take no more. We were a writhing mass by the time she’d had her third or fourth orgasmic spasm (I wasn’t keeping count). Then she was squirming and laughing. By now, her clit was exquisitely sensitive, and touching her was unpleasantly ticklish.

 I simply gathered her into my arms and held her. I stroked her hair, kissed her forehead, caressed her cheeks, sang soft songs to her, and she basked in my gentle attentions. I was very content to feel her in my arms, and make her feel warm and happy.

 After a time, I looked at her, and her eyes were heavy and somnolent. I brushed the ball of my thumb over her lips, and murmured with a smile, ‘You look sleepy.’

 Stephie nodded. ‘I am.’

 I looked over at the alarm clock. It was well after midnight. ‘OK honey,’ I said, leaning over to reach the lamp. ‘Time for us to get some rest.’ I clicked off the light, and managed to grab all the blankets in a single try. I pulled them up over us and lay facing her. ‘Come kitten,’ I whispered. ‘Cuddle with me.’

 Stephie tucked her body close to mine, her face in the valley of my breasts. ‘Vicki,’ she whispered. ‘I feel so… good.’

 ‘Amazing, isn’t it?’

 ‘I’ve never, ever felt anything like that, even when I touch myself. I… I’m so glad you were the first person to make me feel like that. I’ll never forget it.”

 ‘I can hardly say how proud I am that you let me be your first. You’re a beautiful, special girl, and you deserved to have someone who cared about you.’

 ‘Yes,’ Stephie whispered, nodding her head. She slipped a fist between our bodies, and with that, she was asleep.