More than Just my Slave

Note by Letoria: I recently decided to stop posting other authors’ stories on my site in favor of an author’s link page, mostly because no one was sending stuff to be archived here. I want to make an exception with this story. It was written by a very dear friend from my old Leslita days. I’ve been quite fond of him for a long time. He’s always provoked my already strong maternal instincts, leading me to try to be someone he could turn to for support and validation when felt it was needed.

I’ve always believed he has an enormous amount of talent, though it was rough and untamed. He’s made great strides in getting his priorities straight, even attending post-secondary school. I am very proud of him, and I’m thus happy to offer him a place for his story.

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Early 2015: The Roman Empire still exists to a large degree and is still ruled by an Emperor. However, in 1878, the new Emperor reformed an age old system of Slavery and made it a much more humane practice, placing laws on despicable acts such as unlawful execution and torture. A Slave’s life had improved considerably and thanks to the new laws they regained much of their humanity back…


By: Yiru Lilota

Meeting Jenna

Laura had always had a passive view on Slavery. Her family had owned a single Slave called Nana since Laura was born and Nana had served as her most beloved and caring nanny up until Laura started high school. Her father was a well off man and could easily have afforded to replace Nana now that she was into her early thirties but the truth of it was she had always been seen as more than a possession, or a pet for that matter, but rather a full fledged member of the family and was treated as such.

As Laura got older she developed a respect for the humanity in every Slave that many buyers and sellers seemed to forget. It was because of this that when she left high school she did a degree on Slave Management so she could see for herself just how many people held the same respect for Slaves as she did and perhaps help those Slaves going through processing ease into their situations.

She parked her car outside the local Auction House she worked in. As she stepped out into the bitter winter cold she spotted a line of Slaves being led in the back entrance for processing. Her eyes fell upon a younger girl in the queue, perhaps the youngest of the lot, with curly ginger hair that fell in dirty, unwashed locks down her back and front. She looked thin and underfed, probably another homeless brat picked up by the police and sent here for processing.

Orphanages weren’t common nowadays. Why bother paying large sums of money to keep orphans when they could earn their keep as Slaves? Nana was in a similar position, having been sold by her own family when she was thirteen. Laura’s father bought her not long after and had gave the young teenager a home and the responsibility of looking after Laura when her parents were busy.

Of course child slaves were a pain to look after which was why most ended up working in the public sector and, according to Nana, that wasn’t a life anyone wanted but at least they got to go to a public school for their education which was a mandatory law under the Slave Keeping Laws: Additions for Slave Children sub article.

Laura watched as the red headed girl was moved inside and out of Laura’s sight. She snapped herself out of her thoughts and walked through the main entrance, greeting the bubbly receptionist as she moved onto the main floor.

Her job was on the check-up ward where new Slaves arrived and were given physical examinations before being sent for a psychiatric test to determine if they would be suitable for sexual slavery. Sexual slavery was common with adult Slaves but for a child to be considered one legally they had to at least be of a certain age based on gender.

For boys it was at twelve but for girls it was fourteen. Boys probably didn’t have it is rough as girls as any form of penetration was deemed illegal unless the contract specified otherwise. Each and every child that expressed an interest in sexual slavery would, of course, be tested by an experienced Sex Slave to see if they could handle the responsibility.

If the child fought, cried or simply didn’t like what was being done to, or asked of, them then he or she would be deemed unfit for sexual service and be sold normally. Because of these strict deterrents and testing phases child slaves were extremely rare and of very high value. To date Laura had only seen two in her five years of working at the Auction House and they had both been boys who both ended up being ‘Mouth’ Slaves which meant they were restricted to only being used for oral relief.

Another thing that made Child Sex Slaves so rare was their upkeep. By law, monthly check-ups had to be done to ensure the safety of any Slave, young or old. She had seen the boys on a number of occasions and every time had come home satisfied that they were happy, healthy and not being used for anything other than their legal purpose.

She liked this system. It kept Dominus and Slave happy and protected and was a vast improvement over how Slaves were treated before the reform of the Empire in 1878. Slaves were quite frankly human again, not mere possessions, and this allowed for the market to flourish and make more money off of healthy and happy Slaves than it did when Slaves feared execution or brutal torture for the smallest infraction.

Laura entered the ward and greeted her fellow nurses. They all set about putting on their gloves and coats and waited for the fresh batch Laura had seen on her way in to arrive out of the showers. “You think we’ll get any studs?” the woman beside Laura asked as they prepared the tables.

Laura blushed, “You mean like that Germanic fellow last week?” her friend nodded and she giggled playfully, “I fancy another Scoti myself, that accent is to die for.” The two giggled playfully as the doors to the showers opened and a uniformed man stepped inside with a clipboard.

Following behind was a mass of naked flesh. Every man, woman and child in the crowd covered themselves save for a few that were possibly here for resale. “Morning ladies,” said the man with a pleasant pip in his voice, “Have a fresh batch for you.”

Laura greeted the man. “I see that, any fuss during their cleansing?” the man shook his head and stated that they were an agreeable bunch, “Good, I’ll take it from here.” She took his clipboard and faced the group of naked Slaves.

“I want no fuss from any of you,” she warned them, “If you make trouble for my staff I’ll have the guards here use the switch on you, now when I call out your name pick a table and sit down quietly.” She started to read out names one by one and assigned them a table.

“Jenna,” she studied the name, she had no family name so Laura looked up to see the bastard child herself. It was none other than the little red head who had, until now, stood facing her feet with her hands covering her precious places. The girl silently walked to a table and sat down, the nurse there moved towards her but Laura got there first, handing the clipboard to the nurse.

“I’ll take this one,” she said and the nurse nodded and moved to another table, she couldn’t explain her attraction to this one but Laura felt like it was best for her to take care of her. Laura studied the girl, she was shivering even though the room was kept at a warm temperature so she put it down to nerves. “Relax,” she softly said to the girl, “No one’s going to hurt you unless you give us a reason.” The girl gave a meek nod so Laura got down to business.

She lifted the girls chin to reveal a sunken face, she then moved the naked girl’s hands to her sides and took note of her malnourishment for the report. “How old are you?” she asked the girl who replied with ‘fourteen’ in a quiet voice. “Do you have any family?” the girl shook her head, “Homeless?” she nodded this time.

That explained everything.

“Alright, lean back for me and we’ll get this over with so you can put on some clothes,” she gently pushed the girl onto the table and began to perform the usual check-up. She took things like her blood pressure, a blood sample, urine sample, saliva sample and heart rate as well as a list of other important tests. Once done the girl was allowed to stand up and was given a simple dress, underwear, socks and sandals to wear.

“You’re not in good shape,” Laura told her bluntly, “We’ll need to fatten you up a bit before selling you on,” she playfully ticked the girls stomach who flashed the briefest of smiles before being led out of the room. The next batch came and went and by the time she was finished with the deliveries it was lunch time.

But almost as soon as she stepped out of the ward she was ambushed by one of the security guards. “Laura,” he said, grabbing her by the soldier to turn her around “Just the woman I need!”

She gave him a confused look, “Something wrong?”

“I received word that one of the children from this morning’s batch asked for Sex Slave Status (SSS),” he gave her a serious look so she knew he wasn’t joking, “Could you go and see her, make sure she’s in the right mind?” Laura’s eyes went wide with shock, a girl had asked for an SSS?

“Lead me to her,” she followed him to the rest chambers where Slaves were left to their own devices. It included things like books, TV and beds but nothing overly fancy. Even Slaves were given mandatory breaks during the day and this fresh batch had been travelling by bus since last night just to get here so no doubt they were exhausted.

When she entered the room is was none other than Jenna, the little red head, that the guard pointed too when they entered the chamber. He told her to speak to her, make sure she understood the weight of what she was asking for and to submit her for testing by one of the in-house Sex Slaves.

“Alright, thanks,” Laura approached Jenna who was sat on a bed looking as nervous as ever, why would such a frightened little thing opt in for Sexual Service? “Jenna,” Laura said softly to get her attention, “I heard you’re interested in an SSS?” she sat down beside her charge, “Do you know what that means?”

“I know what sex is.” Laura gave her a concerned look, “I know what I’m doing,” she said sternly, “I’m old enough right?”

“That’s not the point,” Laura told her, “Before you were picked up, did someone have sex with you?” A typical scenario for children asking for an SSS was someone on the outside with knowledge of the system had put an illegal ‘claim’ on the child and would coerce them into obtaining an SSS so they could use them legally. Even today sex with a free child is illegal but no one could do anything about it if it was protected by a Slavery Contract.

“No, this is what I want,” Jenna’s once emotionless face suddenly looked determined, “Can I do it or not?”

Laura was taken aback, “Why though, why do you want an SSS?” Laura looked into Jenna’s determined eyes and believed that she knew what she was asking for and what it entailed.

“Because I’ve seen Public Sector kids and how shitty their lives are,” Jenna’s determination turned to fear, “No one buys kids unless they get something out of it, otherwise I’m just a liability who they have to feed and educate.” The Public Sector was far from cruel but it was mundane, boring and hard work.

“So you think this is the sure way to get a home?” Jenna nodded, “Are you absolutely sure?” Jenna nodded again and Laura stood up, resolved to make her see the error in her decision. “First things first then,” she pulled Jenna to her feet, “Sex Slaves don’t wear clothing, your body must be exposed to your Dominus or Domina at all times so that he or she can use you.” She eyed the Jenna with a hard stare, “Strip Slave.”

Jenna hesitated. Children usually rescinded their desire for an SSS when they realised that clothing was forbidden but Laura was surprised when the child in front of her began to strip naked. When Jenna moved to cover herself Laura moved the girl’s hands to her side, “Sex Slaves do not cover themselves.”

Jenna nervously clenched her fists but resisted the urge to cover up. “Okay, now we’re going to leave this room and walk across the selling floor to the Sex Slave chambers so you can be tested, this is your last chance to refuse an SSS because once we change your status it cant be changed again unless your new owner changes it?”

Jenna nodded her understanding, “Can…can I at least hold your hand?”

Laura smiled and gently took the nervous girl’s hand in her hers, “Come on, let’s go introduce you to one of our boys.” Jenna blushed at the thought and Laura smiled, this girl could be cute it seemed.

Laura led the naked youth out the room and across to the processing hall to the public sale floor where families and couples of all sorts would be coming to browse the selection before the bidding started. This was the first real test for an SSS candidate, if they couldn’t hack being stared at in their birthday suit then they had no right to the status and would be sold like any other Slave. They entered the sales floor and Jenna tried to cover herself instinctively but before Laura could correct this behaviour she moved her hand out of the way on her own and walked with it swinging casually at her side.

Her face was crimson red and her eyes hardly left the floor the whole time but she soldiered on admirably through the mass of staring eyes. Men, women, children and fellow Slaves (all clothed) turned their heads to watch as this malnourished teenager was led to the Chambers where the Auction House’s current selection of Sex Slaves were housed. These luxurious chambers were only for Sex Slaves, it kept them happy and comfortable before being bought and the luxury was only a portion of what a good Sex Slave could expect throughout their indenture.

They had come to visit a man who was something of a veteran among SSS holders. He had been in the business for a while and was well into his forties so had been retired by his former Domina (a female Slave owner) and sent back in favour of a younger stud. When offered his freedom he declined it in favour of the offer to become the new in house Warden seeing as he had been a Slave most of his young life.

His name was Jason and he was effectively in charge of the Chambers. Laura entered the Chambers and the overwhelming smell of incense filled her nose and started to make her feel light headed. Jenna seemed wobbly on her feet but otherwise she had a giddy smile on her face.

“Jason, are you there?” Laura shouted and not two seconds later a tall, middle aged, man appeared from a room down the hall.

“You called my Lady?” he asked and Laura nodded, “How can I be of service?”

“This girl has asked for an SSS,” his reaction was much the same as Laura’s, “You’ll be in charge of testing her.”

“I see,” Jason noted how young Jenna hadn’t taken her eyes off of him which was mostly due to the fact that he was completely naked. He was muscular and very well built with a generously sized penis of a flaccid four inches. He studied his new charge and his genitals didn’t even twitch despite her nudity but Jason had said it before that he had no attraction for minors.

“I’m not really into breaking in kids,” he stated, “You’ll excuse me if I only use my hands, I won’t be able to do much else.”

“Use her at your discretion Jason,” Laura turned to leave but suddenly an overwhelming desire to stay engulfed her, she couldn’t help feeling somewhat responsible for Jenna after taking her this far. “I’ll stay and observe,” she stated, “Make sure everything is safe and legal.”

“By your will my Lady,” Jason took the girl’s hand, “Do not be frightened, let’s go into a bed chamber and get nice and comfy, eh?” Jenna nodded meekly and Jason led her into the closest room with a hand on her bare back.

Jenna followed them inside and took a seat on a sofa by the wall while the two Slaves crawled onto a bed. Jason gently laid the girl down on her back and carefully positioned himself so that he was lying on his side while looking down on the girls slightly hairy vagina. “We’ll have to shave this,” he told her, “If your potential owner lets you grow pubic hair then so be I like to present the ladies here shaven.” Laura heard Jenna gulp loudly as his hand began to move down to her most private area.

“Relax,” Jason said softly, “I’m only going to stroke your clitoris to get you excited enough so that when I put my finger in it won’t hurt.” Jenna nodded her understanding. As Jason’s touch gently teased her clit she began to breathe heavily, her hands grabbing the covers tightly. “You’re starting to lubricate,” Jason told her, “Are you enjoying this?”

“It’s…it’s nice…” Jenna closed her eyes tight, “I like the way it feels.”

“Jason’s a gentle soul but if a man buys you then there’s no guarantee he’ll be so gentle,” Laura cautioned the young Slave, “Jason, why don’t you try putting your finger in now, be a little less gentle.”

“As you say my Lady,” Jason’s hand moved quickly down to Jenna’s openiong and he quickly began to push his finger in. Jenna gasped loudly as Jason’s finger went in deep. “My Lady,” Jason looked at Laura when he spoke, “This Slave’s Hymen is broken.”

“It’s common,” Laura assured Jason, “You’re a virgin right?” Jenna nodded, “It stretches as they grow and may tear but it never actually breaks.” Jason had zero experience with young girls, that was made clear. Jenna began to gasp in pain as Jason pushed a little harder so he pulled his finger out the second she cried out.

“You weren’t sufficiently lubricated,” Jason said in his usual manner of speaking, “My Lady, may I make a suggestion?” Laura nodded, “It appears to me that this Slave may not find men appealing.”

“I’m not gay!” Jenna retorted loudly, almost instantly, “Shut your damn mouth.”

“Silence Slave,” Laura snapped, “You will not use such language in front of me or any Slave of higher standing!” She got up and sat down beside Jenna, “Jason knows what he’s talking about, he’s had many young women come through here only to find out that they aren’t aroused by Male Dominars.”

“Sex Slaves like myself get more freedom in our choice of partners,” Jason told Jenna who had sat up, “If you are more inclined toward a same sex relationship please let me know and I’ll fetch one of the females?”

Jenna blushed heavily. The way she behaved earlier gave no indication that she might be gay but Jason had never been wrong when testing an individual. Jenna only nodded and Jason got up.

“I will be back in a moment.” Laura nodded and lay back on the bed, what a bombshell.

“You should have said something,” she turned her head and looked at the still blushing Jenna, once again proving how cute she could look. Jenna went on her hands and knees and crawled over beside Laura to lie down, facing her. “You know Jenna,” Laura said, “You’re a funny one,” she gave the Slave a cheeky smile.

“You’re nice,” Jenna simply said, “I can’t remember the last time someone was this nice to me.”

“We’ll make sure you get paired with a nice lady if you pass the tests,” Laura promised, “We’re not in the habit of sending SSS Children to beasts like you see on the news.” Background checks were done on anyone wanting to own a Slave for any reason so if the buyer had a history of violence his name was black listed regardless of how long ago his last offence was.

Jenna moved closer to Laura who found herself placing a hand on the girls shoulder. The bed was comfortable and watching Jason test this pretty little thing may have gotten her a little excited. Lost in thought, she failed to realise that Jenna had leaned in and planted a very gentle, very soft, kiss onto her unsuspecting lips.

Laura’s first instinct was to kiss her back before the desire to move away kicked in. But it didn’t come, she simply kissed the girl again and again until the only feeling left was the sensation in their lips. The world around them disappeared and Laura found herself wrapping her hands around Jenna’s thin waist.

“My Lady?” said a new voice, a female one. Laura rolled off the bed and onto the floor with the speed of a tornado and quickly scrambled to her feet. Jenna laughed in the background as Laura faced a rather shapely, busty, female Sex Slave. “Jason sent me, I’m here to test the child?”

“Ah…yes…” Laura cleared her throat, “Go right ahead.” How embarrasing, being caught like that. She had never visited the Sex Chambers for anything other than business despite the perks of her job allowing workers use of the Slaves in here. Sure the others indulged but she always thought herself respectful in that she didn’t.

She felt soft hands take hers as the Sex Slave gave her a wicked smile, “Would my Lady like to join in?” her smile broadened, “The girl seems to enjoy your presence.”

Laura felt something rest on her shoulder as Jenna’s head leaned on it. She then felt soft kisses run up her neck. Next came the other older Slave as she began to gently nibble on Laura’s ear lobe.

“I…I’m not…gay,” she said breathlessly but in truth she didn’t even convince herself.

“You keep telling yourself that, My Lady,” the shapely blonde and boyish red head continued their attack, “Excuse my forwardness.” A hand found its way to Laura’s breast and began to gently squeeze and play with it. Laura felt Jenna disengage as the other Slave lowered Laura onto the bed. “Slave,” she adressed Jenna, “I want you to remove her blouse, nice and slow, let her feel your touch.”

“Okay,” Jenna carefuly moved on top of Laura who eyed the girls boyish figure, “Is it okay if I do it?”

Laura couldn’t lie to herself and simply nodded, “Bloody hell just do it.” She wanted this, maybe it was the seductive training the Sex Slave had been given over the years or maybe it was just a desire she never knew she had but right now, however fleeting it may be, she desired this!

The two naked Slaves began to work in unison. The older one kept Laura busy by kissing her while Jenna clumsily began to undo the buttons on Laura’s blouse. The older Slave noticed the clumsiness. “Do you want to swap places sweetheart?”

Jenna shook her head, she was a stubborn one. Jenna felt the last button come undone eventually but she was pleasantly preoccupied by the attentions of the older Slave. The kissing stopped long enough for the Slave to give Jenna another order, “Slide her bra down and take a nipple in your mouth, try not to bite.”

Laura’s excited only grew and she started to finger the older Slave between her legs, toying with her hairless pussy. She gasped loudly as Laura’s hands stimulated her, “Thank you Domina,” she said gratefully. Laura began to moan as Jenna’s soft lips wrapped around her sensitive nipple, she began to gently suck but when the older Slave took the other in her mouth the difference in experience was apparent.

Nevertheless Laura could feel herself getting more excited. She was being serviced by a trained sexual partner and what was probably the cutest little girl she had ever laid eyes on. Next she felt trained lips kiss down her exposed stomach as deft hands slid her modest work skirt down to her knees with her knickers coming along for the ride.

“Watch how I tease the Lady child,” Jenna was moved in front of Laura who flushed a deep red at being examined so intimately, “She is already aroused as you no doubt see, now we must satisfy her”

Jenna nodded her understanding. She had a curious though happy look on her young face, Laura couldn’t place the mindset that had brought this child to want to become a Sex Slave but the truth of it was she didn’t care, she wanted this girl to get better at using her body.

It was then that Laura had a spur of the moment thought. Maybe it was her arousal speaking for the most part but in the back of her mind she knew she had been struggling with these thoughts for a long time.

She had worked hard for her current standing these last five years and the work would only get harder. Her house, although not very big, was a tip and her laundry was probably a week behind schedule. Now was the time to buy a Slave and who better than the naked beauty who had just helped bring her to orgasm.

“Jenna,” Laura said as the Slave lowered her mouth over her pussy, “I…” she gasped in pleasure, “I’m taking you home with me.”

As she finished speaking her first orgasm arrived and what an orgasm it was, probably the most intense she had ever had. Jenna’s eyes beamed with happiness and excitement as she watched the woman she had come to like in their short time together be brought off whilst looking at her.

“Well?” Jenna asked, “You’re a sex slave, you need to accept me too?”

“Alright then,” Jenna said casually and crawled beside Laura as the paor began to kiss again. The older Slave joined in the cuddle.

“I’d say she’s passed,” the woman told Laura, “She’ll be A perfect Slave with some training.”

“You can handle that.” Laura told her. Of course the training would only happen when she wasn’t attending school and a Slaves Human Rights made sure they received the same education as a free child.

Jenna was led away by Jason and the older Slave for some rest as Laura snoozed but after a while she got dressed again and freshened up in the bathroom before leaving. She fully intended to claim Jenna for herself. She went upstairs right to her boss, the only man she answered too nowadays, and made her wishes clear. His reaction was one of shock.

“She’ll cost quite a bit,” he cautioned at first, “Not to forget that she’ll go on public auction, her price could well reach nearly a million.”

“I can work it off,” Laura suggested, “I’ve made this company millions by simply ensuring each Slave is healthy, we make far more money off of our Slaves than any other British company.”

Her Boss was an aged family man, well on his way to retiring. He studied his employee for a few minutes before finally nodding. “Fine,” he conceded, “She wont go to auction but I want no less than a million for her, I’ll take ten percent of your wages and until the debt is repaid I want you to be indentured to my company until the debt is paid, understood?”

Not all Slavery involved a complete loss of freedom. Being indentured to your workplace ensured living expenses like bills would be paid by the company in exchange for a portion of the Slave’s salary to make a profit. It wasn’t as common as outright Slavery but it was what was usually given to celebrities who had a public image to maintain and could continue to live like normal but would, on paper, be enslaved to their agency.

Was Jenna worth it though, was owning a Sex Slave really worth giving up her free status? “How long would I be indentured to the company?” Laura asked.

“I’ll only ask for ten years,” he told her and then got down to his terms, “I wont humiliate you with a collar but instead we could have an indiscreet microchip implanted into your arm?” Jenna nodded her approval, “Outside of work you are as free as anyone else and at work you will remain in your current posting with every freedom you had before,” he was writing as he spoke, “To put it bluntly, your life will not change except for the fact that you cannot quit this job until your indenture is complete and tardiness or arriving late will result in punishment befitting an unruly Slave but I will allow it to be done discreetly to save face.”

Laura took a minute to process this. If she agreed to his terms nothing would change really, she would still have money and no one would need to know of her status change even when punished. She read over the terms and they were all there, word for word, and the legal team would draw up a contract.

“Agreed,” Laura stuck out her hand and the older gentleman shook it, “Thank you Dominus.”