Three Women and a Workout

Anne  was one of the first readers to send me a comment by email last spring. She’s been a loyal fan since and she has also become a much loved friend.

Anne comes from Scandinavia. From the first email it was clear to me she has a much better grasp of the English language, both from a reading and writing perspective, than most American college students. Anne is a married mother and professional woman. Something was missing in her life though. She’d long acknowledged that she was bisexual,  though she rarely acted on the lesbian passions she felt. She confided in me that my stories, particularly Karen and Laci, allowed her to admit she had a special attraction to much younger women. She told me my stories and my encouragement empowered her to explore this attraction, first in the form of fantasies, then as an openness to any potential encounters she might have come her way. I offered what encouragement I could for my friend.

Anne is passionate about working out, and when she works out she takes it very seriously. She attends a local gym for a hardcore session every week (she runs during the week), which I admire, but workouts and I are not friends. One weekend, she had a chance encounter with two beautiful young women. While nothing happened sexually, they shared a workout, and tacit signals led Anne to understand there was a very real possibility this encounter might lead to a more erotic session.

I encouraged Anne to take advantage of whatever possibilities she might encounter. I also asked her to please keep me informed of how things went. Well, a few weeks later, the moon and stars aligned and…

I’ll let Anne relate what happened. She sent me a series of email relating the event. I was so impressed by both the eroticism of the meeting, and the force of her writing that I asked her if I could post it here on my site. She agreed.

I have tried to leave the writing alone as much as possible. I corrected spelling errors and a few egregious errors of grammar and syntax, otherwise I left it be. Her Scandinavian “voice” is clear, and it adds to the beauty of this story. I hope everyone appreciates this story as much as I do. It takes a while to get to the really juicy bits, but the getting there is amazing

Dearest Tori

I told you last week about the two lovely young women I met at the gym, and how it seemed there might be a chance to get to know them a little more intimately. I hoped I would meet them at my usual Saturday workout.

I was excited all week for Saturday 2:30pm workout. In fact, I arranged so that I would arrive when they did, so that I could accidentally bump into them, as I did. My heart jumped and I could see that both of them also cheered up a lot at the nice surprise of the three of us meeting in the reception area. They must be 18, and one looked that age, whilst the other looked younger, with more girlish features and body. Both were very pretty and very assertive in their behavior. I like that.

I just said hallo and asked if we could do the round together, and I got the feeling had I not asked they would have done so, and off to the wardrobe we all three went. It is a relatively quiet time of the day, and it was easy to find lockers for all in a well-hidden corner.

“I am Anne,” I said. “What are your names?”

The oldest looking was Gunn and the younger looking was Sara. “I have to pee,” Gunn said and off she went… leaving Sara and myself alone and both self conscious as to what this day could contain, considering the very erotic session we had some weeks back. But we both started to undress to change into training gear. I stripped down into my panties with my back to Sara, but with all of my senses charged to see as much of Sara as I possibly could… so I just turned around to sit on the bench with my naked chest and my tiny panties… She was not as fast I was, and just as she was as undressed as I was, Gunn was returning. She gave out an approval sound to see that we were half-naked, saying she should hurry to catch up. Sara removed her top, and did not wear any bra… she did not need to, nearly like me…  and her breasts were so pretty and sexy, with her nipples standing high and erect.  I was already in heaven from this completely harmless intimacy, but they should know what my mind was full of.

If my panties were small, hers were minute, and so very sexy with bright pink colour. And as if the game between all three of us was on, Gunn hurried to catch up, and stripped completely giving me the loveliest view of her full size breast so beautifully framed by her perfect young body, and her nicely trimmed bush. She was the busybody of the two and had in no time moved around and displayed herself in many positions, one with her bottom only a meter form my face as she bent forward finding her gym clothes.

As this show was going in front of me as a well-planned happening I was slow to get my clothes on and shoes too, and the two of them both studied me as much as they could. There were already no secrets between the three of us, as if the weeks since last time were zero, and we just carried on from the very high note of last time in the shower area. In between all the looking our eyes met, and we all approvingly smiled at each other to confirm that we all  three had been looking forward to this.

The clothing sequence was again all sexy, with bras and very tight clothes going on. They both asked me to fasten or straighten their bras at the back, and I could see both were competing to assist me, but I had to disappoint them by having my fastening clip at the front. I had been very selective of my clothes and they both said that I looked very good to be so old (as they put it, but at the same time only flirting with me, and I was in heaven). As you know, I love tight training clothes and they also had showing off in mind as they displayed themselves. Although Sara’s small chest was quite flat, the way she wore her bra and clothes made it look so very sexy, and it helped a lot that her pants hid nothing, only giving details of a very lovely mound and an sexy opening between her tights. I could not help staring. We finished in the wardrobe just sitting back all three, with our legs straight out, out hips on the edge of the bench, all mounds without blushing on display and just giving each other approval looks of how nice we all looked. “Are we all ready then?” I asked… and off to the training rooms we moved.

“Same routine as last time?”  I asked as we walked up the stairs. Yes, they both answered and we just routinely moved over to the jogging machines. We walked to the back of the room, all looked already warmed up. The atmosphere was pleasant and sensual, I totally enjoyed myself and the prospect of 2 hours near these young beauties. Sara took the machine next to me, and Gunn the next one after that. Before Gunn got on her machine she came up to Sara to say something into her ear, at the same time her hand stroked Sara bottom. I could not avoid seeing. I got started and the two of them came soon after in their own speed. We do nearly 20 minutes warming up like this but, I suggested to my two companions that we change half way to the ellipse machine that is more for the whole body, like cross country skiing . We were all sweating as we moved there, the tops already with sweat patches in the back, under the arms and at low at our tummies. The sight of all three was very very sexy, and I believe all of us were in a highly aroused state, close to a trance, and just enjoying the sensuality and the sexy view of tight bodies all sweaty. The next machine moved us further and then we all went back for a fast jog on the jogging machines before moving on to the next station.

Ok, I signaled to my cute and sexy friends, lets go to build muscles . We all moved as a team. It must have looked to others like a mother and her two daughters, the one 2 years older than the other, all sexy and fit and with no inhibitions to show their bodies intimately. I am sure we looked attractive to many, men and women, either as a bouquet or as separate women, attractive to young as well as mature. Good for us the gym was fairly empty, so that we could continue in our small sexy bubble.

The next set of apparatus was weight lifting, hanging and lifting your body by the arms, holding and knee bending  and building the large muscles. We had our routine, that means Sara and Gunn copied me and we moved slowly around. I believe all our minds were on more intimate desires than lifting iron, but at the same time, the setting gave us a protective frame, in which we could enjoy and enhance our arousal. For me to see the two moving so slowly and controlled and exercising their bodies was such a turn on, because their total body came to my view in slow motion, giving the back and bottom total benefit, and their sex pushed up and forward with legs wide apart.

At one point Sara called me to ask for my help.  She was stuck higher up in the large training frame, and wanted me to secure her during what she planned to do. I rushed up to her and held her legs around her knees, leaving her very pronounced cunt 2 inched in front of my face. She kept lifting with her arms, and sliding her legs up and down my chest, at the same time her pussy moving from my mouth level up to a little above my head. 

I was not in a hurry. I complimented her on her strength, and urged her to continue. But she was worn out and suddenly said hold me, and at the same time lifted and opened her leg and sat them right on each of my shoulders.

Guess what I saw? A very marked cunt, with lips clearly visible and all very damp, and not from sweat. A simply beautiful sight. I was completely caught by surprise. We were stuck without knowing how to proceed. I looked up at her, and what I saw was a very horny young woman with eyes saying “please eat me.” Our eyes interlocked for some very long seconds, and I could feel her legs close in around my face at the same time she pushed her cunt forward.

I caught myself and blew a kiss on one of her inner thighs. I helped her off my shoulders and let her slide gently down my front, holding her safely and tight with my arms wrapped around her. When she was safely down on the floor mat we both felt each other’s strong heart beat, and we came slowly back to reality. I looked straight into the eyes of Gunn, who had stopped in her workout and was just looking at us.

“That was close” Gunn said… and all three knew very well the double meaning of that sentence. Sara and I agreed and we blushed. We both gave Gunn a hug. And then we smiled and agreed that it was time for cold water and a rest.

The water machine was in an open area and well visited by all members. Going there was like cooling down in all ways. “Please excuse me, I have to go to the toilet,” I told by now my nearly “equal team-mates.”

“Me too,” said Sara. “Will you be here when we return Gunn?” Gunn agreed to wait for us there. And off we went.

The toilets are in the basement where the wardrobes are, and we had to descend two levels, Sara and I nearly hand in hand… in any case it felt like that. Our physical intermezzo with the muscles apparatus had glued us together.  I was seriously debating with myself to invite her into my toilet cabin [stalls] when walking down those stairs. There were several cabins there, side by side, but before we departed to enter separate cabins, she took my hand and kissed me on the cheek. I was flying, and my cunt in need of fucking more than peeing. It was however very sexy to sit one foot apart, knowing that the soaked underpants came off and listening to the strong sound from the pee hit the toilet bottom. I said to her as I finished that that was good, and needed, and that I needed to change underpants for the remainder of our workout.

She kissed me on my other cheek as I came out, and after washing, she just followed me to my locker. She sat down across on her bench and just looked. I was happy to have a spectator, whom I would gladly offer my cunt to, and the setting was intensely erotic. I stripped down to only wearing my top, and then found a very sexy string bikini to put on. I did not bother to hide, and I fully enjoyed the half-open mouth of Sara as I slowly put them on, covering up my pussy.

“I am as wet as you,” she suddenly said, “but I do not have a fresh one to put on. Do you expect that you will stay dry from now on?”

I just smiled back at her, and put the rest of my training gear on. “Lets go join Gunn,” was all I said. And as we walked up the stairs, back to Gunn, I again had this wonderful feeling of being with my girlfriend in a very intimate way. Till now, it had all been so relaxed, so natural, so sexy and we both knew totally arousing.

Gunn lifted her eyes at us signaling “what the heck… what have you two been up to.” I excused us by admitting it was desperately needed and that I used the opportunity to change. Gunn clearly understood and gave us both an understanding smile. She arranged for us to have water, and soon we were back into the last training room. The room for mattress training, bending, stretching and doing exercises lying on the floor.

“I am good at this,” Gunn declared. “Will you both follow my instructions?” Both of us gave indications to Gunn of approval.  

I was very willing to let the very sexy Gunn with her more grown up curves guide and coach me. So I just smiled OK!- and Sara did not need to say anything, she just smiled in a conspiratorial way. I just loved the whole setting.

“Please lay on your back, knees up, legs apart,” Gunn ordered. “Lift you hips when I say. …..Now!” And Sara and I lifted our hips in a very suggestive way and Gunn also was on her back doing the same exercise. “I can see you both,” she announced. “do as I say.” Then she came to me, putting her arm under my bottom and guiding my lifting of my middle section. Her hand felt good and it helped me to push my cunt higher in the air. “Good,” she commented.

“You can also get higher,” she told Sara. And as she moved to sit next to the younger girl, I finished and just watched the two of them. The sight was beautiful and sexy, with my two sexy friends obviously very very aroused by all we did together. Gunn then put her hand under Sara’s bottom, assisting her movement, and quite rightly helped her lift her hips high, with the extra effect of showing her mound in profile, and a very sexy profile it was.

Keeping her high like this, Sara used her arm to support her, leaving us to enjoy her very pronounced cunt. Then Gunn put her hand on her mound and moved it slowly around just to tease Sara and me. I was shocked, but Gunn had us around a corner where we had some control over visitors. So I sat back and let the two play. It was so sexy and unexpected but the position was not very comfortable and the girls had made their sexy show. By now, I had problems controlling myself, and when Gunn offered me to touch Sara my hand operated on auto. And Yes!, I did touch her. Very gently, I circled around her mound and then I let my hand follow her cunt and just gently feel her curve and her lips as I had seen them all day.

This had to stop and I got up, saying to Sara that I was a little bit confused about her instructions. “Ok,” she replied, “lets become more focused and serious.” So she ordered us on our tummies and asked us to roll on our hips. Not a very kind exercise if you want to cool down, so the net result of this focus was an even deeper arousal in my entire body. I felt that this training session needed to finish. However, we only got a break because it was Gunn’s turn to need to pee. She asked if we wanted to join in, but we had no real reason to do so, so we collected two glasses of water and went back to our corner.

By now, Sara and I had a very intimate repertoire and when she lent over to kiss my cheek, I turned my face so that her kiss hit my lips. It was electric.

Gunn came back and we all felt like ending the exercise and just talk. Gunn saw us kissing and crept close to me as she sat down on the soft mattresses. I gave her a hug as to say she was no one as well. I went on telling the girls I was very happy to find them today as I admitted to have enjoyed last session tremendously, and I admitted the show they put on in the shower was very very exiting and lovely.

On their sides they gave me so many compliments, like that I was the most sexy mature one there, at the same time I was pretty and nice looking. In fact, they had singled me out in an attempt to seduce me. They were both into girls, but did not quite know if only girls as yet. They knew I was mother of two teen girls, and asked about their age without involving them in any way into our talk or play. We had a very nice talk and I ended up hugging them both as close friends.

Gunn was still in charge and suggested we all went to shower. And I agreed it was a good idea and I said, so that we may cool down.  They just smiled again.

The wardrobe and the shower area is quite spacious and again our luck was with us. It was not very busy. We all three undressed and again I could not see enough. They were very pretty, and their bodies young and very sexy. Sara was the younger looking and I could eat her fully. Gunn was the mature teen, and had a body to die for, and her nicely trimmed bush was very pretty. Adding to Sara’s young look was her blond hair that made her pubic hair nearly see-through and non-existent. At the same time my eyes were caressing my young teammates they did not waist their time to look me up, and I gave them all I had. I undressed with my front to them, seeing they took a direct interest in my dense and nicely trimmed bush. After that, I bent down into my locker to get my towel and held the position some more seconds for them to enjoy. It worked. If at any point in time they had been in doubt, their open mouths gave them away after my little display.

Gunn led the way, we all ended in the far corner of the shower area, and we all hung our towels and got the water going. “Can I wash your back?” Gunn asked and I was open that I would love that. The two of them occupied one stall and I was next door, but there were no doors and again a very sexy setting.

Just as I was shampooing and filling my bushy hair with soap, Gunn came up behind me and asked if she could do my back. And I nodded feeling very relaxed and exited. And as I slowly did my hair, Gunn very skillfully started on my back with a lot of soap. She really was good and soon strong and good feeling came flowing through my body. I was there to enjoy just lathering my hair in my own slow speed, with my eyes closed and then suddenly Sara attacked me from the front. She grabbed both my breasts saying that she had been dying to do so for a very long time. At the same time it was a shock, I was very very high, and I think had she sat down and licked my cunt instead I just would have opened my legs.

She massaged my breasts and was both soft and hard on my nipples. My cunt was dripping. I just floated along and let the water flow over my head so that I could get all the soap out and my eyes open again. Gunn behind me had covered my back all the way to my bum and all the way around to the side of my breasts and moved further down.

Gunn was the more experienced as I gathered and soon circled my bum and did not waist time before feeling my ass. I did not mind, washing was the object was it not? And wash she did, very well, including penetrating my ass with her fingertip.

By this time, my eyes were all open and I reached back for her and got her to stand with her tits in my back and her mound on my bottom. Together we moved slowly and sensually, just feeling and being totally intimate, her hands now around on my tummy.

Sara was even more direct, and just as she stretched up to kiss me, she took both hands and circled my mound in a very assertive way. And my response was to meet her hands and push forward. I was now totally interlocked by my two nymphs and we were rocking gently together my lips covered by Sara mouth, and the water pouring over us.

I was in heaven, so when Sara started using her fingers more, two of them finding my soaking wet tunnel and bending up towards my g-spot, and the other hand sliding through my cunt to find my swollen clit, I offered no resistance to just let it all flow and I came kissing Sara intensely and totally. Gunn had held her position throughout Sara’s penetration and clit-massage and only moved her hands up to my breast that needed the touch.

They both held me upright as my orgasm rushed through my body. I was fulfilled in a way I had never ever been before.

The Sauna

I was stuck between my two lovers, just letting go completely, just letting the waves flow through my body. I felt completely fulfilled, and Sara kept placing soft kisses on my shoulder, my chin, on top of my chest. Gunn’s very pronounced breasts massaged my back and I felt like in heaven. My two team-mates were aware that they probably had to suggest the next step, unless I should just run away and escape when I returned to earth.

Gunn licked my back and sucked on it to keep close to me and to have her part of my cum. And she did have her part. Her rubbing her pussy gently but firmly towards my bottom was a total turn on, and in my after waves I still could feel her there. I was flying and wanted the time to stop.

“The sauna is hot, empty and a nice place to go now,” Gunn said as a suggestion. Sara was still placing kisses all over my front, and I felt that I was not in a hurry to end this. “That´s a good idea,” I said. ”Shall we just shower 2 more minutes and meet there. I need to pee as well.”

I quickly attempted to regain my control with assistance from the now slightly colder water, but my body was still hot and burning. The relief in the toilet did not help much either, and after wiping myself dry, I nearly came again only by putting the whole hand around my cunt. I was ultra-sensitive and silky wet like only ultimate arousal makes me. I still felt relaxed and safe, as we had not had to hide much, only some sporadic loners had come close, but we had all the time avoided any attention. I also knew that I would be pretty much on my own for hours after coming home.

Gunn knocked the door and told me they were ready to go into the sauna. It was just next to the shower area, and when we entered covered in large towels there were 2 grown up women there. We just came in and could easily pass as a family, but I acted more like the team-leader of sort. Since the two other women occupied one end, the three of us sat down at the far end, close together. The sauna was not too hot, but the other two looked to have been there a while… and then they left.

We were close now. My two nymphs were still on top and I was quickly rising again. We just sat down and looked at each other. I was sitting close to Gunn, Sara on the other side equally close. Sitting on an angle to me, I signaled that I wanted Gunn to place her legs across my lap, and she did. The towels were all gone, and the sweat was flowing, not only from the sauna heat. It was nice to have Gunn in front of me, I had a feeling she needed attention to compensate for the very effective seduction done by Sara. I started stroking her legs and we started talking about how strong we all felt the encounter had been so far, and that we could enjoy to carry on also without being so sexual, only through training and exercise.

Gunn stretched out her hand and pinched my right nipple, and suddenly the idea of only training seemed remote. It was like receiving an electric shock, and the connection to my clitoris was instantly activated. At the same time Sara was playing with the gorgeous tits of Gunn and her nipples were poking high and far out. I watched Sara and how she did it and the sight was so erotic. Gunn responded to Sara’s teasing by opening her leg by letting on stay in my lap and the other fall down. And Sara only let her hand search for the sex of Gunn. I just gently stroked Gunn’s leg as Sara kept finger-fucking Gunn. And soon Gunn could not hold it any more, and I enjoyed the orgasm of this beauty. My only contribution was being there.

Sara was not finished, she clearly signaled. She kissed Gunn and climbed to come between us. Moving just in front of me, I was quick to kiss her. This triggered Gunn to come stand in front of me to feel my lips properly, and as we did Sara were feeling our breast with one hand on each. We were so close now and it felt like ready for a 3-some. Sara took charge and pushed Gunn’s face down as she opened her legs moving to sit on the top bunk. She displayed for us both a very wet and glistening cunt calling for attention and for an orgasm.

Sara was not finished, she clearly signaled. She kissed Gunn and climbed to come between us. Moving just in front of me, I was quick to kiss her. This triggered Gunn to come stand in front of me to feel my lips properly, and as we did Sara were feeling our breast with one hand on each. We were so close now and it felt like we were ready for a 3-some. Sara took charge and pushed Gunn´s face down as she opened her legs moving to sit on the top bunk. She displayed for us both a very wet and glistening cunt calling for attention and for an orgasm. Then I took hold of Gunn, kissed her deep and long and guided our two mouths into the open legs of Sara. It was a sweet battle to reach her cunt with our eager tongues and we did it in turn, as Sara opened her legs as much as possible and we competed to such her clitoris. Sara was high enough to cum soon, and we all finished with Sara looking down at two of her best friends kissing each with all her cunt juices.

The End